Antagonist Rewind Chapter 34: Result of Training.

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AR Chapter 34: Result of Training.

Crule and the Sage of Time kept on chatting outside. Every hour they chatted was about fifteen days in the pocket dimension.


[Shin]: It’s been two months. I can feel I almost got the last chapter of the ten thousand raindrop spear memorized.

The Ten Thousand Raindrop spear style consist of four major skills.

[Shin]: Let’s practice the first three. Ten Thousand Raindrops, Drizzle!

Shin threw his spear into the sky imbued with his aura. The spear split in the sky into many glowing illusionary spears as it fall upon the target area. Although they look illusionary, the damage was real.

After the skill, the ground was all but destroyed by the thousands of spears. The spear reappeared in Shin’s hands.

[Shin]: Next! Ten Thousand Raindrops, Downpour!

Shin jumped up in the air. He brought the spear closer to his body as he descended upon a target rock. A faint grey aura surrounded him as he meteor onto the rock. Everything around where he landed was obliterated. The rock had turned into dust and was dispersed into the air.

[Shin]: *cough* I should watch myself when I used that one. Good thing is, it’s a good initiating attack which brings me into attacking range against the enemy. Now, next one. Ten Thousand Raindrops, Maelstrom!

Shin swept his spear slicing all the trees around him down.

[Shin]: This attack would be good against a large group. Although its damage isn’t as high, it’s good for controlling the situation.

Shin opened the book again and stared at the last chapter.

[Shin]: I just can’t seem to master this last one…

The chapter was titled, “Ten Thousand Raindrops, Tlaloc’s embrace.”

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[Shin]: If I remember correctly, Tlaloc was an Aztec sovereign god of rain. Hmm…

Shin looked at the spear in his hands. He was getting more and more familiar with it as if it was a part of his body now. Trishula the spear of Shiva was an overwhelming weapon of destruction.

[Shin]: *sigh* I will get it eventually.

He walked back to the camp they set up. The vicinity around Shin was already destroyed but after he walked away, the scenery repairs itself.

[Shin]: How are you coming along Chun Qin?

[Chun Qin]: So far so good.

[Shin]: Oh? Give us a demonstration.

[Kate]: Yea, I wanna see it.

[Chun Qin]: Fine, lets this Chun Qin show you his power.

He walked over to the waterfall where large rocks dotted the lake underneath.

[Chun Qin]: I only manage to master the first three chapters…Fist of Steel!

He punched the rock and it was punctured without a sound. It looked like he just shoved his fist into a bowl of foam, no resistance at all. He then quickly pulled his fist out before he arm get stuck again. It was all one swift motion like a boxer’s jab.

[Chun Qin]: Barrage of Iron!

Chun Qin lower his fists and brought it closer to his waist. This was an attack that exposes one’s own weakness but attacks the enemy all out.

[Chun Qin]: Raaaaaahahahahaha.

Chun Qin threw out a fury of jabs and completely destroyed the boulder in front of him. It was full of holes until the point where its structural integrity can no longer hold itself together. He then faced the waterfall itself.

[Chun Qin]: Titanium Ashura!

Chun Qin’s aura seem to grow every times its size and balled into his fists. With a single punch he completely destroy and blocked the waterfall from flowing. He walked back to the group looking tired.

[Chun Qin]: The first two are ok but the last one really takes a lot of energy from me.

[Shin]: You still manage to completely destroy the entire lake.

[Kate]: *claps* Wow so strong.

[Chun Qin]: *embarrassed* It was nothing.

[Shin]: Now let’s eat some lunch and get back to training!

[Kate]: I found some nice edible fruit in the forest.

[Shin]: I still have some of the Garuda meat stored on me.

Crule gave Shin the remainder of the Garuda meat on him before they entered.

[Kate]: So let’s grill them!

[Shin]: Good idea, Chun Qin light a fire for us.

[Chun Qin]: Hey, my fist aren’t your personal flint…

Using a small amount of his aura, the tips of Chun Qin’s hand turned into a black rocklike metal. He snapped and sparks flew everywhere landing on the pile of dry forestry they gathered earlier.

[Shin]: Right right, here l’ll get us a grill.

He took his spear and sliced a thin board of rock from a nearby boulder.

He placed it over the fire with two rocks on the sides hold it up.

[Shin]: Let’s eat.


[Crule]: Man, I can sell teach’s cooking from all the way here in another dimension.

[Sage of Time]: Well, the door is still opened…

[Crule]: I kind of want to go in and get a piece…

[Sage of Time]: I suggest you don’t. Three people in a single dimension already is the capacity. Anymore and the spatial integrity may collapses and you all will be devoured by the event horizon.

[Crule]: I know, I know.

[Sage of Time]: It’s been almost two hours though. It’s the dead of night for us.

[Crule]: Eh, I’ll go make some food for us.

[Sage of Time]: Sounds good, the kitchen is the third door to the right down that hallway.

[Crule]: Gotcha.

Crule walked down the hallway and into the kitchen. The kitchen was well designed with an island in the middle. It was fully equipped with a kitchen range with four burners and an oven. There was a microwave, a toaster oven, even a Forge Doorman grill. (Pun intended)

[Crule]: Now let’s see what he has in the fridge.

He opened the exceedingly large fridge door that was twice his height.

[Crule]: Wow, he sure do have some rare stuff in here. Abyss Apples, Herculean Boar Sausages, even some half-finished Gaian Garuda Schnitzel. Wait a minute, is that what I think it is.

Crule took out a large egg.

[Crule]: How did he even manage to get an Invida Rahk egg? Ah well, I can stir fry something.

Crule raided the Sage of Time’s fridge and made them a meal.

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