Antagonist Rewind Chapter 110: The town of Janus.

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AR Chapter 110: The town of Janus.

The remainder of the trip through the forest was quiet and peaceful. Dante and her group took the chance to recover from their injuries sustained from the lizard. It didn’t take them long. They were a sturdy group.

The road started becoming more and more rugged. The wagon even had a few close calls with the boulders sticking out of the ground. The wagon stopped on a cliff. The greenery ends there as a sharp sheer drop down.

From the top of the hill, one could see the city of Janus. The medium sized city was still huge in comparison to the cities on earth. Due to the actual size of the cities in Noxia being the size of small planets, anything smaller than the main seven islands are considered small or medium sized cities. Janus still covered a large area of a hundred thousand square miles.

Looking down at the walled citadel the size of a celestial body lying on the bottom of the valley surrounded by the mountains where the division forest loomed, one could feel the power of the sword shaped city. As if a powerful titan had fallen down from the heavens and dropped his sword on the ground creating the valley.

From the distance, one could see faint traces of sweltering yellow sand that marks the beginning of the Sangrias desert.

After admiring the view, the wagon continued on its journey. A complex winding road system leading down the side of the cliff led the way to the outskirts of the city of Janus.

The city of Janus had a long history. It was created long before the games even began. It was one of the few rare cities of warriors and mages that lie deep in the Wild. The residents of Janus had reverted to a near medieval life style due to electricity not working. But this didn’t stop many companies from trying to reach Janus to trade. It was the journey originally was extremely difficult. After the games began and the road between Noxia and Janus had been built, trade blossomed. Janus was now a major city in the Wild, a hub of trader, merchants, adventurers, and mercenaries.

The outskirts were mostly farmlands. To feed a city of such a large size, farms were a necessity. But the farmers were no ordinary plebian. Rather these farmers are the life blood of the city of Janus. Not only do they farm, they also are the first line of defense against the beasts of the Wild.

Most of the farmers had been training in the warrior arts by their fathers and fathers’ father. Their long lineage of martial arts ensure they all have strong able bodies and capability to defend against the monsters. Each one of them could use energy far better than any of the newer game participants. In comparison, most of them could be considered around lvl 40.

The wagon went its merry way past the fields of grain, tubers, leafy greens, and various other edible plants. There were even fruit orchards. The farm land covered around seventy percent of the valley. The remaining thirty percent was the actual walled city of Janus.

The wagon drove for several hours until the suns had almost fallen below the horizon. Upon reaching the gate, a long line of various wagons and groups of people could be seen.

[Turf]: This may take a while. They have to check each and every person who enters the city.

The others nodded. If one person were to bring something extremely dangerous into the city from the Wild, the entire population could be placed in jeopardy. They border security had to be thorough.

Crule and the others didn’t get their turn until the sun had already set. By the looks of it, it was already around nine in the evening.

The wagon stopped by four well armored men at the gate.

[Guard 1]: Purpose of visit?

The first guard started asking questions while two of the guards opened the back of the wagon to inspect the goods. The last guard as on standby incase an emergency happened they had need someone to send a message fast.

[Turf]: Trade and merch.

[Guard 1]: Number of people total?

[Turf]: Six.

The guard counted everyone quickly and again turned to Turf to ask more questions. The whole process took around fifteen minutes. The goods were carefully inspected as well as the wagon. Every nook and cranny was checked.

[Guard 2+3]: All clear.

The guard asked his last few questions and handed Turf six wrist bands.

[Guard 1]: These wrist bands are your entry permit. Upon leaving, please return them or you will face a hefty fine.

Turf grabbed the bands and handed one to each person.

[Guard 1]: Have a nice stay at Janus.

The guard’s expression turned a full 360 after the inspection finished. A strong smile beamed from his face. By the looks of it, their wagon was the last one in his shift before the night guards take over.

Everyone hopped back on the wagon and entered the black wooden gates. Upon entering, they arrived at a large square paved with cobblestone. Road signs were dimly lit by various luminescent ores and oil lamps. Although it was already late in the evening, quite a few number of people still roam the streets. The snack vendors were still opened and trade was still bustling.

The wagon ignored everything and arrived at a loud crowded inn. The name of the inn was Dwarven Delight. It was a large structure made of strong chiseled stone and treated wood. It was a staggering height for a building made of stone and wood. It looks to be nearly eight stories tall.

Crule and Ming cringed at the name of the inn. Dante found it amusing.

Turf hopped of the wagon giddily and ran to the front counter.

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At the front counter was a middle aged woman sitting on a stool behind the counter, knitting what looks to be a scarf.

Looking up at her newest customer, a large smiled slowly formed on her face. She immediately threw away what she was working on and jumped over the counter to hug Turf.

[Turf]: Hey, hey, easy there.

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[Woman]: Hahaha long time no see brother!

Crule and the others were shocked. So they were related.

[Turf]: Long time no see Gardenia. I’m finally back.

[Crule]: Ah I see. So you were actually a resident of Janus.

[Turf]: Yep, born and raised in the grand citadel of Janus. Oh right, let me introduce everyone.

He turned around to Crule and the others.

[Turf]: Sis, these are my trusty adventurers. They ensured I had a safe trip back from Noxia.

[Gardenia]: Thanks for taking care of my cowardly brother.

She bowed gracefully.

[Dante]: Haha, no problem!

Dante lifted her head up in superiority and laughed heartily. Gardenia wasn’t bothered by her haughty personality but instead smiled.

[Gardenia]: So I’m guessing you guys are all staying here for the time being?

[Turf]: You know! My old room please!

[Gardenia]: Its always waiting for you dear brother.

Suddenly, the door to the inner area opened up and a large man walked out.

He was holding a bottle of alcohol and was obviously near the point of being drunk.

His bald head reflected the light from the ceiling lamp making his face far more defined than anyone else. His mighty beard loomed over his chest like a fur coat stapled onto his chin.

The man saw Turf and immediately became happy.

[Man]: Brother-in-law! You’re back! GREAT!!! Let’s celebrate!

[Gardenia]: Please honey, let them settle down first.

[Man]: Hahaha! Alright! I’ll be waiting in the dining hall for you guys!

The man returned to the laughter in the other room.

[Crule]: Was that your husband miss?

Crule asked Gardenia.

[Turf]: Yep, that’s her husband Turnip.

Ming couldn’t help but laugh through her fingers at the name. She tried her best to hold it in. It was a good thing Crule was there to block the sound.

[Crule]: What a….”interesting” name…

[Turf]: Most of us who were born in Janus have names that come from nature.

[Dante]: Haha, that explains a lot!

Gardenia grabbed six room keys and handed them to the party.

[Gardenia]: Your rooms are on the sixth floor.

[Turf]: Let’s hurry and get ready for dinner! Knowing my brother-in-law, if we don’t show up, he will come to us.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

The wagon was safely parked besides the inn in a safe area and their luggage were taken out. They hurried to the room to prepare for the festivities.

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