Novels on Temporary Hiaitus…

I rarely make these kinds of notices, but I guess I’ll make one as I have the time.

As the Fantasy-Books’ Platform houses groups, authors,  and translators that have their own personal lives,  there are times these individuals and entities must take a rest to recoup themselves. While we try to be professional, all ‘n all, a lot of content creators are fans themselves. So, whilst they have dedicated schedules, and for the most part, adhere to it, they do need to find time to make sure their lives are maintained to keep doing what they do for the community they care for.

With that said, below is a list of novels that have their content creators either on a well needed break or have taken a short leave to handle their affairs.

A list of novels that will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks:

  1. Orphans of a Dead Nation

Unknown amount of time:

  1. Heavenward on Golden Wings Book 2
  2. Aeterna Saga Book 2
  3. Red Souls
  4. Skirt-Chasing Monarch


  1. Super Evolution – For specific reasons on how the author wrote its characters
  2. Revolution of the 8th Class Mage

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A monster that levels up isn’t on the list *BREATHS OUT HEAVILY IN RELIEF*


Si, a mi me regresó el alma al cuerpo jajaja


Good luck to the translators, editors, and staff, and have a good break! 🙂


Everyone needs time off! Hope all goes well with everyone during this time.


What about skirt chasing young monarch