Original Updates Moved to Fantasy-Updates!

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In case you haven’t noticed, Fantasy-Books has a new site called Fantasy-Updates.

At Fantasy-Updates, we provide easy access and notice of recent novel posts for Original Web Novels. All indexed novels are those that have update their content in the past 4 months.

Why Use Fantasy-Updates?:

Not many original novels are read, and although there are many reasons, the largest issue stems from readers not having an easy access to updated content like Asian Translated Novels get at our Affiliated Sites, Novel Updates  and at our non-affiliated sites, Aho-Updates and WLNUpdates.

Unfortunately, for the very few sites that do provide such services for Original Web Novels are not updating their index or are prized for hosting content primarily themselves.

And yes, we know there are some amazing sites like one of our affiliates, The Web Fiction Guide, and non-affiliated sites like Aho-Updates and Top Web Fiction. But The Web Fiction Guide mainly focuses on reviews (which they do amazingly well);  Top Web Fiction shows the highest rated novels out there and does not focus on content updates; and Aho-Updates have not updated their index for new authors in months.

Perks of Using Fantasy-Updates:

1. Our service provide a large data table of recent updated content with an attached to a highly powerful search engine on the top right corner of the table. This search engine makes it easier to find specific indexed content.

2. And that being said, each column is sortable to their specific data, including date, title, author, and host site.

3. Furthermore, we show the details of the novels in which their recent updated content is displayed through easy navigation, making load speeds almost non-existent.

Want to add your novel to Fantasy-Updates?

If you want to add your novel, you can go to the Recruitment page and fill out the Feeds form.


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