Sponsored Chapters – New Year Event!!

Bonus Chapters, New Year Event!!

50 Clicks / Bonus Chapter!!!
Read Down Below!

The Event

Tired of waiting once a week for another regular release?

Well, guess what? You don’t have to! Well, not quite. For the next 48 hours. We will be doing a New Years Event, where for every 50 clicks on our Ad services, we’ll pump out a chapter of any of our choosing, whether that is a Translation or an Original.

This is to help support our Translation Groups and Original Authors.

So far, 1 chapter has been queued, and already released!

Chapter 8 of Lone Harem Meister, which you all know is usually released every Thursday, EST. That means another will be ready for you on next Thursday!

So who knows? Maybe the next one could be another Lone Harem Meister chapter, or even Virtual Evolution. It could be Orphans of a Dead Nation, or… So Click Click Click!!

Reasons for The Event

I have a translator that wakes up at 5 AM after only 4 hours of sleep to provide something people can enjoy, right before they have to go to work that morning.

I have a group that spends their time doing massive amounts of school work, and juggling their everyday lives, only to be able to spare a few hours of their free time just to make someone smile.

I have an author who aspires to hone their craft and become a professional author some day. It’s their dream.

I have several authors that just want to give the community, filled with novels, arts, and music, just that something extra to expand their view on what Fantasy is all about.

It’s stories like these, real life stories that build the foundation of Fantasy-Books. We’re not just a site that hosts content. We are a family, a community, and Fantasy-Books would like to support that community.

We would like to make sure that they can get a coffee at 5 AM in the morning to help them stay awake.

A pizza to draw the cursed sleeper out of his cave.

A publishing deal for one of our authors, or even lessons they can hold with them for as long as they write.

A.. The list can go on.

Last Thing

Supporting Fantasy-Books, helps support those TL Groups and Original Authors, as well as it helps us expand. We want for more content to be out there for you guys, whether that is from the stories we are already have in the oven to the ones that have yet to be found. We are readers ourselves, and we know how it feels to find that sweet moment during the day where enjoy a good novel can make all the difference.

Important Notes – The Clicking

Our ad provider judges clicks not by how many times you just click on the same ad, but if there are (1.) different ads, and (2.) how long you viewed that ad and (3.) if you clicked on some stuff on the ad once you clicked it and it went to the advertiser’s page. If you just exited out after it began to change, it won’t could. Stay on their page for at least 10 seconds.. Look around in that time if you have to. Who knows? You may just like what you see.

So please, click around on the ad. And the click value will shoot up!


This event is for only a week. 50 Clicks per chapter. We already have the chapters made. I know which one’s next, but you won’t! It can be anything! *grins* A little mystery doesn’t hurt anyone.

If we get too many in the queue, even if we don’t post them immediately, we’ll get to it. These Bonus Releases will be outside of the regular release schedule.

Thank You for your support. Have a Happy New Years!!

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