New Feature – Quick Index Access

This is JFB tuning in for an Announcement.

Well, as you may know, JFB comes out with new features quite often. The site is a built monster, albeit still a budding one. Though it remains in it’s infancy, we have high hopes it will grow to be one of top dynamic platforms out there based for new and interesting ideas and works.

Lately, a lot of the features have been released that specifically tailor to the Creators ( individuals & groups) that the Fantasy-Books platform hosts, most not known or visible to the daily reader. But recently, by the explicit request of an author that hosts on the site, Emeraldragon – author of Path of Blood, we have added a new option for our Members and Guests.

(Above is an image representation only. )

Yes, a new feature for our lovely supporters. \o/ Isn’t that great?

We call it the JFB’s QIA: Quick Index Access. So what does it do? Well, just click on the open book icon on the menu, and pop, the index for the novel you’re reading comes up. You can browse different chapters without having to go to the index page. Want to go back to the first chapter or maybe a past chapter you enjoyed? Well, just click the icon and boom, easy to search. No need to load another page. Awesome, right?

We have had more people supporting the site on and off on our Patreon. It is thanks to them, to you, that we are able to continuously put out more features for our Creators and Members. Thank you.

If anyone wishes for any additional features, just ask. PM an Admin/Mod on our Discord or just e-mail us. We’d love to hear your ideas. :3

PS: QIA is still in beta. We have a few other ideas in mind, but they are far from even entering it’s first beta. lol. Anyway, this is JFB tuning out!

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Aoi Toori

Site stopped being available on XP written [ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH], this is due to new features?