Antagonist Rewind Chapter 126: A Decaport Tradition.

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AR Chapter 126: A Decaport Tradition.

In the port city of Decaport, there was a yearly tradition that both hone the resident’s skills but also provide a burst of income for their economy.

This yearly tradition didn’t come cheap though. Everyday there would be casualties, either death or injury was common place. But to those who survive the ordeal, they become stronger, richer, and wiser.

This tradition was the tide change.

The tides of Trysl lake changes only once a year. But the change was significant. During low tide, the beasts are farther away. Low tide persists for a majority of the year. But for one week, high tide occurs.

During high tide, the very waters of Lake Trsyl wash through the streets of Decaport. Decaport’s walkways were designed to become channels for the flooded water to flow through. But with this influx of water comes the beasts that live in it.

The beasts will be enraged and attack wantonly. Residents need to take arms and protect their property else it becomes damaged beyond repair.

Sometimes a truly powerful beast will show up and it requires the strongest of men in the port to take down. Those who can do so are named heroes.

[Crule]: And that’s how we will make a name for ourselves here. The high tide will be coming next week. The residents are already on high alert, many have already started fortifying their homes.

[Ming]: I saw a group of enthusiastic young adults train.

[Crule]: It’s a good time to get stronger and make money, those who have dreams of rising up the food chain that is life will willingly participate.

[Ming]: How are you sure that a strong beast will appear this time?

[Crule]: Because it happened before, same time, same place.

[Ming]: Ohhh, I remember now. I think we arrived after the event and only saw the devastation.

[Crule]: Correct. An extremely large beast tore up most of the citadel. It was a miracle anyone survived. If we can kill such a beast before the very eyes of the citizens, our name will spread across the shores of the lake.

[Ming]: *chewing* Hmm. I see, I see.

[Crule]: Yep, let’s make ourselves known by the adventurer’s guild first.

He stabbed his fork into the last piece of cake and fed it to Ming.


The guild hall of Decaport was made more into a center of commerce than a meeting spot for adventurers. It certainly was big enough to be one. Considering there was more ways to turn profit here compared to Janus, it wasn’t surprising that there were actually more merchants than adventurers in the hall at the moment.

It was as loud as a street market, merchants trying to one up their competitors by being louder.

It seems the guild welcomes the business as the merchants have to pay a fee to set up a stall in the hall.

Small groups of adventurers have to walk through a maze of merchant stalls before they could reach the front counter.

Beginners were already stripped of all their money by cons and profiteers that by the time they reached the counter, they barely had the money to register as an adventurer.

With the sudden influx of adventurers from the island side, the guild hall saw business like they had never seen before.

Their profit over the last few months nearly equaled what they made in the past decade.

This guild hall was originally for the residents of Decaport to become an adventurer of the Lake. With the Antagonist games opening, they have been “bought out” and became a universal adventurer’s guild.

Crule and Ming walked past the merchants with an iron face. Nothing the merchants said or do could move them.

Though it still took them nearly twenty minutes to walk from the entrance door to the counter only a hundred meters away.

As they stepped up to the counter, they realize the loud shouting and sounds have been silenced.

[Crule]: It seems you guys have set up a silencing ward here.

The receptionist blushed in embarrassment but as professional as ever, she recovered immediately.

[Receptionist]: How can I help you today?

Crule took out the bronze medallions and placed it on the counter.

The receptionist was surprised but only for a moment. Although bronze rank adventurers were rare before, now they were just uncommon. The speed of which adventurers rising up the ranks was astonishing. The sheer fervor of their enthusiasm even sparked the adventuring bones of youths in this town.

The receptionist scanned the medallions and flipped through her book.

[Receptionist]:  So you would like to register a visitor’s pass?

Crule nodded.

The receptionist opened her drawers and took out a plastic sheet with a barcode on it.

She took the bronze medallion and placed it in a machine with the plastic sheet.

A quick stamp and the medallion’s visage was imprinted onto the plastic sheet.

[Receptionist]: Here you go sir.

She returned the two medallions and two plastic passes.

Ming took the passes and Crule took the medallions. The receptionist bowed and they left.

[Ming]: Why are you always so quiet to the receptionists?

[Crule]: …

[Ming]: Awww, don’t tell me your still shy around other girls when with me?

[Crule]: …

[Ming]: Don’t worry, I’m not the jealous type.

[Crule]: *coughs quietly*

[Ming]: I heard that.

Ming grabbed Crule’s arm and squeezed hard like an octopus latches itself onto its prey.

[Crule]: *flinches* W-want to do some shopping?

[Ming]: I thought you would never ask!

She finally released her death grip but didn’t let go of Crule’s arm.

Crule could only sigh.


Somewhere in the lake was a wooden canoe. Water as far as the eyes could see, not a single sight of the shore. Slowly, a mist rolled around the canoe as if it was a living creature.

On the canoe was a large person. It was a bear in chainmail. It was a miracle the canoe didn’t sink under his immense weight.

He was whispering to himself.

[Bear]: Our new leader needs sacrifices. During high tide this year you have to attack the port yourself and get as many living humans as possible.

A sinister voice slithered from the depths.

[Voice]: What gives him the right to command me? I am a direct descendent of the ancient!

Bear’s eyebrow raised a little.

[Bear]: It seems I have to teach you the pecking order around here.

The owner of the sinister voice still could not be seen. The mist swirled gently around Bear but it did not bother him.

With a wave of his bear arms, a faint green aura enveloped around it. He closed his eyes and listened.

Almost faster than the eye could see, Bear slapped the surface of the water and the aura traveled downwards.

Immediately, a muffed grunt could be heard.

[Voice]: H-how did you find me?

[Bear]: Know that I can kill you whenever. Now fulfil the majesty’s orders or die a painful death.

[Voice]: F-fine.

The mist rolled away revealing a large pool of red blood surrounding the canoe.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

The bear started to row the canoe away.

[Bear]: Hopefully I can find some fish to eat later…Stupid blood ruined my fishing chances.

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