Antagonist Rewind Chapter 41: Recommendations.

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AR Chapter 41: Recommendations.

Crule and Ming entered President Ylvun’s office.

On her desk were two envelopes sealed with an official auction house seal.

[Ylvun]: I would like to thank you again for allowing the auction house to sell such an item.

[Crule]: No need. If I need things sold, I will contact you first.

[Ylvun]: *smiles* Anyways, these two envelopes are the recommendation you asked for. They are sealed with the official seal so as long as you don’t open it, the academy will recognize it and accept you into their examinations.

[Crule]: Good, now I understand you have a question you want to ask me?

He took the envelopes and store it under his coat in his spatial storage.

Ylvun was at the edge of her seat with a huge amount of questions.

[Crule]: I’ll answer three question since you committed on your side of the bargain.

Ylvun wracked her brain on what three questions to ask. She just had far too many.

[Ylvun]: Ok, my first question is, who are you really?

[Crule]: A hero, next question.

[Ylvun]: That was very vague…

[Crule]: You asked a vague question, thus I answered in such a manner.

[Ylvun]: Hmm…How did you get the horn?

[Crule]: I killed the beast and took it.

[Ylvun]: You? A Kid twelve years old took down an A ranked beast?

[Crule]: It wasn’t so hard, at least at the time it was by itself and not with its siblings.

[Ylvun]: Hmm…last question then. What are your plans?

[Crule]: … *sarcastically* World Domination.

[Ylvun]: I’m being serious here.

[Crule]: Fine, to kill a greater evil.

[Ylvun]: Who?

[Crule]: That was three questions.

[Ylvun]: Damn…Fine then.

[Crule]: Anything else? We are in a hurry.

[Ylvun]: Can we get some way to contact you?

[Crule]: No, I will contact you guys if I have something I want to sell.

[Ylvun]: …Thank you for your patronage then.

[Crule]: We will be leaving.

Crule and Ming left and office.

[Ylvun]: I can’t tell whether what I saw was a hero or a demon…

She leaned back in her chair and sigh.


[Ming]: So are we going back to the Sage?

[Crule]: Not quite yet, we should prepare for our three years training with more supplies. Mainly camping gear and wilderness survival equipment.

[Ming]: Don’t you already have all that?

[Crule]: Some things needs replacing…

[Ming]: Fine, whatever master say, we shall do. *smirks*

[Crule]: *blushes* Stop teasing me…

[Ming]: Eh, I’m your slave anyways.

[Crule]: Never.

They left for the local shopping area in the third ring for their goods.


The next morning.

*knock knock knock*

[Sage of Time]: Hold your horses, I’m coming.

He opened the door to see the two kids there.

[Crule]: Have you prepared old man?

[Ming]: Morning, old pervert.

[Sage of Time]: I am not a pervert! *ahem* Anyways, yea I prepared the spell. Since I actually prepared this time, I don’t have to maintain the door manually the entire time. I only have to supply my aura to it.

[Crule]: It’s set to three years right?

[Sage of Time]: Yea yea, one day lengthened to three years, just like you wanted.

[Ming]: You really outdid yourself this time, old pervert.

[Sage of Time]: Eh, I give up…

They entered the living room and in the middle was a metal door. Originally when Shin and the others went to their training pocket dimension, it was just a hole in reality. Now that he had more time to prepare, the door allows a more stable connection.

[Crule]: See you in a day old man.

[Ming]: Don’t miss us too soon!

[Sage of Time]: Yea, yea, it’s a day for me but three years for you two. By the time you’re done you will be fifteen. I might not recognize the cute kid in you anymore.

[Crule]: Don’t worry, I have my methods.

They opened the metal door and walked in. It shut with a loud slam behind them.


In front of them was the training area prepared for them. It was similar to Shin’s as there’s a lake in the center with forestry surrounding them. They were placed next to the lake in a clearing.

[Crule]: Now then, let’s set up camp.

He took out a small box that he purchased yesterday and pressed the button on it. Immediately, fans inflated the tent to full size, which was about the size of an RV.

[Crule]: Let’s dig out a fire pit for cooking.

He snapped his fingers and his aura consumed a hole in the ground. He lined it with nearby rocks and placed dried tinder in it.

[Ming]: Looks nice. Let me do the fire.

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She snapped her finger and a small blaze appeared on her index finger. She flicked it into the pit and it was set ablaze.

[Crule]: Now then, our training method is quite different from Shin’s. His body is a lot stronger from the years of tempering so all he needs are skills. Us however, we are the opposite. We have all the skill, spells, and martial arts we need. But our current body cannot take the strain.

In a figurative sense, if Crule tried to use more than 20% of his full power, it was like trying to cram an Olympic sized swimming pool through a bendy straw. The sheer pressure would eventually destroy the straw. Same thing with Ming.

[Crule]: Since my abilities are that of the black rider, my aura and body can be strengthen by consuming stronger and stronger enemies.

[Ming]: Since my ability are that of the red rider, mine requires tempering in the blood of my enemies.

[Crule]: Yep, this is why I purchased so many beasts. We will get to fight them, eat them, and then you can bathe in their blood to strengthen your body.

[Ming]: Yes sir!

[Crule]: While we are not killing beasts, we need to form the seven sealed gates within our body. This will allow optimal energy release.

Imagine if you will, the full energy potential Crule has was like a huge lake. If he wanted to empty the lake into the ocean, aka the outside world, he would require a river. The gates he will established help not only regulate the flow, but also fortify the river and so they don’t overflow.

[Crule]: Now, let’s get started.

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