Antagonist Rewind Arc8 Epilogue.

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AR Arc8 Epilogue.

Maximus poked at the fire pit with a random branch he found on the ground. He shifted the charcoal around, trying to get more oxygen to the small ember burning in the logs. It was now the afternoon, a few hours away from sunset.

He was in an extremely deep area of the Wild. No one else has ever set foot where he currently resides. Behind his back was a makeshift shelter created from what looked like a giant lily pad, some sturdy looking chopped logs and twine made from jungle vines.

Suddenly, a soft roar was heard in the sky above. Maximus looked up and saw menacing dark clouds start to move close from the west.

[Maximus]: Damn, looks like I need to find a new camp.

He quickly put out the fire with dirt and started running. Soon he found a convenient cave and dashed inside just as the first drop of rain fell on the ground. Like a flash of light, the skies opened up and water poured like a waterfall. The rain in the Wild are extremely violent but yet also very pure. It cleanses the area like a powerful blast wash. Maximus looked out at the torrential downpour and sighed.

Suddenly he felt energy tingle in the atmosphere.

[Maximus]: It seems I’m not alone in this cave.

He turned around and started walking deeper into the darkness. The smell of moisture and moss permeated the cave like a dense musk. To some people the smell of the greenery was the perfume of nature. The rain picked up the scent and the smell of soil also joined in the party of smells.

Maximus spread his aura around his body which also improves his night vision. He walked prominently while spreading his aura slowly deeper into the cave. The beast inside reacted cautiously to the foreign energy. Most of the smaller animals of the Wild would generally avoid its territory. Although his territory was small, he still ruled it like a king.

Just when the beast thought it had to teach the trespasser a lesson, it was the last train of thought it had.


Maximus sat next to a small fire set deeper in the cave. After he made sure the cave was properly aerated, he took out some dried foliage he gathered earlier and made a fire. On a stick slow roasting over the fire, was the previous resident of the cave.

It has been de-furred and gutted and rubbed with spices that Maximus keep around him at all time.

[Maximus]: Just five more minutes and it should be done.

He slowly rotated the stick over the fire. Outside the wind was picking up but Maximus used his energy to create a barrier to the outside climate. The rich aroma of the roasted meat replaced the smell of moisture and moss. Maximus stared in anticipation at his meal.

Suddenly, he heard a knock. He didn’t reacted as he got confused. Who would knock in a cave in the middle of nowhere in the Wild?

He looked toward the barrier he put and saw a familiar face.

[Maximus]: Hey old man, you have better brought some alcohol.

The sage of time walked into the cave. He wasn’t drenched at all although it was still raining like hell outside.

He reached into his suit pocket and took out a fine bottle of liquor.

[Sage of Time]: You know it!

Maximus smiled and welcomed his old friend. The meat was just about ready.

[Maximus]: As usual you have some impeccable timing. Did you arrive just for the food as well?

[Sage of Time]: Haha, do I look like the kind of person who would meet up with an old friend who just got out of confinement to smooch off his food?

[Maximus]: Yes.

An awkward silence filled the cave. The sound of raindrops and crackling fire was the only thing that could be heard.

[Maximus]: So what did you come here for?

[Sage of Time]: So…I might have made a mistake and Chaos escaped.

Maximus broke the stick he was poking the meat with.

A silent rage filled the air. Bloodlust permeated the cave.

[Maximus]: You did what?

[Sage of Time]: Don’t worry. The loner said he has weakened severely and our disciple can take care of it.

[Maximus]: You asshole…

But once Maximus recall the energy surge of his disciple he felt earlier, his anger subsided a little.

[Maximus]: So do you know where he is?

[Sage of Time]: Somewhere in the Wild.

[Maximus]: *sigh* Why didn’t he land in the oceans of molten lava instead.

[Sage of Time]: You know that still won’t kill him…

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[Maximus]: Yea, but it will take him a LOT longer to recover.

[Sage of Time]: Yea…

The awkward silence once again filled the cave. They bit into the meat and took a drink of the wine.

As the alcohol slowly soak through their body, they started talking again. The two old fools remanence about the old days.

[Maximus]: The Wild is so calm now days.

[Sage of Time]: Completely different from when we first got here. These beast are either the descendants of the originals or a clone. The old ones all entered into a deep slumber when we sealed the majority of the world’s energy.

[Maximus]: Yea but I hear that kid is breaking the seals.

[Sage of Time]: Well, it is due time someone does it. If left alone, the energy will build up to a breaking point and destroy the world from the inside. The way the kid is doing it allows humanity to slowly get used to it.

[Maximus]: I see…So instead of waiting till disaster happens, he release a bit at a time so humanity get stronger along with the beasts.

[Sage of Time]: Exactly.

They both took another drink of wine.

[Maximus]: From my travels, I have seen the descendants of our original group have fully adapted to the energy in the air. If only we had realize it sooner, we would be the ones to fix the problem instead of our disciples.

[Sage of Time]: Well, isn’t it the disciples job to fix the errors of the master anyways?

[Maximus]: You old fool really are selfish as always…

[Sage of Time]: Hey I shared some of my wine didn’t it?

[Maximus]: Yea but u took some of my dinner.

[Sage of Time]: Hey, my wine is worth a lot more than that cheap piece of meat!

[Maximus]: Cheap? Really? Then give me back that “cheap” piece of meat.

[Sage of Time]: I already ate it!

[Maximus]: Asshole.

[Sage of Time]: Humph.

The original resident of the cave could only cry in its grave as its meat was called cheap.

Poor thing didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

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