Antagonist Rewind Chapter 140: The fourth color.

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AR Chapter 140: The fourth color.

After Crule changed into a less conspicuous red tunic he found in a nearby Laundromat, he quickly returned to alley where the sewer entrance was. As he was nearing the alley, he saw people slowly shuffle their way back into the area after the group of blue clothed men lifted the barriers.

Crule quickly wrapped half his face with the red scarf he found along with the clothes. Only his eyes were showing. It wasn’t strange to the pedestrians as a slight chill blew through the street.

Dashing casually into the alley, Crule once again was in the darkness of the shade between two buildings. But an additional thing caught his eyes.

The sewer cover that Crule closed after he exited the cave earlier was opened.

Being as quiet as he could, Crule crept over the manhole opening and looked down. It seems the interior had changed. It was no longer the cave he was in originally but instead an actual sewer passage was seen below. Murky water flowed endlessly and small rodents scurried away from the light shining down from the opening. A light breathing sound could be heard.

Someone was down there.

Crule jumped down and made a sizable splash to rid the nearby area of rodents and debris.

The sudden appearance of Crule frightened the owner of the breathing sound.

Crule frowned when he saw who it was.

A child wearing grey…it was not the red color of the low class, not the blue of the middle class, nor the black of the upper class. It was grey, dirty, filthy, ragged grey. A deep look of fear shone deep from the depths of the kid’s eyes. It was hard to tell the kid’s gender as its hair was unkempt and looked like it had never been cut in his life. Not a single feature could help Crule tell what gender the kid was.

Suddenly, breaking out of shock, the kid who was now hyper-ventilating took a bone knife from under his grey clothes and lunged at Crule while screaming.

[Crule]: Kid…

Crule sighed and with his otherworldly speed, immediately snatched the knife from the kid’s hands mid lunge.

[Crule]: Certain is brave in the face of danger…

Crule mused to himself while quickly grabbing the kid by the back of its neck like a cat.

[Crule]: Calm down kid, I won’t hurt you…much.

Crule laughed sinisterly. His old habit was showing again…

The kid froze and pissed itself…all over Crule’s shoes.

Then again, it doesn’t matter as Crule was already stepping in sewage.

Crule frowned.

[Crule]: So much for bravery…

The kid fainted.

[Crule]: …Guess I’ll ask questions later.

He carried the kid on his back and started to walk along the sewer line.


A faint glow laminated the dark damp area. The sound of sewage dripping and the squeaking of rodents was the ambient soundtrack to the makeshift camp.

A pile of dried garbage was burning in the middle. Crule sat on a turned over barrel. The kid was asleep on the rag covered ground.

A stick was being held over the trash fire. On it was a rat.

A delicious toasty rat…

The smell permeated the area. To Crule who can stay alive by having his aura consume anything edible, the stench was not a problem. Since he had to preserve his energy, he didn’t do so though.

The ‘aroma’ slowly roused the kid awake. The first thing in its sights was Crule smiling. To Crule, his smile was one of benevolence, like that of a father looking down at a hardworking son. But to the others…this was the smile of deception. The smile of cruelty…the last damn thing they want to see before they die.

The kid was so frightened that it fainted immediately after waking up.

Crule could only sigh deeply.

[Crule]: The kid must be a girl…my devilish handsomeness can make even the proudest daughter of heaven faint.

Being away from Ming made Crule act very differently… In front of his wife, Crule acts like the cool dark hero who seemed like he knew everything. But his original personality…perhaps only in a world so incredibly distant from Noxia would he dare show it.

His personality changed a lot as he aged.

When was a prisoner kid, he was shy, fearful, but yet hopeful and curious.

After training with Famina, her arrogance rubbed off him. He became bold, brash, and utterly shameless. The change was huge…

After meeting Ming, Crule develop his ‘cool guy’ personality.

As they say…old habits die hard.

There are many theories behind his ‘cool guy’ persona. Some say it’s the side effect of Crule’s energy constantly flowing through him.

With his energy now sealed within…perhaps Crule’s true self will finally surface.


By the time the kid woke up again the cooked rat has already been cooling for a while. Crule was sat crossed legs with his eyes closed. He was trying to slowly accustom his body to small amounts of energy at a time instead of being constantly drenching them in it.

The kid’s eyes stared cautiously at Crule. It didn’t move but its growling stomach betrayed its caution. The kid grabbed the cooled cooked rat and ate ravenously. It was as if it hadn’t eaten in a week.

Crule slightly opened one eye and looked quietly.

He couldn’t help but sigh.

[Crule]: What an adorable little rascal.

From the kid’s height Crule could only make an estimate on its age. Unless malnutrition played a big factor, the kid should be around seven years old.

The kid was looking cautiously at Crule whilst consuming the rat.

Crule didn’t say a word. He just sat there quietly with one eye opened, staring at the kid.

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Quickly, the unsatisfying meal was finished and all that remained are bones that were too hard to digest. The kid still haven’t let go of its glare at Crule.

The tense situation continued for a long time. The kid eventually grew too tired to keep up its vigil. Crule smiled when the kid finally fell asleep.

[Crule]: Do I really look so good that she had to stare at me for hours on end?

After staring for such a long time Crule finally realized the kid was female.

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He took more dried trash and add it to the fire. Using his precious energy, he quickly took out a blanket and draped it over the kid.

[Crule]: Guess I’ll ask in the morning.

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