Antagonist Rewind Chapter 109 Action!

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AR Chapter 109: Action!

Everyone stared at the majestic yet vile looking plate of blood Ming was standing on. Many felt not only fear but also reverence upon laying eyes on the crystalized crimson contraption.

The six men in the trees opened their mouth in awe. They forgot that they were still recording and couldn’t take their eyes off the beauty before them.

The lizard was feeling an extreme amount of pressure. It originally though these few humans would be a quick snack before finding the actual destroyers of one of her eggs.

It felt regret that she didn’t run while she had the chance to, and now it may be too late.

The lizard then understood that this maybe its final moments. It has to fight for its life to survive.

The realization caused the lizard to throw all caution to the wind and instead became incredibly enraged.

Dante and the others stare in fear. The lizard was no longer engulfed in flames after a rapid whip of its tail, a powerful gust eradicated Dante’s cyan flames. It completely ignored the unconscious Gumb nearby as well as Dante and Shallot. The rushed toward Ming with blinding speeds equivalent to that of a speeding vehicle.

Ming only smirked and lifted up her arms. Like a command from the queen of oblivion, a sizable lake of blood gushed from under her crystalized platform and flowed toward the lizard like a tidal wave of death. Like soldiers who worships a queen, the tidal wave crashed into the lizard stopping its rapid advances.

With a twist of her fingers, the tidal wave transformed into a bowl shaped arena with the lizard trapped inside trying to crawl out. From the other’s point of view on the ground, no one could actually see what was happening inside the bowl but from the trees where the six were still recording, everything that happened inside was crystal clear.

Like a mosh pit of death, countless weapons made from blood emerged from the inner walls of the bowl and continue to fly toward the lizard. It was basically a powerful blending as the spears, knifes, swords, and axes flew from one side of the bowl to the other ignoring all that happens to resides in between. The lizard was hacked left and right, up and down, soon leaving barely any spot that was not maimed.

Dante and the others could not see the true brutality but could hear the cries of death as the lizard struggle the best it could.

The six men in the trees however, practically pissed their pants. Nothing in the world could have prepared them for such a show.

But Ming knew. People enjoyed carnage. They enjoyed seeing the pain of something that they didn’t have to sympathize with. Like the roman colosseums, spectators enjoy a good show. The death of such a powerful beast only brings enjoyment.

By sending fear into the hearts of the six men, she also guaranteed that they would release the video. It was the kind of feeling of wanting to tape a natural disaster in the process. They want others to hear their epic tale of how they manage to survive.

Not even a minute have passed and the cries of the lizard resounded in the skies no more.

The men hid in the trees were covered in a cold sweat and all of them could feel a shiver go down their spine.

[Man 1]: T-these are people we shouldn’t mess with.

[Man 2]: Shit, shit, shit, what if they find out we did this?

[Man 3]: Nononono this can’t be.

The men whispered back and forth between each other.

[Man 6]: We have to run. NOW.

The men quickly ran away with “baggages” in their pants.

Crule smiled. He had heard and seen it all.

[Crule]: Good, good, just as I expected.

Ming put down her arm, releasing the blood bowl. The tidal wave of blood seemed to have grown larger as it retreated back to Ming’s crystal disk.

The lizard’s corpse was now pale. Its entire body was covered in wounds that lead from one side to another. It was impaled completely and all of its internal organs were eviscerated. It was a brutal sight to behold.

But Dante and the others were not shocked.

[Dante]: Haha! Good job! Serves that stupid creature right!

Dante was elated. She always enjoy someone who more brutal if not more than her. She walked up to Ming who hopped off her disk and gave her a pat on her back.

[Dante]: Nice going! We were really in a pinch there. Thanks for the help!

[Ming]: If I had helped sooner, you wouldn’t have lost another bow.

[Dante]: No problem! I know that flashy of a spell must have taken some time to prepare!

Ming only smiled back without answering. Dante took this as a sign of being humble.

[Dante]: You two really do bring all sorts of surprises! Heck, we no longer have to fear anything without these outer regions!

Shallot and the now conscious Gumb nodded.

The wagon door opened and a shivering Turf slowly dragged himself out.

[Turf]: I-is it o-over?

[Crule]: It’s done.

Turf recovered his spirit instantly and ran toward the lizard corpse.

He kicked it a few times and with a satisfied sigh, turned toward Crule and the others.

[Turf]: We can sell this lizard corpse!

At the sight of a profit, Turf never turns down a chance.

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The others laughed as they started setting up camp around the corpses. Thanks to Ming’s blood removal, the corpse didn’t need draining and was ready to process. Not only that, there was no smell that could attract other beasts. Not that they were afraid of the beasts in the forest anymore.

The most prized part of this lizard was its tail. The Division Lizard’s prize possession and the object that gives it its name. The tail regrows infinitely when the lizard was alive. The divides again and again and again. The lizard itself even uses its own tail as a source of food during hard times. Many wonder how it could sustain itself using its own tail as the energy required to grow the tail back probably is equivalent of how much energy the tail gives. But scientists could never figure it out.

Even in death, the tail still retains a few of its amazing properties. Although it doesn’t regrow infinitely, it still can provide an entire village with enough food for a year. Having so many new settlements in the Wild requiring large amount of food, it was hard to get food across the dangerous lands. It was even more dangerous to hunt food in some regions. So having a food source like the division lizard’s tail was god send.

Of course, they had to sample the product first. That night over a camp fire, Crule made lizard tail kebabs.

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The savory flavor renewed everyone’s spirits and readied them for the continuation of their journey. The forest will soon end and the next area will not be so kind.

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