Antagonist Rewind Chapter 119: Symphony in the sands.

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AR Chapter 119: Symphony in the sands.

The receptionist excitedly led Crule into a room on the second floor. He was served tea and was made to wait. Moments later, the receptionist returned even more agitated. She seem to be completely infatuated with the person she was leading to the room.

The man who entered the room looked young, around his mid-twenties. His clothes were extremely gaudy and flamboyant. It was obvious they were tailored to catch attention.

[Man]: I heard you took on my request? Do you have the qualifications to?

Crule just smiled and reached into his pocket and gently put his bronze badge onto the desk.

Upon seeing the badge, the man’s eyes widened and he smile grew. His pearly white teeth blinds anyone who looked directly at it.

[Man]: Hahaha, I didn’t think my request would garner the attention of one of the few upper class adventurers!

The man walks up to shake Crule’s hands. The man knew he was famous to a certain extent, but it doesn’t even come close to the fame a bronze rank adventurer could garnish. Since no one has reached anything above bronze rank yet, they could be labeled the cream of the crop, the top of the top, the ones who have power.

[Man]: My name is Johan Killskull, lead guitarist for the band Murderhead.

Crule introduced himself whilst shaking his hand.

[Crule]: Name’s Crule. Bronze adventurer. I heard you were looking to dungeon dive for new guitar materials?

[Johan]: You know it! These monster materials really make great guitars! The strings from the tendons, the backbone for the body, the knuckle bones for the tuner, everything is strong and just oozes power!

Crule noticed underneath Johan’s excited gaze was a slight hint of rage and anticipation.

[Crule]: He must have some other motive to collect the materials other than making a good guitar…

Crule thought to himself.

Crule chatted with Johan on the details of the mission and when they will set off.

[Johan]: Let’s head out tomorrow morning. The area where the dungeon lies is a cave inside the cliffs along Janus. It was recently discovered and the Metallurgy organization deemed it a full dungeon after sending scouts in. A base camp was established near the entrance for those who wanted to enter.

[Crule]: I see… so we will prepare our things today and head out in the morning. Is that right?

[Johan]: Yep! I will see you then, new friend!

He high fives Crule and walks out the door with a prideful strut.

[Crule]: What an interesting fellow.

Soon Crule’s mellow gaze becomes serious again. Ming was still in pain, he had no time to care about the smaller things. He said goodbye to the receptionist and left the guild. He didn’t need to prepare anything as he already got all he needs but some information about the new dungeon would be nice.

He walked over to a nearby café, ordered tea, sat and listened to the gossip.

It wasn’t long until a group of adventurers who looked inexperienced sat down in the café as well.

[Adventurer 1]: Did you hear about the new dungeon?

[Adventurer 2]: I heard it contained tons of lvl 20 monsters. Not suitable at all for us yet…we barely reached lvl 17.

[Adventurer 3]: If we can get a few more people, we can make a raid team. Even if we are lower leveled, we can still carry our own weight. Also with a full team, our chance of survival will be decent enough for us to take a chance.

[Adventurer 1]: I heard the new dungeon actually contains a boss!

[Adventurer 2]: What?! A boss?! Is that even possible here in the wild?

[Adventurer 1]: It’s a game isn’t it? Why isn’t a boss possible?

[Adventurer 3]: Well, I think what he’s saying is the monster should be labeled a boss by the appraisers at Metallurgy Inc. Something that could be considered the highest lvl existence in that dungeon.

[Adventurer 1]: That’s right! I heard it drop some very nice stuff!

[Adventurer 2]: Really?! What are we waiting here for then? Let’s head to the guild and find more people!

[Adventurer 3]: Ah, but I just ordered coffee…

[Adventurer 2]: Forget about the coffee! What if all the good loot gets taken?!

[Adventurer 1]: Yea! Without good loot, how else are we going to catch up with the rest of the Meta?

[Adventurer 3]: *sigh* fine…

The group left in a hurry after putting some gold coins down.

Crule finished his cup of tea and placed it back on the dish gently.

[Crule]: A boss huh? I think the queen wolf spider and the fire drake would count as bosses…

Crule continued to sit there and drink his tea. It calms his worried nerves and renewed his confidence that Ming will be cured.

Around half an hour later another group of adventurers arrived. This group was all tired and their armor had clear dents and scratch marks. Some were injured but only lightly.

[Wounded Adventurer]: Man that dungeon was tough.

[Armored Adventurer]: No kidding. And here I thought the lizards we fought along the way was hard…

[Female Adventurer]: Yea…that dam dungeon even had monster plants…God damn man eating plants?!

[Wounded Adventurer]: If it wasn’t for one of us had fire attribute, I doubt we could have made it out in one piece…

[Female Adventurer]: Yea thanks man.

[Armored Adventurer]: No problem. I think we should really get more people to go with us next time…

[Wounded Adventurer]: Yea…we were greedy and went with just us 3…

The three sighed and went deeper into the café. The higher floors should contain an inn so the three returned to their rooms.

Crule took another sip of his tea. The stuff hasn’t cooled down even after half an hour.

[Crule]: This is some good tea.

The amber orange tea looked like an inferno in the white porcelain tea cup. Crule stared at his reflection in the cup and smiled.

[Crule]: Why can’t tomorrow come sooner…

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