Antagonist Rewind Chapter 136: The eleventh hour.

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AR Chapter 136: The eleventh hour.

A loud explosion filled the hive. The adventurers who entered were all covering their heads and on the ground. The shockwave spread throughout the hive and debris fell from the ceiling and walls.

Luckily, Crule manage to aim at an area without any adventurers or they would have been accidental casualties.

If they were, they could only blame their bad luck.

The rumbling continued for a while but it soon stopped. The adventurers opened their eyes and hurried to the source of the explosion. What they saw shocked them greatly.

An entire eighth of the hive was blast clean open. One could see the outside and the grey clouds that loomed over head.

At the bottom of the hive they could see burn marks on the ground spreading outwards like a fan.

Burnt dust rained from the parts of the hive that were scorched by the blast.

At the very bottom was Crule, still aiming with his cannon. A light billow of smoke rose from the mouth of his weapon.

Ming was by his side with her index fingers in her ear, trying to block out the loud explosion.

Their aura protected them from the falling debris.

The adventurers looked down with their eyes wide opened and mouth hanging like they had lock jaw.

Crule looked up at the numerous adventurers that gathered up.

He put his cannon down and gave them a thumbs up.

[Crule]: Jobs done!

He smiled with a glint in his teeth.

The adventurers nearly flipped a full 360 degrees.


With the hive destroyed, and the bees having lost their hive mind, the corpses that were still intact was carried back as spoils of war. The honey was bottled and the wax was preserved. Everything in the hive had some uses.

The worker bees didn’t have much but their hairs could be used as fine needles. If it had a use for anyone, they will take it.

The guard bees had a tough carapace. It could be used to make some light armor. They were dismantled carefully with a knife and large chunks of flesh was dumped leaving only hollowed out bee shells.

The knight bees that were killed were extremely valuable. The stingers on their arms could be refined into weapons with paralyzing properties. Their exoskeleton was already in human shape so it required even less tinkering to be ready to use.

Even their head were ripped off to be made into helmets. Nearly everything was used on a knight bee.

The queen bee being completely evaporated by Crule’s cannon, could not provide any loot. The detachable thorax remained but was burned down to prevent the bees from coming back.

These sand bee don’t help pollinate anything. They were carnivores and were pests to both humans and beasts alike.

The yellow glow from the ceiling of the room was a fine jewel. Crule took it and gave it to Ming but Ming turned it away saying she already got something good out of it.

Crule could only shrug his shoulder and place it in his bag.

It seems Ming had collected quite an amount of bee blood. They will be refined and be used by her eventually.

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The adventurer split the loot among them without much fighting. They were obviously still stunned by the explosion.

A few gave strange looks at the couple.

Crule and Ming didn’t take much. They were now sitting on a chunk of fallen ceiling, enjoying some tea and snacks.

Of course they used some of their newly obtained honey with their tea.

The adventurers could only laugh wryly at how calm the two were.

They had so many question…but that can wait till after the looting.

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On their way back, a few adventurer had built up enough courage to approach the couple.

Their main question was to ask Crule about the weapon he had. It looked like a railgun mixed with a cannon but knowing the properties of the Wild and its anti-electricity, which could not be the case.

Crule talked mildly about what it was and handed them Brigid’s business card. The adventurers paled upon seeing the card.

It was extremely pink and frilly…On the pink card was a large plastic hammer toy. Holding it was a little girl (Brigid).

The adventurers didn’t know what to say.

Crule only smiled nicely and told them it’s not a joke.

They took the cards reluctantly…

Along the way, they also tried to see what things they can bring back from the corpses of worker bees.

Upon finally returning back to the stadium, the veterans bragged to the others about what happened. It seemed those who stayed behind could hear the explosion and were worried.

Things calmed down and people were finally de-stressing.

But Crule and Ming were still wary.

As the old saying goes, ‘As long as a cloud remains in the sky, the tide is not over.’

Some older veterans were also on high alert.

All of a sudden, a scout who went to check up on the first zone ran into the stadium.

[Scout]: S-something is coming!

The adventurers all stopped what they were doing and ran outside.

Upon staring at the general direction of the coast, they were shocked.

A large black wall and slowly creeping towards them.

Old man Cytex paled.

[Cytex]: It’s a tidal wave.

As if flooding wasn’t bad enough, this wave looks like it will destroy everything, even the stadium.

Suddenly, a pair of glowing yellow eyes appeared inside the wave.

All the adventurers were shocked.

[Cytex]: T-there’s something inside the tidal wave…

This was the first time they have seen something like this.

They were hoping, it won’t be the last thing they ever see again.

Crule smirked.

[Crule]: It’s finally here.


< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Of in the distance standing on top of a tree, was the bear. Reaching down, he plucked a rip apple off a branch.

With a loud crunch, he bit into the apple. He looked deeply annoyed.

[Bear]: The damn bastard finally showing his face. I hope he remember to take some alive this time. Stupid glutton is eating everything.

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