Announcements (New schedule + and New and Easy Login)

Hello Everyone,

It’s JFantasyBooks here. I have a couple of announcements to make:


So, to make it easier on you guys, I have integrated a login with gmail to our login page. So, once you register, if you want to login with just a simple click of a button, you can. No more searching your e-mail to remember your password, or your stickynotes/notepads. Just click on it, and you’re in!

I will also add other ease of access accounts so you can log in. Just comment down below for any suggestions of things you use frequently, like FB, Tumbler, Twitter, and or Reddit, and I’ll see how I can incorporate them and make your life easier.



Well, unfortunately its been too long a while while-  about two weeks- with no releases for certain novels. Some even longer. Well, I have been extraordinary busy until just early this week (and that is not even including the hours building up with no computer science experience). And I was so tired that I needed to take a break this week from everything to collect my creative thoughts.

I must thank LupineKing and SinisterSonnet greatly for their continuous releases of Heavenward on Golden Wings in my absence.  And some thanks to Ale Cole and his new editor, Nemesis for their bi-weekly *cough* semi-monthly release of Magical Tournament.

But, that is now over. I will be releasing chapters based on the new schedule provided down below. And this schedule will be carried out for the month of September. The novels that fall under this schedule are, God’s Island; Orphans of a Dead Nation; The Abandoned; and Life and Times of Mitch and Akki:

Schedule (Month of September) EST:

Sundays: Life and Times of Mitch and Akki (1); The Abandoned (1).

Mondays: The Abandoned (1-2, Released on Patreon)

Tuesdays: None 

Wednesdays: God’s Island (0-1); Life and Times of Mitch and Akki (1).

Thursdays: Orphans of a Dead Nation (1) (and 0-1 released on Patreon)

Friday: None

Saturday: None


I may do one in the morning on Tuesdays if I can, but highly doubt it.

Any questions, please leave a comment or just go to the bugs + Mistakes page.



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