Antagonist Rewind Chapter 101: The evil within.

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AR Chapter 101: The evil within.

A pool of darkness appear underneath Crule and his armor. It was similar to the pool he summoned to fight Hanuman. It was his gateway to the special spatial storage where he keep his live monsters. His storage is separated into two sections, one for inanimate objects, and the other for live beings. The armor sank down into the void.

Suddenly, tendrils of darkness rose out of the void and wrapped around Crule like an octopus clutching onto a prey. It covered every inch of his body leaving only his face. The shadowy tendrils shivered and slowly from the darkness, the armor formed. The last piece that formed was the helmet and the face cover slammed down with a *click* forming an evil smiling helmet.

As the pool of darkness slowly faded under Crule’s foot, a flash of silver flew out from it and landed in Crule’s remaining human hand. It was his old dagger, the Taming Sari. Its curved edges seem to gleam with a certain blood lust. Unexpectedly, the armor sent out a tendril from the wrist and connected the dagger to the backside of Crule’s hand.

With him now fully armored, every single eyeball on the armor opened to reveal hundreds of bloodshot eyes staring left and right, making Crule look far more menacing than before.

A truly evil looking knight, a warrior of darkness and chaos. Everyone who saw him in that armor can only immediately assume the wearer was evil.

[Brigid]: I swear I didn’t program the armor to do that…

Everything she planned has been out of whack for Ming and Crule’s armor. Nothing seem to be normal anymore. They were not normal armor, it was as if they have come to life and obeyed only one master.

Lawks’ father looked at the evil armor and felt a tinge of regret.

[Lawks’ Father]: Have I created a greater evil…no, I couldn’t have.

He whispered to himself hoping to reassure his decision. Sadly, he knew he wasn’t a match for the group and even if he wanted to stop them, he didn’t have the power to do so.

[Lawks’ Father]: As long as the clan doesn’t die out during my time as head…

Now he was compromising, trying to make excuses.

Crule moved his fingers, trying to get use to the tightness around his body. It felt like a second layer of skin had formed around him. It wasn’t stifling but it did feel tight. He looked at his dagger which was now a permanent part of his armor on his left hand. He took out Brigid’s cannon with his prosthetic hand but it didn’t seem to connect to the armor. It seems the lack of a glove means it doesn’t connect, but even without a connection, the cannon was strong enough of a weapon. It equaled in strength of Ming’s attack she used earlier. Now with the boost the armor gives Crule and the fact that he was now several gates stronger, the strength of that cannon was now on a deity level.

[Brigid]: I would normally say “let’s see a demonstration of your power” but I’m beginning to feel we aren’t safe here if you do.

[Crule]: Don’t worry, I won’t go insane with power or anything.

From under the helmet, Crule’s voice was changed into a far deeper growl. It sounded like the voice of a dragon.

[Brigid]: Ohoho, it changes your voice too? I know I didn’t install that in. I swear you guys seem to be already altering the armor I spent all day making.

[Crule]: It seems so…This is good. No one will recognize me once I take off the armor so no one will associate me with this evil looking thing.

[Brigid]: No, I think with a natural evil looking face like yours…never mind, forget it.

[Crule]: I will just use one move then, but it will be at nearly full power.

Crule started to gather energy to the cannon on his right. The eyeballs seem to quiver with excitement as the energy flow through his body to his hands, into the cannon. It streams of darkness along the cannon seemed far more profound than the time he used it against the drake.

Distortions in the space time was starting to be visible as small black tears were slowly forming around the cannon.

[Brigid]: Holy crap, this is almost as strong as Gramps…How is he not affecting the space time normally but only when he uses an attack…

The wind started to pick up and seem to form from a powerful suction the tears in space produced. Everyone bunkered down and shielded their eyes from the dust that went along with the wind.

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Sounds of electricity filled the atmosphere as the cannon was reaching a critical point.

[Chun Qin]: Is the cannon going to break?

[Brigid]: You think something I make breaks that easily? Please, I demand more respect than that!

[Shin]: This power is amazing…it seems I have been too contempt with my meager strength.

[Kate]: Yea…If our little Crule needs this much power to fight the enemy, how much would we need to not become burdens?

Shin and Kate look at each other than at Crule with worry and guilt.

Ming only stared at Crule with admiration.

[Ming]: And he’s mine, all mine.

She giggled on the inside with a psychopathic glee.

Lawks’ father stared in both fear and worship.

[Lawks’ Father]: Are we watching the birth of a god…?

Crule felt the cannon has nearly reached its limit. The tears in space started to get in the way of his concentration. He aimed the cannon at the hole Ming left in the mountain.

[Lawks’ Father]: Oh shit, NOOOO NOT THE MOUNTAIN AGAIN.

But it to was too late.

With a blinding flash equivalent to that of a nuclear explosion, silence filled the air.

Everything within a few hundred meter turned white due to the flash. Not a single sound could be heard. Everyone closed their eyes for a split second due to the blinding flash.

When they opened it, it was already over. The sound still hasn’t come yet, silence filled the air.

[Lawks’ Father]: W-where is it?

He pointed in front of Crule.

There was nothing there anymore.

[Lawks’ Father]: Where did the mountain go?

Not a single atom remained. The ground had become a scorched black hole where the mountain use to be. Off in the distance, the white beam of light could be seen still traveling. Upon closed inspection, the light was actually mostly black. It’s just the small bits of light was too blinding.

Then, like an oncoming train at point blank, the sound came back. An earth shattering boom caused some of the engineer’s to pass out with blood flowing from their ears. Even Chun Qin, Shin, and Kate felt uncomfortable as their internal organs received a good jolt.

Brigid only stared with the widest eyes anyone has ever seen on her. She forgot how to blink.

[Brigid]: I’m beginning to think nothing on this planet can survive that…

[Crule]: That’s not true.

Crule corrected her.

[Crule]: Once the final seal is removed, the archaic ancestor beasts will awaken. They have powers strong enough to be call gods. Each one of them has the strength to create and destroy planets. It’s a miracle so many of them gathered on this planet…but I assume back in the day, this planet was far more sturdy and brutal.

Crule didn’t seem tired at all. He carefully explain his hypothesis to Brigid.

Brigid only nodded with excitement and fear in her heart. Her grandpa never tell her anything of the beginning few years of their pioneering. She was born after the seals were placed.

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The scene looked hilarious. A tall person wearing the most evil looking armor one has ever seen waving his finger and explaining theories to a person who look like a small little girl wearing a lab coat with curiosity beaming out of her eyes.

[Lawks’ Father]: M-my…M-mountain…

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