We Bring to You three new novels to the Fantasy-Books Community, Antagonist Rewind, Fighting God, and Villainess!

Hello Again!

We have exciting news today. We are introducing three novels to our Fantasy-Books Community.

  1. Antagonist Rewind, authored by Minaku
  2. Fighting God, authored by Zero300
  3. Villainess, authored by Iampsyx

Antagonist Rewind:

Antagonist Rewind is a well established, and highly rated novel who’s author debuted it on RoyalRoadL. It is an action packed, Sci-Fi / Fantasy hybrid that mixes wonders, magic, and martial arts into one masterpiece.

I hope you enjoy the novel.

Antagonist Rewind


Fighting God

Fighting God is also a novel in whose author, Zero300, debuted the novel on RoyalRoadL. It is a fairly new novel, but the author has released new chapters at a steady, and decent pace. This novel brings the action, it brings the  fantasy, and makes you feel the despair the characters have to face as they push onward.

Read; and Enjoy!

Fighting God Book Cover


Unlike some of our other novels, Villainess was uniquely designed by Iampsyx and hosted on her site. Now, Villainess joins Fantasy-Books to bring that uniqueness to our community. This story is new, but Iampsyx will surely pump out more chapters as time progresses. If you like Fantasy & Politics, it is a must read.


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