Antagonist Rewind Chapter 39: Grand Event.

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AR Chapter 39: Grand Event.

The first B ranked beast looked like a large insect. It resembled the bugs found on the moon of Gluttony. It seems like they were the Noxian descendants of the original bug species and thrived in the galaxy. It was twice as large as the Queen Insectoid from the moon. Its carapace are a shimmering black opal-like color. The small spots of multi colored reflected the light that shine upon it.

This beast was the Grand Opal Beetle. Its B rank was due to its rarity and its difficulty to catch. Since they consume large amounts of opal to incorporate in its exoskeleton, they reside deep in the Wild near veins of rare minerals. But due to the areas of rare minerals also belonging to the territory of A ranked beasts, to delve into one to find it was considered suicide. To get a Grand Opal Beetle could be considered a bonus when a group of top experts hunt A ranked beasts.

This particular one was actually caught by Grimly years ago. It was never sold due to its rarity, but to get a piece of A ranked beast, Ylvun would gladly give it up.

The second B ranked beast was a grotesque sight to behold. It was a large mass of gelatinous substance. This creature was known as the Abaddon Slime. They normally live in small colonies and are the size of pumpkins. They consume organic debris that falls onto the Wild’s forest floors, whether it was plant or animal matter, they eat it either way. Their color changes base on what kind of organic matter they consume though. Those that eat more plant matter slowly become green and chloroplasts start to build its in system, eventually allowing the slime to photosynthesis. The ones that eat mostly animal matter become grey and develop a stronger acid within its body to combat some animals.

But every once in a while when they feel threatened, they combine to form an Abaddon Slime King. The Slime itself it only considered a D ranked beast since their acidic content could melt even the metal of guns and vehicles. The congregated King Abaddon Slime was indeed a B ranked beast.

Both of these monsters were mainly passive but due to its rarity, they were Ranked B.

[Crule]: Good, good. Having highly combatable beast would be difficult for the training.

He pocketed the two creatures and went to the waiting room.

[Woman]: Mr. Ferthun, you VIP room has been prepared, please follow me.

They walked to the amphitheater and got to the layer closest to the center.

It was quite fancy. It was a large room with one wall being made of pure glass. It faced the center of the amphitheater with a large couch on the opposite wall. In the middle was a crystalline tea table with a full tea set. The walls were well decorated with paintings of ancient lore and powerful mythical beasts. A glorious chandelier hang from the ceiling and light reached all corners of the room.

[Woman]: Please take this key, you are free to leave whenever, the auction will start tonight.

[Crule]: It seems we got a few hours to go…Ming, let’s go shopping.

[Ming]: Ohh, I want some new clothes. Most of my clothes are too big for me now since my old self didn’t think of needing children’s clothes…

[Crule]: Oh…sorry I didn’t notice.

[Ming]: No problem! Let’s go now.

They went around the auction looking for nice clothes. They got an explorer outfit for Ming for combat and a few casual clothes. Since they bought them from the auction, they were made from powerful beast leather and fur and were very durable.

Crule admire the cheerful Ming as she tries on more clothes. Finally having some peace and taking a break like this was relaxing. Soon night time came.


Quite a number of luxurious airships arrived at the parking lot of the Auction house. Employees greeted the famous people who arrived and led them to the amphitheater entrance. Few people who recognize each other started mingling. Some people brought their entire family since this event was perhaps one in a life time.

Quite a few famous people arrived.

[Man]: Wow is that the CEO and owner of the Eternity Cloths? The company that makes clothes that lasts a life time.

[Woman]: And that person over there was the president of Gatalus, the country that owns the moon Sloth. He doesn’t attend events that often. The thing being sold today could bring him out of his office.

[Other Man]: Isn’t that the owner of Galaxi Delivery, the most prominent of galactic shipping companies. They originated from all the delivery companies from earth forming a monopoly…

Soon a pure black ship arrived. From the vehicle, three men walked out. They looked incredibly tired, but were extremely well dressed.

[Grimly]: The sparring gone on longer than I thought.

[James]: That’s because Sir got too into it.

[Hanuman]: Ahaha, I just want to get stronger, and fighting Grimly here is great for me to test new skills.

[Grimly]: You surprised me a few times. It seems your power are far stronger than what the stat report mentions.

[Hanuman]: Well, numbers doesn’t represent the battle prowess and skill one truly have. When the numbers are about the same, it’s all about skill then.

[Grimly]: Anyways, I am interesting to see what A ranked beast piece is being sold today. Considering the difficulty we had getting the Metal Condensing Dragon’s head, this beast must also be incredibly strong. I want to see the person or the group that manage to take it down.

[Hanuman]: I too am interested. Perhaps I may be able to ask for a spar.

[James]: But we just finished a session…

[Hanuman]: A true man always is ready for a brawl.

[James]: …

They were lead to the amphitheater.

The windows of the rooms in the amphitheater were one way only thus hiding the identity of the purchaser as so to avoid any assassination attempts to steal the items bought. The only time one could see the people entering was at the entrance.

By then Crule and Ming had already returned and entered their room. They had no idea that Grimly and company had also come.

Once everyone had entered the amphitheater, the lights dimmed and the music started. The event was more of a show, slowly leading to the actual auction. This was why one could bring their personal chefs and was considered more of a dinner theater.

A grand ballet was performed by a famous ballet troupe. Their graceful and beautiful choreography Wow-ed the entire audience regardless of social standing. Some things humans just can’t help but admire, regardless of how they were doing.

Crule, Ming, and Ferthun ordered a high class meal from the auction staff. They were served a full course meal beginning with appetizers.

[Crule]: The food at the auction always taste great.

[Ming]: I can’t remember the last time I had food this good.

[Crule]: Oh right, you haven’t had teach’s cooking yet. Once we finish here, let’s ask teach to make us a meal. I’m sure you will remember just how good it was.

[Ming]: Ohhh I can’t wait.

After the show, the auction started.

[Ylvun]: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our main event. Let’s start the auction with the first item on our list.

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Everyone was at the edge of their seat in anticipation. Items sold at the Grand auction were always incredible.

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