Antagonist Rewind Chapter 107: Lord of the forest.

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AR Chapter 107: Lord of the forest.

The wagon continue along the path. Crule and Ming remained vigil in front of the wagon next to Turf. Dante and Shallot was in the back protecting Gumb.

After Crule stored the corpses of the lizards, no one asked any questions and continue on their journey silently. The tension could be felt in the air around them.

Turf was scared as his eyes darted left and right.

Nothing else happened as the suns were close to setting.

[Crule]: We should make camp.

Turf snapped out of his paranoia and nodded.

The wagon grind to a halt. Crule and Ming jumped off the wagon to survey the surroundings. Turf started to make a camp fire while Shallot set up the tents. Gumb was still unconscious and was looked after by Dante.

A couple minutes later, Crule and Ming emerged from the trees shaking their heads. It seems there were no enemies within the vicinity. Turf breathed a sigh a relief.

Dinner was served in a pot and the spicy soup warmed everyone up from the chilly forest breeze. They saved some for Gumb who should be waking up in the morning.

Crule looked out into the darkness of the night.

[Crule]: I see…

He whispered to himself as he hopped back onto the top of the wagon and went into meditation.


In a large tent made from rough olive green tarp, were six men looking down on a table dimly lit by a candle.

It was already dark outside but the men did not sleep. Suddenly a seventh man walked into the tent.

[Man 1]: How did it go?

[Entering Man]: The lizards are all dead.

[Man 2]: All of them? Did they suffer any casualties?

[Entering Man]: Only the big guy called Gumb. He suffered a serious wound.

[Man 3]: I see, it seems we have injured their tank.

[Man 4]: How are you so sure that big guy was their tank?

[Man 3]: Doesn’t it seem fitting? The guy looks like he can take a punch.

[Entering Man]: From what I have seen, the man named Gumb is very sturdy. He manage to hold off two dozen lizards by himself although suffering a major wound.

[Man 3]: See! He was the tank. I’m guessing that woman was a support and the lanky looking man was a magician?

[Entering Man]: Close. The woman named Dante is skilled at archery. The thin man called Shallot is skilled with firearms.

[Man 3]: Oh?

[Man 1]: So that team consist of one tank and two ranged dps?

[Entering Man]: Indeed.

The five men were discussing Dante’s group when suddenly the remaining two men spoke up.

[Man 5]: What about the two kids we saw today at the guild hall? The so called “bronze ranks”?

[Man 6]: They seemed out of the ordinary…

[Entering Man]: For certain reasons I couldn’t see them. After I saw enough, I tried to retrieve the arrow from the wagon but the kid spotted me, so I ran. Honestly the look in the kid’s eyes were frightening.

[Man 5]: So they are a threat?

[Man 6]: I would seem so.

[Man 1]: Hey don’t worry about it! There’s seven of us and only five of them.

[Man 2]: We just have to weaken them first!

[Man 3]: Yea! If two dozen lizard isn’t enough, then let’s send the king after them!

[Man 4]: We should act soon.

[Entering Man]: Shall I make the preparations?

[Man 5]: Fine, we will do this in two days.

[Man 6]: Record it as to show our might. The Stupendous seven against five bronze rank adventurers!

The seven men smiled and cheered over their cup of alcohol.

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Crule opened his eyes.

[Crule]: So that’s who was after us.

The tracer he planted on the man who entered the tent allowed him to hear the entire conversation.

[Crule]: King of the forest huh? Should be a fun challenge.

Ming walked over to Crule.

[Ming]: So what will we do?

[Crule]: What we always do, perform.

Ming smiled in agreement.

[Ming]: Shall we make it flashy?

[Crule]: As much as possible.


The next day was uneventful as they continued on their journey with much alertness. Gumb finally woke up in the morning and with a muffled thank you, drank the spicy soup from last night. He had almost recovered fully as his arm has healed. Only muscle fatigue remains from the day’s fight.

[Dante]: Feeling better?

[Gumb]: Yes mistress.

[Shallot]: Good to see you still alive and kicking!

[Gumb]: Yes, the nanodes really work their magic. My physical wounds have all recovered.

[Dante]: Amazing to see what advanced technology can do!

Gumb rotated his arm to show it’s in perfectly working order.

Crule walked up to the three.

He nodded to Gumb and Gumb nodded back.

[Crule]: Ready to start?

[Dante]: You know it. It’s finally nice to have some action on this journey.

Dante tilted her head upwards and laughed heartily.

Crule only smiled and walked away slowly.

The wagon rocked up and down as the road has become bumpier. Large boulders lined the side of the road and most of them looked like they have been smashed or moved. The moss had already started to reclaim the surface of the broken rocks.

The trees hang over the side of the road looked willow trees with their gracefully swaying branches.

The sound of avian creatures screeching in the skies above them. It was very peaceful. Even Turf who was on high alert early in the morning started to calm down. Crule knew today was going to be an uneventful day.

But tomorrow, that’s when the show starts.

Suddenly, Crule could feel a change in the atmosphere. It was similar to when he established his eighth gate. He looked toward Ming to see her shining brighter than the noon suns.

He opened his mouth in astonishment and happiness.

[Crule]: Have you finally done it?

[Ming]: Yep! My eighth gate has been established. I can feel the primordial energies and how it affects everything around it.

[Crule]: Great! Tomorrow you can give us a demonstration as well as showing off.

[Ming]: As an actress performing tomorrow, I shall play my role with grace and elegance.

The two chuckled to themselves while speaking to each other. Turf didn’t hear a thing that went between them but Dante, Shallot and Gumb heard the laughing.

[Dante]: Those two kids sure are creepy at times.

[Shallot]: A-are you sure they aren’t ghosts?

[Gumb]: They aren’t ghosts.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Dante nearly face palmed at that comment.

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