An Important Notice

Important Notice:

For the last two months I have been delivering to you three chapters a week on a regular schedule. One I have strictly adhered to and with the exception of “The Missing sinisterSonnet Episode”, one I have never missed. Nonetheless, today, I’m here to tell that I will be taking the week off.

I am sorry but there will be no uploads this week. The reason for this being that I am currently encountering a number of problems that I need to deal with. They include but are not limited to;

  • Release schedule issues: I am not sure I can continue uploading on Tuesdays. Last Tuesday I barely managed to upload it before going to sleep. Besides that, I have to work on scheduling my writing and uploads with school and studies. I have a plan but I’d like to try it out first. So this week is for that.
  • Interacting with sinisterSonnet: It has been mentioned before but I’m sure many of you are unaware of the fact that sinisterSonnet is not only in a different university he is also an entire region away (we live in the same city but go to different universities). School’s started for him too and due to our hectic schedule we barely have the time to talk, discuss the story, work on the chapters or plan ahead. We need to come up with a new schedule that also works for him. He needs to get the drafts and needs time to read and edit them before I pass them to you. If not the quality would drop and neither of us want that.
  • Stocking up: It might come as a shock to you but I was formerly three weeks ahead of the release schedule. That means at any given period of time I was nine chapters/drafts ahead and working on a tenth. However those days are gone. For the last three weeks I have only written two chapters. Trust me it is not because of writer’s block. I have a budding collection of HoGW related poetry that can attest to that (Some doodle in class, I write). Rather my schedule is messed up. I no longer have the time to sit and work uninterrupted for a few hours and its affecting my writing negatively. This problem is connected with the first and would be fixed once that is.
  • The to-do list: I have a lot planned for this story. A lot I wanted to get done by the start of this month and I find myself looking at the list to find that I have done only one. There’s a lot more to writing than just putting out chapters/books and I’m falling behind at them. That has to change.

All in all, there are a tonne (feels like it anyway) of reasons why I need this break and I will be taking it. I am not dropping the story nor am I going on an eternal haitus. It is my hope that you can sympathise with me and that when I come back you’ll all still be here.

Besides, it’s just seven days. Seven days for me to deal with my shit and then it is back to business. Updates will resume on the 13th. Please bear with me in the meantime!

As always I remain ever grateful for your support,


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