Antagonist Rewind Arc6 Epilogue.

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AR Arc6 Epilogue.

Brigid was busy redecorating the empty room in the ship. She planned to make it into a mighty forge/lab. Her interest in blacksmithing and alchemy knows no bounds. It took her a few hours but she finally unpacked all the things she retrieved from her destroyed home. After rewiring some wall sockets, she manage to plug in all her permanent machines. Several stainless steel counters where placed on the edge of room and in the center a large work table. Her cabinets of chemicals were once again filled and locked with a strong looking padlock.

[Brigid]: I’m beginning to like this place.

She sat down on her special chair and took a sip of her tea that she made after she finished unpacking.

[Brigid]: Kind of sucks I don’t have my apprentice here but oh well, I already set him free after teaching him all I know about blacksmith. The kid should do well enough…though he already in his mid-forties.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door.

[Brigid]: Hmm? Didn’t everyone leave today? I was sure they said they couldn’t stand the construction noises. I was sure I saw Ming drag Crule on a date while Kate and Shin went shopping…Chun Qin I think went to the orphanage to help…So who could it be?

She opened the door and there stood an old man with a proper suit. He was staring down at his pocket watch as if impatient.

[Sage of Time]: What took you so long to open the damn door?

[Brigid]: Oh hey, it’s great grandpa!

[Sage of Time]: Please, just call me grandpa….adding “great” just makes me feel older although I am older than you by a good two hundred years.

[Brigid]: Please, as the years go on, that gap seem smaller and smaller. So I will call you whatever I want.

[Sage of Time]: Fine…Honestly now, I can see where you got your temper.

[Brigid]: Hey, if you didn’t ignore mom so much perhaps her temper would have been calmer.

[Sage of Time]: Oh come on, after your grandpa died, I had to take care of her.

[Brigid]: Right…”take care” all you did was leave her in front of the TV and went out on your little “excursions”.

[Sage of Time]: Sigh…I came to see you, my great grandchild yet how come as soon as we meet you start arguing?

[Brigid]: Humph.

[Sage of Time]: *sigh* Fine fine, I brought you a souvenir.

Brigid’s eyes shined after hearing that.

[Brigid]: Oh great grandpa, you always bring the best gifts!

[Sage of Time]: That change of attitude is just like your mother…*grumbles*

He took out a silvery metal ingot.

[Brigid]: Ooooo, so pure. Where did you find it? It’s not easy to get this purity of Sprutonium. Isn’t it a rare metal that is only found on the moon Jealousy?

[Sage of Time]: Hey now, if I reveal where I get all my gifts you would be all over the place trying to get more…

[Brigid]: Pleeeeeease.

She stared at the sage with puppy eyes.

[Sage of Time]: Ha, as if that would work on me! You are not Moe enough!

[Brigid]: Please keep that disgusting otaku stuff out of here….

[Sage of Time]: Oh come on…

[Brigid]: Anyways, thanks for the gift.

[Sage of Time]: What are you going to make with it?

[Brigid]: Well this metal has conductive properties equal to that of glutonium. It’s also slightly lighter. But due to its rarity, it’s hard to get enough to make anything meaningful.

[Sage of Time]: I know of its rarity, why did you think I brought it as a gift?

[Brigid]: Ha-ha, great grandpa you spoil me too much!

[Sage of Time]: *mumbles* At least you appreciate it unlike that mother of yours…

[Brigid]: What is that?

[Sage of Time]: Nothing nothing, now anyways, how are you these days?

[Brigid]: Well the usual I guess. You haven’t visited me in nearly two decades.

[Sage of Time]: I was busy.

[Brigid]: Yea right, you were busy gambling weren’t you?

[Sage of Time]: *cough* Enough about that. *mumbles* Why is it everything I said leads to me looking bad…

[Brigid]: I heard that.

[Sage of Time]: Dammit! Anyways, what do think about those kids?

[Brigid]: Ming and Crule? Nice bunch of kids. A little weird in the head though.

[Sage of Time]: “Nice” isn’t really the word that can describe them…

[Brigid]: Yea, Ming is cute and I just wanna hug her all day but that Crule’s evil glare whenever I get close keeps me at bay…

[Sage of Time]: Hahaha, that Kid is very protective of his wife.

[Brigid]: Wait they are married?! They don’t even look fifteen…Kids these days.

[Sage of Time]: Hahaha, you should know their actual age.

[Brigid]: Should it? I kind of zone out during their long discussions.

[Sage of Time]: *sigh* Only blacksmith and alchemy can keep your attention long enough.

[Brigid]: You know it!

[Sage of Time]: Anyways those two are more like in their early thirties if you count all the years they lived.

[Brigid]: Eh, so still a young couple.

[Sage of Time]: Well to us they are young, but to normal people it’s surprising.

[Brigid]: Eh that explains his always mature and evil looking atmosphere.

[Sage of Time]: Mhm…I feel that kid will be troublesome if someone doesn’t fix his thirst for revenge, but then again I can imagine being in his shoes, I too wouldn’t get over it.

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[Brigid]: Eh, I’m sure if that girl Ming wasn’t such an enabler, Crule would be slightly calmer.

[Sage of Time]: True…but she’s far too loyal. It’s more like she’s his love-struck servant than wife…

[Brigid]: Eh I don’t know how they met, but we need to fix their relationship! It may help improve Crule’s attitude.

[Sage of Time]: *mumbles* Fixing attitude? Coming from you it’s oxymoronic…

[Brigid]: I heard that gramps!

[Sage of Time]: Damn you and your sharp ears!

[Brigid]: I inherited from you, you old coot!

[Sage of Time]: Argggg!

The two gossiped about everyone for a while till it became late.

[Sage of Time]: Well, I have to go now. There’s something I need to do.

[Brigid]: Stay well then gramps!

[Sage of Time]: You too! If you feel another energy surge, it would mean my mission was successful.

[Brigid] As long as it doesn’t result in my lab being destroyed again!

[Sage of Time]: Hahaha, hopefully!

He left the same way he came, like a flash.

[Brigid]: It’s unusual for great grandpa to be in such a hurry, his mission must be important.

She sighed and went back to tinkering with the ingot of Sprutonium.

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