Antagonist Rewind Arc7 Epilogue.

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AR Arc7 Epilogue.

The ball of flesh entered the atmosphere of Noxia. It was set ablaze upon reentry, but the heat was not enough to destroy the being. It lands in the middle of the wild and created a sizable crater.

[Chaos]: Hahaha, finally landed on Noxia.

He had been floating in space for months.

[Chaos]: I need to find a suitable host as I can do nothing in my current form…

Chaos had to wait for a passing beast. By luck would have it, a wandering Gestalt Lion walked by him. He took the chance and latches himself to the beast. It penetrated his defenses and slowly consumed the beast. The ball of flesh encased the beast like an octopus around a fish. It tried to struggle but to no avail. The lion was completely consumed by the ball of flesh creating a larger ball of flesh. Slowly the ball started to take shape. It became the shape of a lion.

[Chaos]: Hahaha, this will do for now.

He could feel the power coursing through him. It seemed he was lucky and this beast was quite powerful.

[Chaos]: I will need to consume a lot more beasts in order to regain my strength…but it looks like it will not be hard with this fine specimen.

He started to head toward the territory of a rival of the lion. It was a powerful Gestalt lynx. Taking over such a territory will allow him free reign to hunt for prey.

With a sinister laugh, the lion rapid dash toward its new kingdom.


In a rural village near the edge of the wild, there was a tent that seemed out of place. The rest of the village was made from wood and cheap concrete with bricks but this tent was a fashionable purple.

From the purple tent, a woman wearing a nurse’s outfit stepped out with a cup of coffee. The early morning breeze blows across her blue hair. She took a sip of her cup of coffee.

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Over the horizon, a ship was approaching. This was very out of place as no one really visits the village and those who do are not rich enough to afford such a ship.

The ship landed and a middle ages man stepped out.

The woman stared at the man and took another sip of her coffee.

[Woman]: So how did you do?

[Sage of Time]: Better than I hoped.

[Woman]: I don’t think so.

[Sage of Time]: What do you mean?

[Woman]: Before you returned, I felt his aura enter the atmosphere.

[Sage of Time]: How?!

[Woman]: Looks like you did a poor job of checking.

The woman seemed angry at the Sage.

[Sage of Time]: Shit…what now?

[Woman]: We got time. From his aura I could tell he was weakened greatly. It should take a very very long time before he return to his former full strength.

[Sage of Time]: We have to hunt him down…

[Woman]: Leave it to our disciples.

[Sage of Time]: But…Pestilia…we can’t leave it up to them so early… And why do you seem to calm about this?!

[Pestilia]: I don’t know about you, but my disciple is more than ready. Chun Qin has the training of a former soldier. And according to the letters he has been sending, it seems Famina’s disciple is far more powerful than ours.

[Sage of Time]: That kid? Crule is very strong…but…

[Pestilia]: Did you know while you were gone the kid hit seventh gate?

[Sage of Time]: What?! Already!?

[Pestilia]: Shhh, no so loud, you will wake up the neighbors.

She took another sip of her coffee.

[Pestilia]: Not only that, it seems Maximus’s disciple is also just as powerful.

[Sage of Time]: Eh…so my disciple is the weakest…

[Pestilia]: Not surprised, you only found her recently.

[Sage of Time]: I can’t wait to start training her properly…

[Pestilia]: Soon enough, let them come back after playing their games first.

[Sage of Time]: Can I get a cup of coffee?

[Pestilia]: Get your own coffee you rich old man.

[Sage of Time]: Hey, it’s not my fault you run a charity instead of a business.

[Pestilia]: You really think I can offer my services for money? Fate would be pissed at me if I do so.

[Sage of Time]: True…

[Pestilia]: How’s your granddaughter by the way?

[Sage of Time]: She is getting more eccentric by the day…I wonder who she get that from.

[Pestilia]: Considering her parents raised her on anime…I aint surprised her imagination and creativity is so…unique.

[Sage of Time]: Wait, so you’re saying this is my fault?!

[Pestilia]: I said shhhhh! Quiet down already you loud old man.

[Sage of Time]: …

The two chatted the morning away. It seemed as if Pestilia’s cup of coffee was never ending as no matter how many sips she took out of the cup, it never seem to end. It’s a mystery that would never be solved…


Grisly looked around on the classroom. With the open beta of the games coming up, a majority of the students have left on a temporary leave.

[Grisly]: *sigh* Brother, you little game seem to have stolen the interesting of all my students…

He thought for a while and finally came to a conclusion.

[Grisly]: I know, maybe I will participate in the games as well. Perhaps I will find something interesting to keep me entertained.

With a sly grin, Grisly walked out of the class room and closed the lights.

[Students]: Wait!!! Headmaster Grisly! We are still in the room!

The students who were left fumbled around in the classroom bumping into chairs, tables, and each other.


Famina opened her eyes. Being tied to a cross for so many years really takes a number on her. It was just so incredibly boring. She should have asked Crule to send over a TV or something to keep her entertained.

In front of her were several bugs she manage to catch with her aura. They all doing a stupid dance.

[Famina]: Dance you fools dance!

She was forcing the Gluttony bugs to dance for her. With the old queen of the bugs gone, a new one too her place. This one was more liberal at exploring the depths of their home. Some bugs just happen to stumble on Famina’s prison.

She took the liberty of entertaining herself with the bugs, making them perform sitcoms and dances.

[Famina]: This is getting boring…

The bugs were immediately consumed by the aura leaving not a single trace.

[Famina]: *sigh* I wonder if I could ask Crule to send over a playmate to keep me from getting so bored…

She just hanged there on the cross by the chains…sighing constantly.

If the person who sealed her there were to saw her now, he could be saying that “it’s a prison…it’s not supposed to be entertaining…”

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Just another casual day of stuff happening in the world of Crule.

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