Antagonist Rewind Chapter 103: Guild Hall and sandwich.

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AR Chapter 103: Guild Hall and sandwich.

The receptionist quickly covered her mouth after realizing her blunder. Most adventurers would prefer to remain anonymous as grudges and fame hinder their progress.

Crule could only put his hand over his face and shake his head. Ming just sighed.

Now that everyone’s attention was on them, it was actually a slightly more ideal situation. Crule and Ming wanted to get famous. But doing so in a gate town like this was kind of a waste.

[Crule]: I would like to take on an escort mission from here to Lake Trysl.

The receptionist quickly recovered the best she can.

[Receptionist]: Y-yes sir! We currently have three missions from here to Lake Trysl. The first two is recruiting twenty people each and the last one is looking for only five. The ones requiring twenty people has an F rank base limit whereas the last one has a D rank limit.

The receptionist opened a book to reveal three laminated pages with details of the mission, its level, the employer, and the merchandise they are shipping.

Crule took a quick glance through them and just picked up the last sheet.

[Crule]: We will go with this one.

It was the escort mission that was only recruiting five people. Knowing the dangers between the gate town and the great Lake Trysl, one either needs a lot of people to scare away potential threats or a strong enough expert. The first two quests were for beginners to enjoy party environments and to level up through group work. The last quest was more of a single party grind with the sole mission of reaching the destination at the fastest time possible. Less people, more speed.

Everyone in the guild hall heard what Crule said. Not all of the adventurers here are pure. Thieves and bandits also come here to get intel. Although it was very hard to actually kill someone in the game, since most physical injuries will be recovered by their energy, but the nanobots also rapidly recover lost tissue and prevents excessive blood loss. They are really a modern medical miracle.

So unless you entire body was destroyed without a single trace, it was impossible to fully kill a person. Although if you destroy their head first, they won’t come back. But the game has rules against fully killing a person. Those who die due to monsters can only count themselves as unlucky or too foolish to go against something they can’t win. But when a human kills another human, rules had to be applied.

Those who break the rules will have a bounty placed on their head. They can still participate in the game, they will just be hunted continuously. The constant tension of being hunted deters most people from killing, but it doesn’t stop people from stealing and maiming.

Crule looked through the corner of his eyes at the people glaring at him. He only smiled lightly and tried to act as simple as he can.

[Receptionist]: Here is the contract sir!

The receptionist finished the paper work and gave the finished contract for Crule and Ming to sign.

They signed it and handed it back to the receptionist.

[Receptionist]: The employer is waiting at the Glamor Inn. They are ready to go as soon as five people who meets the qualifications accepts the quest.

Crule nodded and thanked the receptionist who was clueless to all the hidden plans being plotted in the guild hall.

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Crule and Ming stocked up on food rations, mostly spices and various ingredients they won’t be able to find in the wild. Most of the time, they will just hunt for their own food. They already have all the other survival necessity in Crule’s storage.

They headed toward Glamor Inn the next morning. Sitting in the lobby was a short man with an enormous beard. He was wearing the tiniest spectacles anyone has ever seen and was staring at the Inn’s restaurant menu. He was twisting several strands of hair that stuck out from his beard while looking as if he was trying to make the most important decision of his life.

Crule looked down at his copy of the contract he signed. On the top was a picture of his employer. It looked exactly like the tiny man but didn’t reveal his actual size. Normally if one were to see his picture, he would seem like a mountain giant with a huge beard. But up close in person, the actual man was barely reaching five feet tall.

Crule waiting till the man finished making his decision. The waiter next to him was trying to hold in her laughter.

[Tiny man]: I think….I will take the roast beef sandwich.

The man said to the waiter as he put down the menu and removed his glasses.

The waiter quickly jotted it down and ran away before his laughter get the better of him.

Once he reached the kitchen, a muffled laugh could be heard.

Crule now approached the tiny man.

[Crule]: You must be Mr. Turf. The man who put up the escort quest from here to Lake Trysl.

The tiny man looked toward Crule and Ming and tried to size them up. He rubbed his beard with a judgmental look on his face. Then he smiled and said:

[Turf]: Kid, I hope you aren’t lost. Where are your parents?

Crule nearly wanted to rip the man’s beard off. He was currently almost sixteen years old although he looked a lot younger than he actually is. Since he and Ming spent three years in a pocket time dimension, they looked the exact same as they did before. Crule look like he was fifteen and Ming looked like she was barely a teenager.

Crule restrained himself and sighed. He took out the contract and his bronze token. The tiny man was shocked at the token and his tone of voice quickly changed.

[Turf]: My oh my, sorry about that dear adventurers. It’s just you two look so incredibly young!

Ming smiled. Crule could only sigh again.

[Turf]: With you two, we now have five people! That means we can set out! But first let me finish my meal.

Crule and Ming sat down beside him and ordered some food as well. Turf took out a phone and called the other adventurers. Soon, three people walked into the Inn.

The first person looked pale and thin. He gave off the feeling of someone who didn’t get much sunlight before the game started. He smiled and was following what seemed like the leader of the three people group.

The other person beside the leader was a silent but sturdy looking man. He looked like a bouncer combined with a construction worker. His arms looked more like logs than human arms. He was silent and followed the leader closely.

The leader was a woman who looked like she was in her mid-thirties. She carried with her an arrogant atmosphere and walked with a proud demeanor. One look can tell she has been trained in etiquette.

She was carrying with her a rapier on her side. Her outfit was a deep tanned leather and looked like what a corsair would wear on their journey into the seas. It was a strange mix between a cowboy and a pirate.

She smiled when she saw Crule and Ming. Turned her attention toward Mr. Turf and spoke.

[Woman]: We ready?

[Turf]: Ah, Ms. Dante. We are indeed ready to go.

[Dante]: Good, Shallot, Gumb, let’s go.

The two next to her seemed to be named Shallot and Gumb. They followed her toward the large wagon in the courtyard of the Inn.

Turf was biting into his roast beef sandwich when he suddenly remembered.

[Turf]: Ah, do you two have any luggage you need to carry? Just put it in the wagon where there’s space.

Crule shook his head.

[Crule]: We are good, thanks for offering.

Turf only looked a little shocked and went back to eating his sandwich.

Crule and Ming both enjoyed a cold refreshing mint tea.

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Looks like the journey ahead of them is going to be interesting.

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