An Extension of Leave

I am really sorry guys. Initially, I planned to take the week off so I could focus on my interim exams. Given the number (4) I had last week I knew that there was no way I could write and study at the same time. Not if I wanted to do either to any appreciable degree. So I made my announcement and did so but now I am hear to ask for an extension on my leave.

Not for too long. Just one extra day. I have another paper tomorrow morning. I believed I could put the chapter out early and then study but it doesn’t seem to be working out. My mind is divided and I can’t concentrate. I humbly ask that you take pity on me and let me off this time. I will put the chapter out tomorrow.

Thanks for understanding.

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so uh, you there m8? what happened? btw to site admins, its impossible to comment through mobile, there’s now post comment button (or at least there wasnt the last time i tried to comment through mobile


Hello there Eclipse915,

I was indeed informed of the situation and have since rectified it. You should be able to comment now whether by mobile, tablet, or desktop.


Hey, are you returning at any point? It’s ok if you’re not but I don’t want to begin reading something that will not be completed.


He will be returning. But we won’t be releasing those chapters until end of this week or next week from what it looks like currently. I apologize for the inconvenience on the Author’s behalf.