Antagonist Rewind Chapter 138: Pocket World?

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AR Chapter 138: Pocket World?

How could one describe what Crule was feeling at this moment? A sense of heaviness washed over him followed by a feel of his body trying to expand as if something inside of him was trying to break free from his skin.

He quickly opens his eyes as darkness surrounded him. A single beam of light shined from above revealing the dirt and rock area near him. It seemed he was in a cave.

The feeling of heaviness and bloating didn’t stop. Crule took a deep breath trying to get some oxygen to his brain so he can make sense of what’s happening.

Slowly he realized something important.

There was no energy.

The bountiful energy that had flow through Noxia like the atmosphere was not present.

His body was already accustomed to constantly draw in the ever-present energy. Now that he was suddenly thrown into an area without it, his body was still absorbing only to take in nothing. The bloating feeling was from his large pool of energy already his body trying to expand outwards.

Normally the energy in the atmosphere would push back resulting in an equilibrium.

Crule quickly stopped his body from trying to draw in energy. It was something he hadn’t done in a while. He could feel his body weaken significantly. As the absorption stopped, so did his energy’s connection to the outside. It stopped trying to breach out of his body and the bloating feeling slowly dissipated.

Crule wondered to himself.

[Crule]: Where am I? What place was left in Noxia that wasn’t permeated by the omniscient energy?

He racked his brain trying to think of a place.

The only explanation he could come up with was an alternate world. His entire galaxy was seeped with the dense energy. Only when one leaves the outer border of the galaxy will they find the energy had begun to evaporate away.

Crule slowly stood up. His balance wavered as the sense of weakness kept washing over him.

In order to stop the bloating feeling, he had to store the energy deep in his body. His limbs which were used to the constant supply of energy deteriorated. He could feel his strength fell to perhaps that of double the average man. Thankfully the temperament left his body stronger than normal.

He looked up at the light shining from above, then at the darkness that surrounded him in the cave.

A thought flashed in his mind.

Where was the Leviathan he was with?

Did they somehow get separated along the way?

What’s worst was he didn’t know whether he could return to Noxia or not.

Crule quickly made a mental note of several tasks he had to do.

Number 1: Find out where the hell his currently location was.

Number 2: Find the where-about of the Leviathan he was chasing.

Number 3: Obtain the ancient treasure the Leviathan had.

He knew the treasure had brought them here; perhaps it could also take them back.

Of course the most important task…Send a note to Ming.

He didn’t want her to worry.

In his current situation the only thing that connected them was Crule’s pocket dimension where he stores all his goodies.

He took out a piece of paper and wrote a note.

“Don’t worry about me; it will take longer than I thought. Break the seal without me.”

He attached a trace of his personal aura on the note and placed it back into his dimension. When Ming opens her side of the dimension, the note will come out on her side.

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[Crule]: Hopefully she gets the note…

He wasn’t sure whether his dimension could pass through worlds or not.

Now that that was done…Crule looked with curiosity and determination. He did some stretches and began to climb up the jagged rocked wall toward the light.

He took this chance to accustom his body to the new environment. A single bead of sweat rolled down his forehead by the time he reached the opening. Slowly climbing out of the hole he was in, Crule looked around to realize he was currently in an alley way. Tall concrete buildings surrounded his left and right creating this narrow alley.

Out of all the things he expected, Crule had not thought he would actually be so close to civilization.

From the looks of things around him, this civilization was quite advanced.

Neon lamps hummed on the walls of the buildings. Noise of chattering and vehicles filled the air that he couldn’t hear earlier when he was in the hole.

Crule looked back and realize the hole had become a sewer hole.

But the cave wasn’t a sewer though…

[Crule]: Interesting…

He said with a smirk slowly forming on his face.

Wearing his black clothes, Crule walked out of the alley and blended with the bustling crowd of pedestrians.

Suddenly, he stopped and stared.

A small shop that sold televisions was broadcasting the news it seemed.

[Anchorman]: …In other news, ambassador from another pocket world arrived today. He brings news of his world and the outside. Will this change anything for us here in the last fortress of mankind? Will our Ark finally find a suitable world to land in? Find out more at 8 O’clock on the evening news.

Crule was shocked…A pocket world? Was this similar to his pocket dimension which held his goods? But how could it be this big…this advanced…Was this a remnant dimension of a former expert?

Countless questions appeared in his mind. Crule could only sigh deeply.

[Crule]: It seems I’ve gotten in quite a situation…

His knowledge of the universe was extremely limited. His education was provided by what Ms. Burnst and his teachers Famina and Shin could teach him. It was not much. They too didn’t know the full situation. Perhaps in the entire world of Noxia, only the sage of time would have the knowledge…yet could never took the time to study under his tutelage.

[Crule]: It seems I have a lot of learning to do.

He promised himself when there is time, he will properly study the world he lived in…

Suddenly his eyes were glued on the TV again. The news station was now showing a picture of the ambassador that had appeared. Something clicked in Crule’s mind and he smiled.

His eyes flashed as he saw the portrait of the ambassador…It was a tall handsome man…but one thing stood out. A turquoise fish scale under his left eye.

Crule recognized the scale…

[Crule]: So the damn fish can transform…

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

It seemed he manage to finish two of his tasks almost immediately.

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