Antagonist Rewind Chapter 40: Buying time.

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AR Chapter 40: Buying time.

The first few items were rare arts drawn, sculpted or crafted by famous artists. They were sold quite fast since only a few people were interested in them. The art aficionado got their needs satisfied. The new few items were rare and ancient artifacts discovered throughout the galaxy. Some history buffs and collectors of the sorts where happy.

Following that were new inventions that haven’t hit the general market yet. These were sold to the rich not only for profit to make more but also for free advertising. This list even included new models of air ships and galactic vehicles.

The next items on the agenda were rank C and B beasts. The tension in the air started to rise and one could feel the power behind each beast brought out. In total, they brought out a dozen C ranked and half a dozen B ranked.

Crule already had what he needed so he didn’t even bat an eyelash at those beasts.

Finally after two hours into the auction, the main event. The auction of the A rank beast piece began.

The jewel-like horn was brought out placed on top of a silk pillow. Everyone in the audience can feel its majestic aura emitting from the piece.

[Grimly]: They weren’t kidding. This really is a piece of an A ranked beast.

[Ylvun]: Ladies and Gentlemen, this piece here is the horn of the A ranked beast Crystalline Bicorn. In the entire planet, only three of these creatures exist, and they have been alive since the very forming of the planet itself. They watched over the planet as kings for billions of years. To see such a horn in front of you is a once in a life time chance. Now we shall start the bid at one hundred million Ovals.

Crule just smirked and laugh at the fake description Ylvun gave. Most of it were true, but the three remaining Crystalline Bicorns were actually the offspring of a more powerful beast that still remains on the planet to this day. But she could have never guessed an existence more powerful than A rank beasts actually slumber within the planet’s farthest reaches. If an A rank beast were the kings and queens of the Wild, these S ranked beasts were the Gods among kings.

At this moment, with the seals still holding strong on the riders, these S rank beast slumbers as there isn’t enough energy in the atmosphere to sustain them. Perhaps after some seals are broken, will these Gods finally show their presence to man.

The price quickly skyrocketed. Soon even the wealthiest of people started to back out as major companies started to tap into their humongous income.

Billions upon billions of Ovals were named left and right until eventually the highest bid was finally settled. The losing companies could only back away in defeat as the galaxy’s largest company has purchased the horn.

[James]: Sir, by spending this much, we might have to hold back the opening event…

[Grimly]: No worries, holding it back won’t cause any problems. It actually gives us an excess to present to the others and gives us more time to train our generals.

And thus the Crystalline Bicorn horn lands in the hands of Metallurgy INC. at the astronomical price of twenty billion Ovals. This was almost an entire decades of earning of the auction house, received in a single day.

[Hanuman]: I still wish to see the people who manage to provide such an item to the auction.

[Grimly]: Perhaps we may be able to when we go pick up the horn.


With the auction event ending, the last moment of the event took place not at the amphitheater but at a ball room. More food and drinks were served as well as music and dance as the closing of the event was a party. Those who won things drink with pride, those who lost eat with remorse. In the end, all were satisfied to have seen the horn.

People who didn’t wish to stick around could immediately leave as the party was not mandatory.

Grimly, James, and Hanuman left early towards the storage to pick up their item. Coincidentally Crule and Ming were leaving the party at the same time.

[Crule]: That’s…I see. So that’s who bought it. Hmm…

[Ming]: Why can’t we just take him down now and get it over with?

Her bloodthirst rose and one can see the sadistic anger in her crimson eyes.

[Crule]: Calm down Ming, there’s too many witnesses. Not only that I have a feeling we might not be able to take all three of them at once with our current power.

[Ming]: But…Fine.

[Crule]: However, this does present us a good opportunity to buy some time. This Grimly doesn’t know who we are yet. We can use that in our favor.

[Ming]: Eh, but I hate him so much…

[Crule]: Eventually, we will eventually kill him. Ming, step back for a bit, I will do this myself.

Crule slowly walked up to the three. Eventually they both stopped in front of the storage.

The receptionist first handled Grimly’s order. The horn placed inside of a nigh indestructible strong box with a key card for opening it, was handed to Grimly. He opened it to check the content and felt the overwhelming aura emitting from the horn. It was even stronger than the aura the Chaos Metal Condensing Dragon emitted.

He smiled and placed the horn back into the box and handed it to James.

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As they were going to walk away, they heard the receptionist talking.

[Receptionist]: Ah, Mr. Crule, the horn sold successfully. Ylvun would like to invite you for dinner. She has the recommendations ready.

Grimly turned around expected to see the person and group who took down the formidable beast, but unexpectedly, it was a child.

[Grimly]: Kid, how did you get the horn.

[Crule]: None of your business.

[Grimly]: Haha, a feisty one.

Grimly let out a bit of his aura to intimidate the kid.

[Grimly]: Now tell me, how you got the horn. Did you steal it from someone?

Crule not even a bit intimidated decided to let out some of his own aura. Grimly was immediately knocked back a few steps at the sudden burst of aura collision.

He stared at the kid in awe.

[Grimy]: How is this possible…to be this powerful this young…

[Crule]: Mr. Grimly, I do not like to be toyed with.

[Grimly]: Hm, you know me?

[Crule]: Who doesn’t know the owner of Metallurgy INC.?

[Grimly]: This will be the last time I ask, how did you get the horn?

[Crule]: Trade secret, but I do have a proposition for you.

Crule pretended to take something out of his coat pocket. It was a second horn. It looked 100% identical to the horn Grimly just bought.

[Crule]: This is the second horn of the Crystalline Bicorn.

[Grimly]: This…

[Crule]: I will give this to you if you accept one suggestion from me.

[Grimly]: Fine, I’ll head you out.

[Crule]: I want you to delay the opening ceremony for the event for a year.

[Grimly]: This…fine, I originally plan to delay it by a month, but a year is fine if we can get this horn too. May I ask why?

[Crule]: I wish to finish school before joining the game, and I do not like having everyone having a year head start of me.

[Grimly]: Ahaha, you do well to participate when time comes, I look forward to it.

Crule handed the horn to Grimly. The aura emitting from it was not a joke. It seems it really is the second horn of the bicorn.

[Crule]: Good, I’ll be leaving now, see you in a year or so.

[Grimly]: See you in a year.


[James]: Sir, was that the wisest choice to not question the kid further?

[Grimly]: Sensing his aura, I doubt I would have the authority to. It was far more pure than mine…

[Hanuman]: *to himself* That kid got even stronger than the last time we fought…

[James]: How is that possible? A kid like that…

[Grimly]: I guess geniuses can come in all sorts…

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