End of Year Event

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End of Year Event

Hi everyone! Fantasy-Books's End of Year Event has Begun. 200+ chapters of many of your favorite novels in 20 days. If you'd like to support us, especially given how it cost $600 month to keep the site live, please support us via Patreon ( patreon.com/jfantasybooks )

JFB's End Of Year Event! 200 + Chapters!!

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With Only


We bring to you

JFB is happy to announce our End of Year Event. Nov. 25th - Dec. 15th.

As we've had such great support by our members, we'd like to give them something to end the year with. 

20 days, 200+ chapters.

**Important Notice at the Bottom


We have several things happening, y’all!

We tried to do things based on what we thought would make people happy >.<


New Novels

We bring to you 7 New Novels!!

Him+Her Image

Him + Her

We have novels for both men and women, various types of Main Characters, and new plots and adventures.



From Japanese to Chinese to Korean to Originals. We’ll be bringing to you novels from several cultures.

I do want to note that we'll be suffering from a lot of traffic for this event. It costs about $600 a month to keep a site with this many users live. 

Unfortunately, the site does not earn enough to keep it afloat. If you wouldn't mind either white-listing us or donating $1 to our Patreon, you'd help us greatly.

Can you imagine the years Fantasy-Books would last if everyone donated just $1?

Content CreatorNovel# of Chapters
Reizen ChuuMy Entire Class Was Summoned to Another World except for Me3
OwnerOrphans of a Dead Nation10
ESMANew Novel #180
AuriCaKusuriya no Hitorigoto8
FoxGhostNew Novel #24
TachibanaNew Novel #35
Flowing CloudNew Novel #410
Kyoko UsagiUrban Successor of God of Gluttony3
A Passing WandererA Monster Who Levels Up10
DamshooterNew Novel #530
RhexOre no Isekai Shimai ga Jichou Shinai!8
AxlibertNew Novel #6
NormandInvincible Leveling Up7
AgniThe Strongest Wingless Gargoyle3
DLXMS New Novel #7

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