Welcome Heavenward on Golden Wings and LupineKing; SinisterSonnet

Hello all. We have three major things!

First things first. We officially welcome Heavenward on Golden Wings and its author, LupineKing; and editor, SinisterSonnet.

This is a really polished piece of work, and they will be updating frequently. I know, awesome! They were asked to  to join because they seem to have a unique perspective that just bleed eloquently in their work. I surely hope you enjoy.


Now, on for the rest of the announcements.

  1. We have had an issue with the comments. I was informed by a reader, which I am thankful for, that there was a re-captcha error. It has been fixed. Hopefully now you can comment on your favorite novels~.
  2. Donations. Although Paypal has been set up, it is unsure if we are receiving your donations. I have received word that there may be issues with paypal, and so, please just shoot me an e-mail with your paypal receipt and for which novel you are supporting. This is just in case.

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