Antagonist Rewind Chapter 139: Mistaken identity.

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AR Chapter 139: Mistaken identity.

Although he wanted to stay longer, Crule still walked away from the TV display. He had to start making his plans to get to the damn fish.

But first he needed connections…He can’t just walk up to someone whose already established as a diplomat and just outright kill him. It would turn the entire world against him.

Crule is too interested in this pocket world to suddenly turn into public enemy number one. It would greatly hinder his plans if he were to ever return.

Another problem is his limited energy supply. He can’t replenish his energy and the fight with the damn fish would certainly drain him. It would be dangerous if the ancient treasure required energy to be used. He would be stuck.

Crule wandered the city. The people were dressed in cloth of three different colors. It seemed the color of their clothes were also an indicator of their social status.

Crule observed those who wore clothes that were either red or with strips of red had the lowest standing. They were the shoe shiners, the janitors, and the blue collar workers. It seems as the number of strips increased, their status improved a small bit. Those with clothes of full red seemed to be at the top of the blue collar worker status. They had an air of anticipation, as if they knew they were going to be promoted soon.

Those with only a single red strip had dejected expressions. They knew that it will require a miracle for them to be able to climb out of their social status within their life time. Perhaps their children might be able to but they themselves will forever be a low class serf.

The second group of people was wearing blue. They were the most normal looking people. They were the people sitting in the cafés, drinking their fancy beverages. They were the people in the stores, browsing various different blue colored clothes. Crule assumed they were the middle class. Those who were wearing full blue had a hint of arrogance to them.

The last group was rarely seen. They wore black. Most were in large fancy vehicles or eating at fine dining locations. Perhaps out of the hundred people visible around Crule, only two were wearing black. Crule could not see anyone wearing full black like he was. He was extremely out of place.

Everyone was giving him strange looks of both envy and awe. Even the two wearing black stripped clothes had to do a double take. A look of fear momentarily shone in their eye.

Full black…just what kind of class does this represent? …Perhaps only royalty and those who had power to destroy the entire Ark.

Crule lightly coughed before he tried to slip away. Sadly now that he had been in the open, eyes everywhere was following him.

The once busy street slowly became silent as more and more people noticed Crule’s full black clothes.

[Crule]: Am I really so handsome that I can stop an entire street?

Crule lightly laughed and exclaimed while the looks others gave him wavered. The two wearing black strips finally decide to step up and try to ease the situation.

[2 black stripped man]: May I have the honor of knowing Sir’s name?

The man was extremely respectful although he was normally incomparably arrogant due to his black clothes.

The other person wearing black also nodded in panic.

Crule coughed and waved his hand. He didn’t want to reveal anything by speaking more that what he already has.

The two’s face became pale and nodded.

It seems they misunderstood Crule because a moment later, one of them brought out a phone and made a call. Minutes later, a group of well dressed men in blue came in a large van. They quickly herded the others away from the street.

Within a short fifteen minutes, the entire street was empty except for the two black clothes men and Crule.

Crule laughed wryly. It seems his actions to avoid attention instead did the opposite…

[1 black stripped man]: Y-you highness, the task has been complete. I-is there anything else you require Honorable Sir?

He was stuttering his words as his nervousness could be clearly seen all over his expression.

On the entire Ark there were perhaps only ten people who could wear full black with pride…They were the Twin Stars royal family heads and eight demi-gods.

Everyone knows the faces of the Twin Stars royal family as they appear in public often…but the eight demi-gods were more secretive. Perhaps only one of the other eight could recognize each other by name.

The two wearing black strips though Crule was perhaps one of the demi-gods.

Of course Crule had no clue about this and was secretively annoyed at himself for causing his current dilemma. He could only probe the two waiting in front of him.

With a cold and ice tone, Crule asked.

[Crule]: Do you know who I am?

The two immediately froze. All their blood left their face and they looked like they had just seen their mother fall into a pit of cannibals while being forced to watch the whole process.

[2 black stripped man]: W-we a-are not worthy of k-knowing honorable d-demi-gods’ n-name.

[1 black stripped man]: P-please spare us, oh great one.

The two immediately kneeled on the ground and begged Crule.

Crule thought to himself.

[Crule]: Demi-god huh? It seems I have secured myself a high position quite easily…but if they lead me to other of those so called ‘demi-gods’ a problem might occur.

For now he had to quickly resolve the situation and find a quiet place to change his clothes into something…with less brilliance.

Crule looked down at the two with his icy stare. The two nearly pissed themselves when they saw the disdain in Crule’s eyes.

[Crule]: Leave me.

Crule waved his hands.

The two immediately started to run without any attention to how idiotic their fleeing style was.

< Property of | outside of it, it is stolen.

Crule smiled and immediately left for the alley he came from.

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