Antagonist Rewind Chapter 108: Lights! Camera!

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AR Chapter 108: Lights! Camera!

The seven men stood on top the trees looking down at the giant sleeping lizard.

[Man 1]: No matter how I look at it, it’s a dragon isn’t it?

[Man 3]: No, no, I’m pretty sure it’s just a big lizard. Something about not having wings or fire breathe.

[Man 4]: Are we really going into dragon classification?

[Man 5]: Shhhh. We want to lure it, not fight it ourselves.

One of the men gulped and jumped off the branch quietly. It was the man who was spying on Crule and the others on that day. Since he was the newest member He sneaked up to the sleeping lizard. Besides it was a pile of large eggs. He tipped toed closer and closer to the pile while keeping an eye on the lizard.

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The lizard’s loud breathing vibrated every bone in the man’s body. Sweat was dripping off the man’s face and he was biting his lip as to not let a sound escape from his mouth. Step by step he inched closer and closer. The other six men hiding in the trees were awaiting with baited breath.

But sadly, the man wasn’t so lucky today. He slipped on a fragment of an eggshell that was still covered in embryonic fluid and fell.

Face first.

Into an egg.

The egg shattered with the sound of a thousand windows.

The man could feel his life flashing before his eyes. The six men on the trees nearly pissed their pants.

He was covered in goo from the broken egg and he was slipping trying to get up. The lizard opened one eye and its serpentine tongue lashed out like a snake with a vengeance. It wrapped around the ankles of the fallen man and he vanished into the maws of the lizard. The lizard fully awoken realizing what its tasty snack has done. It looked at the broken egg then back up at the trees. It could feel the presence of six intruders.

It was going to take out its anger on them.

[Man 1]: Shit, we have to run!

[Man 5]: Lure it to the wagon, we can still do this!

[Man 2]: Shit…we have to rename ourselves now…

[Man 3]: How about the Savage Six?

[Man 4]: I like it!

[Man 6]: MOVE NOW!

The six shadows dashed away as the giant lizard followed.


Crule could sense it.

He warned everyone immediately.

[Crule]: Something is heading this way, and it’s big.

Turf’s face paled. He quickly stopped the wagon and jumped off. Dante, Shallot and Gumb leaped from the back in battle formations. Turf scuttled into the wagon like a scared rabbit.

The vibrations in the air scared away all avian creatures. With each thud comes a feeling of pressure.

Off in the distance, weaving between the trees were six men. They manage to just keep ahead of the giant lizard chasing them and were on course with the wagon that has now come to a stop.

[Man 5]: Split up now. Hide and we will watch the battle. Wait for my signal, we will attack when they mess up.

[Man 6]: I’ll stay behind and film.

The man pulled from his pocket a large sheet crystal. By injected a small amount of energy into it, it flashes and the image before it appeared on the screen.

Due to electronics not working in the wild, new things had to be developed that used an alternative power source. Since energy was so abundant, scientists wracked their mind to come up with the most simplest of things.

The lizard pop out of the trees into the clearing were the road lies. It saw Crule and the others and only thought that his meal was getting bigger. Since Crule and Ming was hiding they aura well, the lizard had no idea who it was up against.

Dante shouted out commands to attack and they set into action.

The lizard was a good three times the size of the wagon. Trying to take on one of its physical attacks head on will result in serious damage. Gumb tried his best to keep in the blind spot of the lizard, constantly making the lizard try to turn its head to snack on him.

Dante and Shallot took this chance to pull out their signature weapons, the bow and the dual pistols. Arrows and bullets rained upon the lizard but its scales were far tougher than its smaller brethren. The arrow head barely pieced half an inch into its near metallic scales while the bullets flattened on the skin like pancakes and exploded out like a flower. It only left scorch wounds on the scale that seems harmless.

Dante and Shallot was starting to worry. Gumb could barely keep the lizard focused on it and their weapons were not affecting the monster.

[Dante]: Shit, I didn’t want to use this…

[Shallot]: We have to.

Dante finally started using her energy and aura instead of just her enhanced physical strength.

A cyan blue flame encased her bow and arrows. It consumed the wooden bow leaving behind a bow made of pure flame. The arrows too turn into projectiles of bright cyan flames.

[Dante]: I lose more bows and arrows this way…

She sighed and took aim at the lizard who was spinning around trying to get Gumb. Gumb was quite agile despite his large build. He kept to either the left or right of the lizard without getting in the way of its head or tail. The lizard’s limbs were too short to be used as weapons other than stomping. He just dodges and punches but those punches really doesn’t do anything but annoy the lizard further.

The arrow in Dante’s bow started to glow even brighter as she closes one of her eyes. Her remaining open eye’s pupil changed into that of a crosshair. It seems her aura is applying a film in front of her eye allowing accurate shooting. With a gentle demeanor, Dante let go of the arrow.

The sailed at blinding speeds straight at the lizard. It looked like a beam of laser instead of a flaming arrow due to its speed and the trail of fire it left behind it. The sound of a screeching bird followed soon after. It slammed into the lizard’s side spot on. The area of impact was immediately engulfed in a sea of cyan fire.

Dante looked very tired as the flame vanishes from her hands. She was on her knees panting for air. It seems it took a lot of energy out of her to use it once. Shallot helped her back up on her feet and they watched the blaze burn. Gumb backed away from the ball of fire slowly.

Suddenly, from the inferno, a scaled lance shot out and stabbed Gumb in the thigh.

[Gumb]: Gahhh!!

The tail retracted leaving a sizable hole in Gumb’s thighs. You could see through to the other side. The bone was shattered and the flesh was torn asunder. Gumb collapsed on the floor in pain, shouting at the top of his lungs.

[Gumb]: GAHHHHHH!!

[Dante]: Shit, it’s still alive. We got to get Gumb back here.

The lizard’s head emerged from the blaze seemingly unharmed.

[Shallot]: Oh crap, it’s not even hurt at all.

The six men in the tree watched with glee as one has fallen.

[Man 1]: Should we strike soon?

[Man 2]: Not yet. Let them weaken the lizard some more.

[Man 3]: Yes, we might as well let them do the hard part for us. The magic of editing will allow us to be famous with this video.

The sheet crystal was still recording the battle. At the moment, it looked futile.

Suddenly, the crystal focused on Ming.

Her signature smile graced the recording as from underneath her feet, a pool of crimson red blood flowed freely like a broken hydrant.

[Ming]: Scene 1: The beautiful maiden saves the day.

[Crule]: Break a leg.

Ming rose off the ground carried by a red crystal plate made of solidified blood.

The lizard noticed the sudden change in energy and faced Ming.

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The battle was about to get real.

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