Antagonist Rewind Chapter 38: Favorable trade.

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AR Chapter 38: Favorable trade.

Inside of a luxuriously decorated meeting room was the very calm and slightly annoyed Crule, the seemingly innocent Ming, the ever so anxious Ylvun, and the unmoving corpse of Ferthun on the floor.

[Ylvun]: I should have expected something weird was going on when the dead Ferthun showed up.

[Crule]: I want you to know the truth, this is a transaction of truth, and I do not like to be scammed…

Ylvun gulped at the aura Crule produced. She thought what kind of monster lie beneath the guise of this twelve year old child and the eleven year old child next to him.

After she invited them to the room, Crule told her to make everyone else leave. Not wanting to lose the possible sale of an A rank beast part, she did as she was told.

As soon as only they remained in the room, Ferthun dropped to the floor like a puppet with cut strings. Ylvun was surprised and went to check on him. Upon checking his pulse, she realized he was dead. The cold feeling on him shows that he has been dead for quite some time, but he was just moving just fine a few minutes ago.

[Ming]: Opps, dropped the puppet.

[Crule]: It’s OK Ming, we have to show the cards in our hands if we want a trustworthy transaction.

Ylvun could only assume the little girl was the one controlling the corpse. Crule suddenly releasing his aura a little again, made Ylvun feel fear.

[Crule]: Now then, Mrs. Ylvun, I would like to make a deal.

[Ylvun]: D-deal?

[Crule]: As you can tell, money is something that doesn’t interesting me anymore. What I want is a trade for the horn.

[Ylvun]: Can you tell me, what are you?

[Crule]: I’m just a Mage, you do not need to know more.

Ylvun understood that warriors and mages were a mysterious group of people who mythical powers. They supply a majority of the top tier goods for the auction so she is quite familiar with what kind of power one has.

[Ylvun]: Well, let me say you are the strongest mage I have seen so far.

[Crule]: Flattery gets you nowhere, Mrs. Ylvun.

[Ylvun]: S-sorry, now then what you offer?

[Crule]: I would like to trade this Crystalline Bicorn horn for four live C rank beast and two live B ranked beast.

To Ylvun this was a great trade. The sheer difference between a B and A rank beast already means that one single piece of an A rank beast can be sold for a dozen B ranked ones. The head that Grimly brought could have been sold for over a hundred B ranked beast due to its sheer size.

[Ylvun]: Is there anything else you need?

[Crule]: Yes, one more thing. I want two recommendations to the Shining Radiance Academy.

[Ylvun]: This…can be done.

The Shining Radiance Academy is a sort of hidden school for kids of the rich and royal to train to be warriors and mages. The wealthy and powerful know just how much power warriors and mages held so when an academy started that guarantees power upon graduation was incredibly tempting. But to get in was the hard part. One must either be already in the martial arts world, aka getting a recommendation from a powerful warrior or mage, or be of royalty. Of course there are some exceptions for example if a company like Metallurgy INC who controls a majority of the planet or the Beauxi Auction house, which also holds much political power, were to write a recommendation. The problem is there is a limit of how many recommendations they can give. The auction can only send two people per year.

Ylvun seeing the sheer power that Crule had and could guess just how powerful Ming was as well, would gladly recommend them to the academy. It would not only boost their connections with the academy but also advertise the power of the Auction house. Both situation were a plus for Ylvun adding on to the bonus of getting an A ranked beast piece.

[Ylvun]: We would gladly take the deal.

[Crule]: I knew you cannot resist.

Crule hands the horn over to Ylvun. Being able to hold such a powerful item in her hand, Ylvun could feel the majestic aura emitting by the horn. This was indeed an A rank beast piece. It by far out shadows a B rank beast. It’s the aura of royalty that emits from A rank beast parts.

[Ylvun]: I will have my people bring you the C and B rank beast immediately. Would you like to stay to see the auctioning of the Horn?

[Crule]: I got time, so why not.

[Ylvun]: We will reserve the VIP room for you.

[Crule]: I’ll be waiting.

As they were about to leave, the corpse of Ferthun suddenly came back to life.

[Ming]: Don’t want to cause confusion here!

Ylvun was startled by it. Perhaps if Ferthun had been dead for a week longer, he would look like a walking zombie.

[Ylvun]: Y-yes it would be awkward for people to find a corpse in our meeting room.

They walked out of the room and Ylvun left to prepare the auction. She had to make a lineup of good items to sell leading to the climax of the Horn. She also had to send invites to famous names in order to promote the item. This was the second time an A rank beast piece will be sold in the Beauxi Auction. Many people would like to see it.

Crule and Ming left to collect their beasts. They arrived at the grand storage of the auction. It was built to survive even a nuclear explosion. Considering the beasts that were locked up inside, it was the bare minimum.

[Crule]: Let’s see the C rank beasts first.

In the four cages were four C ranked beasts.

The first one was a strange beast that resembled a lizard of sorts. It was walking on two hind legs and its shining silvery scale covered its entire body. On its head was a tuft of green fur that looked like grass. One can assume it was use to blend in with the forestry in the Wild while hunting. This beast was the Turf Lizard. Its rank C due to its difficult to catch due to its stealthy nature.

The second beast was a sort of eel like fish. It must have come from one of the seven large lakes in the Wild. It was a strange hue of blue and yellow. This eel seem to be secreting a black fluid from its pores. It’s keeping the creature moist even in the cage. It seems it was amphibious. Upon testing, the black fluid were also highly flammable. This beast was the Tar Eel. It’s dangerous due to the environment it lives in and its ability to burn things while in the water.

The third and fourth beast looked about the same with only a few features different. Both were avian beasts. The third beast looked like a two headed turkey. It had a snaked like tail and stone like feathers. If someone from earth saw it, they would think it was a real life basilisk. The fourth beast was also a turkey but it only had one head. It had a huge peacock plumage on its hind end and had several cylinders of feathers hanging from it.

The third beast was called the Twin Basilisk. It’s dangerous due to its method of turning its prey to stone to consume the fleshing insides. The fourth beast was the Dynamite Turkey. The cylinders on its hind plumage would explode with steel sharp feathers upon blunt force trauma when detached from its tail.

[Crule]: All decent C rank beasts. The people who could this must be quite well traveled. There’s beast from almost all four corners of the wild.

Crule store all four into his spatial storage and moved on to the two B ranked beasts.

Instead of being stored in cages, these two were stored in reinforced steel blast rooms. The only way to view them was through the incredibly thick reinforced glass.

[Crule]: This…looks like we hit the jackpot.

The two beasts looked up at Crule. Fear immediately exploded in their eyes as they ran to hide in a corner.

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