Antagonist Rewind Chapter 116: Blankness.

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AR Chapter 116: Blankness.

Ming stared at Crule continuously fire attacks at the worm. But she was not worried. No, she had complete faith in him. Knowing that the following moments are being filmed, she could only smile valiantly has a wounded ally of the hero.

Crule knew their currently situation seemed bleak. As the sky become darker, the worm became harder to hit. Although such a huge target was in front of him, the constant flailing of the hydra worm’s heads made it a difficult enemy as one had to hit the brain section of each head.

One may ask where does a worm’s brain lies? Honestly Crule had no idea as well. But he let the natural of his aura do its job. If he wills it, the balls will travel closest to its natural, the feeling of hunger. This feeling was screaming from the brains of the worm’s heads thus attracted Crule’s attacks like moths to a bright flame.

Crule knew he had to think…just what in his repertoire, his vast knowledge, his countless experiences, will be able to get them out of such a situation.

Dante filmed the scene with amazement. It was not her first time seeing an aura based attack as her family use to hire mages and warriors all the time. But to see such magnitude of it both inspire her to work harder as well as garnish her upmost respect. She already knew Crule was not an opponent she stood a chance against. But this didn’t stop her competitive spirit and curiosity from wanting to find out just how strong this fellow bronze rank adventurer was.

Oh how wrong was she. Crule isn’t bronze rank. No, no, no, calling him a bronze rank is like calling an ocean a puddle. She felt completely overwhelmed and inferior but the sheer difference in strength lessened her disappointment in herself.

She filmed every last scene.

All of a sudden, Crule closed his eyes again.

[Dante]: Just what is that kid doing…?

Dante mumbled as to not get her voice recorded on accident.

Deep inside Crule’s mind, a memory surfaced. As if it was placed there right in front of him by his old self. It was a memory of long ago. Back when he was a child, back when he was a prisoner. Back on the Gluttony moon prison, deep, deep, under the crust.


The young Crule looked toward the bug in front of him. It was already wounded by his previous attack but it was not enough to finish it off.

He was scared, shivering, and his palms were sweaty. His nose was dripping as he held in his tears from the pain he was feeling. Blood trickled from the wounds on his body. None were fatal and were all just scratches, but to a kid, they seemed like the end.

Behind him was a cross covered in chains with a familiar face tied to it.

[Famina]: Come on kid, put your back into it. I didn’t save you just so your pathetic ass will lose to a common bug!

Famina goad Crule to attack.

In Crule’s hands was a sharp rock. It was covered in a very very thin membrane. Barely visible to the naked eye. This was Crule’s aura. His very beginner aura.

Crule stared at the bug. Screamed and threw the sharp rock at the insect.

The wounded bug didn’t move fast enough and the rock ate through its carapace like it was nothing. Even at its weakest state, Crule’s aura was deadly. That’s the aura of hunger, the aura of famine, the aura of complete and utter greed.

[Famina]: Good! Your training is coming along nicely.

[Crule]: M-m-master, can I please take a break?

[Famina]: Ha? Did I hear that right?! You? Take a break? After just half a dozen pathetic bugs you’re already tired?!

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[Crule]: B-but…

[Famina]: Oh-ho-ho, so you’re saying you DON’T want revenge then huh? Where’s that kid so full of killing intent, so full of rage and bloodlust? Where’s the kid I took in as my disciple? All I see here is a sack of shit!

Crule quieted down afterwards. Remembering the traumatic scene, his rage once again got the better of his fatigue.

[Crule]: More…

[Famina]: What’s that? I can’t hear you!

[Crule]: MORE!

[Famina]: That’s more like it! That’s the kid I took in!

Famina lured more bugs into her chamber. Crule faced them on with his rock in his hand, and his aura slowly maturing with each fight.

Soon, the bugs have all died and Crule lied on his back. Not able to move a single muscle.

[Crule]: Ha-ha-ha, I did it!

[Famina]: Not bad kid. Now tell me, what have you learned about your aura?

[Crule]: It’s very hungry.

[Famina]: Never forget that feeling of hunger. It will guide you to victory!

[Crule]: But…I always wondered…why me? Why hunger?

[Famina]: Kid…this isn’t really the time to be asking…but I guess since you eventually will know I might as well get this over with.

Famina sighed and looked toward Crule with a sympathetic gaze.

[Famina]: Now you understand everyone in this world is born with an attribute.

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[Crule]: Uh huh, I heard from some of the old prisoners from Noxia that people there had a latent attribute and that a few people called Mages and Warriors could use them.

[Famina]: Right, you also should know that nearly everyone MUST have an attribute. Even an infant will inherit some of their parent’s attributes.

[Crule]: Yes master.

[Famina]: Even if the infant wasn’t born with an attribute or if they come from far away and haven’t gotten use to Noxia yet, they will soon develop an attribute as the energy around them emitted from the elements will slowly contort their attribute. For example, those who live by the sea tend to have wind and water attributes.

[Crule]: What about hunger?

[Famina]: As you can see, emotions and primal factors are very different. They cannot be acquired from exposure. Only VERY rarely will that happen.

[Crule]: Then how did I receive your power?

[Famina]: Why my little darling, that’s because you’re special!

[Crule]: Special? How?

[Famina]: Why dear, you’re one of the only and probably the rarest thing I have ever seen in my life!

Crule waited with great anticipation. He wanted to know what made him special. Every kid did.


Crule felt his shoulder drop and his spine grow cold.

[Crule]: Please don’t tease me master.

He tried to hold his tears in.

[Famina]: Please. You void of talent means your attribute was completely blank. This made things easy for me as all I had to do was convert a small bit of your energy to famine energy. This caused a chain reaction that completely overhauled your attribute to become the same as mine.

[Crule]: I-I see. So I’m not useless!

[Famina]: Of course not! You’re just blank, a white canvas, just patiently awaiting my brilliant brush stroke to paint a masterpiece! You kid, will be my work of art!

[Crule]: Yes master!

[Famina]: Oh and always remember this. Hunger is a powerful tool. Everything feels it eventually.


Crule opened his eyes as the memory faded back into the deeper reaches of his mind.

[Crule]: Hunger is a powerful tool…Everything feels it eventually…That’s right…hunger.

Crule looked toward the hydra worm with renewed confidence.

Dante looked surprised.

[Dante]: Did he finally find a method to beat this?

[Crule]: How could I have forgotten? Perhaps I have been blinded by the need of sheer power I forgot my attribute…

Crule stopped his barrage of attacks. The worm quickly regenerated all the damage and roared with immense fury.

[Crule]: Come, take a bite of this.

Crule threw a thin black needle directly at the epicenter of the worm heads.

It pierced in and vanished.

Silence. Nothing happened for a good three seconds.

[Dante]: Was something supposed to happen?

She couldn’t help but worry.

Suddenly, the worm twitched. A powerful feeling washed over everything around its vicinity.

[Crule]: That’s right little worm, dinner time.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Crule smirked.

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