Antagonist Rewind Chapter 127: Tide pools.

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AR Chapter 127: Tide pools.

The southern side of Decaport directly connects to the water with channels flowing into the city through man made aqueducts. The eastern side however, was a tide pool and beach. Normally during most of the year, the tide pool was a quiet place with perhaps only half a dozen people gathering shells and crustacean.

But the weeks leading up to tide change brings in a chance to make a quick profit. As the water reels back as the tide reach the lowest point, new areas of the tide pool are revealed with fresh new hunt.

Perhaps you may find some treasure that got washed up from the lake.

The changing tide also replenish the famished tide pools with water allowing the hibernating monsters to awaken.

People gathered at the eastern coast. Restaurant providers were hunting fresh mollusks and shellfish. Tourists were enjoying the sight and wildlife. Adventurers were honing their skills against monster with hard carapaces. The place was filled with people.

On a large rock perched near a shallow tide pool, Crule and Ming sat leisurely on wooden folding chairs. A hearty fire roared in front of them. The wood they used were dried drift wood. They were still not perfectly dry so smoke would billow out heavily.

About an hour later, the fire started to mellow out. The smoke stopped and the fire was now burning charcoal. Crule opened his eyes and saw that the fire was ready. He reached besides him where a burlap sack was hanged on a nearly oak tree. He pulled out two enormous crab claws. They were nearly half the size of Crule.

Using his dagger, he violently smashed the shell opened revealing the fleshy insides. With a quick slice, the succulent meat was dug out of the claw.

Throwing the arm sized meat into the air, with blind speeds, it was diced into minced meat.

A bowl appeared from the burlap sack and the meat landed neatly into it.

Crule added bread crumbs from a day old bread, parsley, salt, and pepper. In a separate bowl, he beated two prairie chicken eggs and added mustard, chili flakes, and mayonnaise. The prairie eggs he got from the market earlier in the morning. Each of them were the size of his head.

He combined the wet mixture with the dry and started to mix well. It looks like he made enough crab cake mix to feed a whole family.

A large cast iron sheet was placed over two pieces of drift wood. It sat just above the fire and started to get hot.

After splashing a bit of water on the side to see if the sheet was hot enough, Crule then brushed the sheet with a layer of oil.

He formed the crab cake mix into patties and slowly placed them on the hot iron sheet. A delicious sizzle filled the air. A mouthwatering aroma attracted the attention of some nearby adventurers who were fighting a blue shelled dungeon crab. One guy didn’t dodge in time due to the smell and was punched in the face by the crab’s tough claws. He was sent flying as the rest of his team chased after him while the crab followed.

Carefully, Crule flipped the patties hoping they don’t stick or collapse.

After a good ten to fifteen minutes, the crab cakes were done.

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Ming who was sitting patiently on the wooden chair went closer to the fire.

With a loving smile, Crule served the crab cakes. It was a smile he doesn’t show anyone but Ming.

There were few things Crule enjoyed in his life. Cooking for his loved ones was one of them. It was a skill learned from his master, and it was a skill that allowed him to survive in the Wild.

The decadent aroma of crab cakes filled the air that noon. Several adventurers got into “accidents” from it. Rumors went around that a master chef had appeared on the eastern coast and was hunting for fresh prey.

Times were chaotic during the pre-tide seasons, but they were filled with excitement.


While Crule and Ming were enjoying their little picnic. The adventurers down in the tide pools were engaged in combat.

[Male Warrior]: Marg, how soon will the spell be done?

[Marg]: Soon! Keep them busy Dodge!

Marg’s hands were tracing along a holographic symbol projected by her wrist band. It was the game’s way of helping magician’s access ancient spells that complements their auras.

The male warrior Dodge was wearing a light metal suit and leggings. His gauntlet had a small buckler attached to it. His was currently blocking the claw of a large demon crab. The crab was the size of a small car. Its claws are big and strong enough to cut and knock down tall trees. Being able to block its claw one handed already shows how trained Dodge was.

These two were adventurers who were in the earliest batch after the game started. They represent the pinnacle that an average player who had no previous knowledge of aura, magic, or martial arts, can reach.

[Dodge]: It’s getting hard to keep aggro on this dam crab!

[Marg]: Almost!

The fine tread of energy that flowed through her fingers lined perfectly with the holographic symbol. As the final line was drawn, the symbol lit up and the hologram vanished. A visible stream of energy could be seen flowing from Marg’s two hands into the symbol.

[Marg]: Now!

Dodge leaped backwards, out of the shallow pool he and the crab was fighting in. The crab didn’t chase fast enough as the spell activated. An arrow of lightning flew out from the symbol and landed directly on the eye of the giant demon crab.

It foamed at the mouth, twitched, and fell with a splash into the shallow pool.

The two were out of breath, but the harvest was worth it. A single demon crab can supply an entire restaurant with crab meat for a day. They get a share of the cash whenever someone orders the crab dishes. This same type of crab was the main dish of Crule and Ming’s picnic.

Seeing as how Dodge might have to repair his grieves soon, the cash was much needed. Constantly fighting in shallow tide pools caused his metal grieves to rust. They weren’t the best grieves, but they provide enough protection for his lvl.

[Dodge]: Good job Marg!

[Marg]: Thanks! Let’s take a rest before who haul this crab back to town.

[Dodge]: With the materials that we got today plus this crab, we finally made quite a bit of money.

[Marg]: Yea, the speed which I can draw my spells have gotten faster too. Hopefully one day I can do it without the hologram assistance.

In terms of martial strength, these two could be considered borderline second gate. Having becoming inoculated with the nanodes, all adventurers have passed their first gate.

The miracles of science prevailed over old fashion martial path.

After their aura and energy capacity have been tested, the nanodes are injected. The person will immediately experience the opening of their first gate as their path becomes laid out before them.

This sort of predetermined path never gets far. The true path to power comes with self-evaluation. Having the path laid for you only results in minimal results. They can access their aura, energy, and can use spells. But special abilities they develop themselves? That will only occur when they reveal a gate on their own.

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The game opens a door, the adventurers steps through it.

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