We’ve got a patreon page!

You read that right! Heavenward on Golden Wings now has a patreon page of its own. A place where you can read chapters, side stories, make pledges and get amazing rewards. Please lend us your support and patronage as we endeavour to bring you more of this story. there are some things we should probably clarify first though;

This is not a move sinisterSonnet and I took lightly. First, let us assure you that it is not compulsory to donate and that no, we will not neglect non-patrons. We will do our utmost to maintain improve the quality of our work. Patrons will just get extras as thanks for their extra support.

We will not be doing sponsored releases. Three a week is already close to our limit as is and school starts in a week. The schedule will be maintained without problem but aside from some very irregular extra chapters (for everybody) we are currently unable to devote the time needed to put out more. Hopefully, that will change one day.

We spent time coming up with what we felt were great enough rewards for our pledges ranging from shout outs, a hall of heroes to advance releases and VIP only side stories. So … try the link, make a pledge and seize your reward. Chapters (scheduled and advance) will also be released there.

Patreon Page

We are very grateful to anyone and everyone who becomes a patron. Thank you all for your support!

LupineKing and sinisterSonnet.

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