Antagonist Rewind Chapter 115: Race for your life.

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AR Chapter 115: Race for your life.

The ship continued forward at high speeds. It bobbed up and down from the erupting sand blasts hitting just left and right of the ship. They had reached 300 kilometer per hour with the boost of Ming’s wind but it was still not enough to fully escape from the hydra worm. With its mutation now complete, it could fully move again. It’s a good thing it had not gotten use to its new form so it’s slower than before. But still it was a huge threat chasing Crule and company.

From its numerous heads, the worm spat out large volumes of sand. Soon, it became a full sandstorm chasing after them.

[Turf]: God dammit, all I wanted was a race, why am I now running for my life!

Turf was crying and mucus was dripping from his nose.

[Dante]: Man up! This is the kind of action I was looking for when I set out! HAHAHAHA! Faster!

Dante had recover from her shame earlier from attacking the worm and attracting its attention. Seeing that Crule also made a mistake made her feel a little better. Misery loves company after all.

[Crule]: How are you hold up Ming?

Crule showed a sincerely concerned face toward Ming. He kneeled down next to her. Ming was on all fours panting heavily. Large beads of sweat dripped off her forehead.

[Ming]: J-just barely. The pill is working though.

[Crule]:  Good. But remember, keep yourself safe most importantly. I would rather not want you causing irreversible damage. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

Crule placed his real hand on Ming’s back and soothed her energy that was in turmoil from the pill. The pill supplied Ming with instant energy so she doesn’t have to take the time to draw from her reserves but that energy is both brutal and wild. It was quite hard to control but Crule had faith that Ming could do it. The reason why he gave Ming the pill was because although she had reached the eighth gate as well, she had not stabilized it yet.

[Crule]: I will try my best to stall that bastard.

Crule looked toward the multi headed hydra worm once again. He had to think. Just what does he have in his disposable that can take that monster down…?

The wind blew violently now as the worm rushed toward them in rage. The other contestants were running for their lives away from the worm. They were smart. They saw the worm was not aiming for them specifically and decided to steer their ship left and right instead of forward. Although this may cost them the race, their lives were more important. Live to race another day they would say.

The suns were near setting as the first day of the race was coming to a close. Normally, ships would travel slower during nights with only half the crew sleeping to take shifts. But the hydra worm doesn’t seem to tire.

[Turf]: I-I can only do so much…the ship needs to rest, it isn’t built for this kind of speed for such a long period!

Turf calmed down from earlier but the ever looming threat of the worm isn’t letting him rest his emotions.

[Crule]: I will see what I can do about the worm.

Crule could only do one thing right now. Attack the worm as much as possible, hopefully to destroy all of its head in one go.

He ran to the back of the ship and readied himself. He closed his eyes and opened his gates. The latent energy was jolted and came to life. It flowed like the Yangtze River through the channels in Crule’s body. The farther they travel down Crule’s channels, the faster it flowed. As they finally reached their destination, the sheer speed the energy was traveling was strong enough to shoot out of Crule’s hands as a beam.

But he didn’t shoot it immediately. It was only pure energy. The final part was the filter that energy through his aura. A black glow grew on Crule’s palms. It made his real hand look menacing while his metal hand looked shinier.

The energy collided with his aura and was filtered through it. Spheres of pitch black formed in Crule’s palms again. But this time, instead of five, it was one large sphere in each hand.

Crule lifted his arms toward the Worm after opening his eyes.

He breathed in a deep breath and exhaled.

Dante watched on the side.

[Dante]: (mumble) I might finally get to see some of his real power…

Crule looked around to make sure there were no more constants around them. He didn’t want people to be caught in the blasts as collateral. Right now what he needed was fame, not infamy.

Crule turned to Dante.

[Crule]: Hey, Ms. Dante. Do me a favor and record this will ya?

[Dante]: Ah? Me? Eh, let me keep a copy later then I’ll do it.

[Crule]: Sure sure, I plan to release it to the public anyways.

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[Dante]: Hahaha, trying to get famous are we?

[Crule]: You know it!

Crule’s smirk sent shivers down Dante’s spine.

[Dante]: Fine. Make it one hell of a show!

Dante took out a crystal and placed it on top of her wristband. The started glowing and slowly lit up. She pointed it towards Crule and started recording.

Crule nodded.

He turned toward the worm.

[Crule]: Eat this you piece of shit!

He let the energy fly.

Like a missile launcher, countless numbers of energy spheres sprayed from the two balls in Crule’s palms toward the worm. The ball all his the worms and ate through it like a wet marble through tissue paper.

They literally had zero resistance. Blood and other bodily fluids exploded from the worm but it healed just as the fluid touched the air. Areas where a hole was left in the actual body spawned a new head. The heads that were damages were immediately repaired while the body just spawned new heads.

The spheres just kept firing. The worm was halted as it tried to heal and recover from the constant damage. Dante stared in awe.

[Dante]: Holy shit, it’s like I’m watching a CGI movie super hero movie…

Crule stayed silent as more spheres fired endlessly from the sphere. He had to look cool even in the most desperate of situations if he was being filmed.

Not a bead of sweat was on his face. His energy seemed limitless. This was the level of attack he could now perform now that his eighth gate was established. But this wasn’t his full strength though. He didn’t use his mobile suit yet.

The worm screamed in agony and rage as he could still feel the pain of his flesh being eaten left and right by the spheres. But he recovered so fast that his life was in no danger. As the number of heads increased on its body, its intelligence rose steadily. When it first transformed, it knew deep down a powerful regenerative power erupted.

The spheres seem to do damage but all it did was made it angrier. Crule knew this but he had to continue. At the very least, it was slowing the worm down. They have to run…for now that is. Eventually he will have to face it. But how?

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Crule could only focus on coming up with a plan as his energy attacks went on auto pilot.

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