Introducing Three Lifetimes; Aeterna Saga; The You, I Regret; and Black Watch Asylum

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Hello Everyone!

Another update on our incoming arrivals.

We have a short story, a completed novel, and two ongoing series that have joined Fantasy-Books and our team!

Let me introduce to you the Three Lifetimes, written by Kerbasi; Aeterna Saga, written by A Passing Wanderer; The You, I Regret, written by Miyuu; and Black Watch Asylum, written by Saiyama.

Three Lifetimes

Three Lifetimes, written by our lovely Kerbasi, was actually a popular work during its day, and it’s hardcore fans still come to re-read it every now and again. This story is filled with romance, action, and all the lovely bits of xianxia. I hope you like it.



Aeterna Saga

Aeterna Saga, written by A Passing Wanderer, is a story about a boy who tries to survive in a world filled with giant creatures and untold stories. Try it out. It is quite interesting. It is also on NovelUpdatesForum if you want to check it out there.



The You, I Regret

The You, I Regret, written by our quirky Miyuu, is a short story. It has drama, it has mystery, it has sex, and it has horror! This was a story written as a treat for those who love Halloween; and especially for those who simply like a good story tinged with bits of darkness.

Hope you like~


Book Cover for The You, I Regret

Black Watch Asylum

And Last, but not least, we have Black Watch Asylum! Now this story is on RoyalRoadL as well, and it is quite good. The premise has a twist to it that you may not be used to, highlighting it’s intriguing concept. I urge you to read it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy.



Other Updates

We have a new cover for Fighting God. I hope you like it


Fighting God Book Cover


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