Antagonist Rewind Chapter 147: The other reason.

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AR Chapter 147: The other reason.

“Of course there was another reason why we had to kill you…but I think I’ll leave that for later.”

The horseman smirked at Crule.

“Tell me please, I need to know…I beg you…please.”

Crule reluctantly begged the man. Normally he wouldn’t stoop so low but given the emotional shock he received, he doesn’t really have any control in keeping his cool.

“Oh fine, since you really REALLY want to know…”

The man smiled.

“Stop it.”

Another voice appeared from behind Crule. It was one he recognize even with his eyes closed.


Behind him stood Famina.

“I’ll tell him instead.”

Famina said while walking up to the man.

“This isn’t part of the deal.”

She whispered in his ear. He backed off a little as she got too close.

“Can’t I have a little fun with the kid?”

The man replied with a smile.

“Is this revenge for throwing at kiss at you?”

The man cringed.

“Don’t remind me…Fine fine, go ahead, and explain the rest to your pupil.”

The man sighed and shrugged. He walked backwards and started to order around the piece of Akashic records flying around to go back to its original location.

“Anyways kiddo, I guess you want to know why I had to kill you.”

Famina turned to Crule and said with reluctance.

Crule nodded slowly.

Famina sighed and waved her hands.

In front of Crule appeared a slab of stone. On it was engraved an ancient looking text.

It described all of Crule’s current cultivation progress. Opening gates one by one, understanding the nature of one’s power, then lastly opening the final two…all of it was in there.

“This was a technic I found a while back.”

Famina said.

“It’s a temporary technique with good results…only problem is it leads to a dead end.”

Crule blinked…

“A-a dead end?”

“Yes, a dead end.”

Famina sighed again.

“Originally I didn’t have much faith in you. You were a random kid that happen to stumble upon my clone’s prison room. I didn’t know whether or not the dam old bastard had place you there on purpose or not. There was also the problem of your body not having any trace of potential.”

She quietly explained.

“I had no hope placed in your ability. Honestly at best, I thought you wouldn’t be able to reach the end of the cultivation technique in your lifetime. I didn’t expect the Sage to use you in his plans…”

“T-then what about Ming? Or Shin?”

“They too have been practicing the wrong cultivation technique. We the old generation never pass on the true technique until our time has come…Remember we are immortals, we can’t just pass on everything to a random person who has a body who can accept our power.”

Crule felt a sense of betrayal…but it went away quickly with what his master said next.

“But knowing Maximus, before he completely lost his control to the Sage, he probably left the true technique to Ming. Should he ever perish, the memory will return to her.”

Famina then waved her hand and the stone slab vanished.

“I didn’t pass on my technique is because I have to wait for Shin to pass on the title of the Horseman of Death and die before I can teach him the true cultivation technique.”

The man behind who was still organizing the information said.

“As for me, the reason why I haven’t passed the true technique to you…is because of the nature of our power…It’s a power that will consume you if you are not ready. And you kid, weren’t ready.”

Famina pointed at Crule.

“But now…we have no choice but to do so.”

“But why?”

Crule asked.

“Because the Sage has moved on further with his plan than we expected.” The man said. “Probably because of you…”

Famina glared at the man then looked back at Crule with pity in her eyes.

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“It’s not your fault. We didn’t tell you. But now we need to stop him. We need you to practice the true cultivation for our powers.”

“Why me? Why not you guys?”

“Because he already knows far too much about us. He knows our weakness, our strengths, even what patterns we use subconsciously when we attack. It’s something that he learned over the years he’s taken care of us…”

Famina said.

“Wait? Taken care of you?”

Crule said.

“Oh you didn’t know? I thought you would have known already due to all the similarities…That little girl Jane that you met…that was me before I inherited the title.”

Crule blinked. That explained a lot.

“Other than the Sage and Fate, the rest of us all inherited our titles the moment Chaos hit our Ark. Several of the demigods tried to stop the collision but failed. In the process they also got themselves killed. Before they died though, they passed on their title to the nearest person they could find. I just happen to be wandering when the demigod in charge of famine happen to land in the sewers.”

Crule nodded.

“I’m sure you can understand why we did so poorly in trying to stop Chaos on Crescentia. We had four new horsemen, two old demigods and almost no preparation.”

Famina looked down in melancholy.


Crule walked towards her as he wanted to comfort her. But as soon as he got close, a barrier stopped him.

“Don’t bother.”

The man behind said.

“You two aren’t in the same realm anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

Crule asked.

“You poor idiot. You don’t even know the things your master had to sacrifice to prepare this elaborate plan.”

The man sighed.

“Sacrifice? What did…?

Before he could finish his question, Famina began talking again.

“So anyways. You know our true enemy…The old bastard, the Sage himself. Chaos has never been a problem since he split from his cores. As long as we keep a single one away from him, he can never use the other six. It’s a strange rule that binds him and allows us some leeway. Thankfully Fate manage to find that out before she…perished.”

Crule nodded vehemently. He use to want revenge on Grimly and Chaos. All his hatred poured into those two. But now that his teacher was alive, his hatred diminished a little. But having learned the Sage’s treachery, his anger once again returned. Grimly, Chaos, the Sage…they will all pay.

Famina could see the anger and hatred in Crule’s eyes. She sighed and pondered.

“Perhaps he will not be consumed…it will be a near impossible trial…but I can only hope.” She thought to herself.

“Crule. It’s time for you to inherit the true cultivation method.”

Famina finally said.

Crule snapped out of his dark thoughts and nodded…But he found he could no longer move or speak.

“We who controls famine, controls the lack of and the abundance of basic human needs. You yourself must feel what it’s like to be deprived of those needs…”

Famina said as she waved her hands. A portal opened up to a desolate wasteland.

“Crule, my disciple…do me proud.”

Famina smiled softly as she pushed Crule into the portal.

As Crule entered the portal, he could finally talk again. But he only yelled one thing…

“Master! I will make you proud!”

Crule turned around and started his freefall down to the wasteland.

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“You sure it’s ok not to tell him?” The man asked looking with pitiful eyes at Famina.

“He will find out eventually…Either way I don’t think I have the courage to tell him.”

The two of them stood there…in the darkness. Looking upon the boy taking the trial.

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