Antagonist Rewind Arc9 Epilogue.

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AR Arc9 Epilogue.

Deep at the center of the Wild was a natural castle created by the stones of a mountain. Within its halls was a dark room lit dimly by six jewels embedded in the walls. Each of the gems glowed a different color creating a collage of colors in the center of the room. In the room sat six figures. None of them looked truly human. They all had a beastly figure to them.

[Snake-woman]: Those humans broke our ancestor’s pact. We have to retaliate!

[Bear-man]: Patience Meddy, their time will soon come.

[Tiger-man]: Has anyone seen Leon lately? He does have the final say in all our decisions.

[Bird-man]: He may be the king, but this is the council of monsters. We as the first original creatures of this planet has our right to own and live. We are not just fodder for these invaders.

[Fish-woman]: That’s right! Our ancestors conquered the planet with their power and separated the land equally among them. What gives the rights for those humans to just come and take our land?!

[Bear-man]: Everyone calm down. There must be a reason to their treachery.

[Voice]: Of course there is.

The sixth being walked into the room.

He had the head of a lion, but something was immediately different about him compare to the other five.

[Tiger-man]: What?! Who are you and what have you done to Leon!

Chaos laughed.

[Chaos]: Leon is no more. I have taken his place as king.

[Tiger-man]: You bastard!

The tiger-man pounced on chaos with his claws extended aiming for the neck. Chaos only smirked and with a powerful aura immediately knocked the tiger-man onto the ground with sheer gravity.

[Tiger-man]: S-such…p-p-power.

The tiger-man could barely talk as his internal organs were faced with the crushing pressure of Chaos’s aura.

[Bear-man]: You…what is your purpose?

[Chaos]: The same as everyone else here. The eradication of the plague known as humans.

The snake-woman smiled and walked toward Chaos. She put her hand on his shoulder seductively.

[Snake-woman]: My oh my, I do like this Leon better than our old one.

[Tiger-man]: Y-you w-whore!

The tiger-man was still being pressed by Chaos’s aura. Rips in the fabric of space started tearing open around him. If any of those had gotten close enough to him, it would rip his apart.

[Bear-man]: Enough. Let him go.

[Chaos]: Deem me as your King and I shall.

[Bear-man]: Fine…you are our king and forever will.

[Chaos]: Good.

The aura was lifted and the tiger-man passed out.

[Chaos]: Now then. About the reason why humans have broken the centuries long pact.

[Fish-woman]: Go on.

[Chaos]: They have forgotten the kindness and mercy of our ancestors. They tread upon the Wild as if they own the whole planet. Those naïve humans will be the death of this planet like their original home world. Their war-like nature and hubris will doom us all. Unless we stop them.

[Bird-man]: So you’re saying we shall wage war?

[Chaos]: No, not way. A massacre. A genocide. We as superior species shall bring down those humans and take our rightful place as rulers of the planet.

[Bear-man]: And how do you suppose we do that?

[Chaos]: I will tell you…

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The meeting continued in the dark room.

Hours later in one of the cave-rooms.

[Chaos]: Foolish beasts. So easy to trust those who pretend to share a similar interesting. It seems the body I have taken over this time is very special.

The gestalt lion was no longer a suitable host for Chaos as he recovered. He swallowed a larger prey, slowly working up to the point where he finally got his hands on a power figure in the beast’s community.

[Chaos]: Once I get rid of the most annoying thorn by my side, I shall rid myself of these pesky animals as well.

Chaos smiled and laughed maniacally into the air.

[Chaos]: That pawn Grimly really is doing everything I told him to do. Even if the visit from that old Sage bastard was unexpected, everything is accordingly to my grand scheme.

Chaos played with his new retractable claws.

[Chaos]: Soon, this world shall fall and I shall finally be free…


[Bear-man]: I still don’t trust him.

[Tiger-man]: M-me too.

[Bear-man]: Your injuries are that severe?

[Tiger-man]: It may take a couple days to fully heal. His power is extraordinary. Even if we don’t trust him, we don’t have the power to do anything about it.

[Bear-man]: True…Perhaps only our slumbering ancestor can move that menace…But we cannot wake them. Not when we have a chance to fix this problem ourselves.

[Tiger-man]: But how?

[Bear-man]: I can sense the being in Leon’s body is injured. Which mean he isn’t at full strength yet.

[Tiger-man]: Heavens, just how powerful is he if his injured state is already so strong?!

[Bear-man]: You’re not getting the clue. SOMEONE or SOMETHING must have injured that powerful being to such a state. If we can find them or it, we will have a fighting chance.

[Tiger-man]: But how?

[Bear-man]: We must be secretive about it. But we must send our men out there to find it.

[Tiger-man]: And what if we don’t find it?

[Bear-man]: Then we will have no choice left but to awaken the ancestors…

[Tiger-man]: *sigh* I don’t want to imagine the rage we will face once they have awoken.


[Fish-woman]: Do you trust him?

[Snake-woman]: Not even a bit. But with powers strong enough to completely neutralize Tige, we have no choice but to submit for now. But knowing Bear, he will have a plan for this.

[Fish-woman]: *sigh* It seems trouble really do come in pairs.

[Snake-woman]: Tell me about it…


[Grimly]: Everything is going according to plans. The next step…The grand tournament…

[James]: Things are almost ready sir.

[Grimly]: Good, good…

Hanuman only stood there with a grim expression. He had to act soon or it would be too late.

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