Antagonist Rewind Chapter 45: Seals.

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AR Chapter 45: Seals.

Twenty four hours later, the Sage of Time was drinking a cup of tea. He was reading an extremely aged book. Upon closer inspection, the label said “Sho_nen J__p” with some words already rubbed off due to the passage of time.

[Sage of Time]: Should be about the time they finished up.

He closed the paperback book and placed it back onto his well-organized bookshelf. He pressed the button after closing the cabinet door and the contents of the shelf froze over. It was a technique used to store ancient documents.

The metal door in his living room was still glowing incandescently throughout the night. Now that its morning, the rays of light from the twin suns shined through the cracks in the curtains.

He stood in front of the metal door with his cup of tea in his hand. He went to take a sip when the door started to open.

From it walked out two teenagers. Although they have aged three years, they are still easily recognizable. Crule grew taller and his hair grew slightly longer. He no longer looked like a weak twelve year old boy, but a well-built teen. An aura of confidence beamed from his face as he walked out.

Ming grew as well, she was almost taller than Crule. From eleven years old to fourteen, she had a bit of a growth spurt in all the right places. From an adorable little girl, she’s now a force to be reckoned with as the sight of her would capture men and women alike. No one can resist doing a double take when walking pass her.

The Sage took there mid sip, just staring.

[Crule]: Old man…

[Ming]: Will you just take a sip already? You look so stupid right now.

Realizing how he must look to them, he quickly placed his cup of tea back on the table.

[Sage of Time]: *ahem* It seems that your training was a success?

[Crule]: Quite so. Thanks for your help.

[Sage of Time]: Anything I can do to help with the oncoming disaster. Will you show me a demonstration?

[Crule]: Ok, Ming, lets emit our full auras.

[Sage of Time]: Wait a minute!

But it was too late.

Both Crule and Ming let off the maximum level of aura they could emit currently without causing harm to their body. The entire wooden vessel quaked and rocked. The cup of tea on the table fell onto the floor spilling its contents everywhere.

[Sage of Time]: God dammit, I said wait. Don’t destroy my house you idiots.

[Crule]: *smirk* You asked for a demonstration.

[Ming]: Yea! You got what you wanted.

[Sage of Time]: *sigh* You kids these days…That aside, it looks like you are indeed significantly stronger than before. If anyone other than me were standing within the vicinity they would probably have lost consciousness. Normal humans may even die upon contact.

The effects of auras on normal people could be seen when Crule killed Warden Brandon. It was extremely effective and would cause fear in all onlookers.

[Sage of Time]: So what are your plans now?

The Sage poured himself a new cup of tea and was about to take a sip.

[Crule]: We will go break the first seal.


He dropped the cup in his hand.


[Crule]: Calm down old man, we are only going to break it a little bit. We are not going to unleash the full seal, only the part they added on these few years.

The Sage stared at Crule like he was mad.

[Sage of Time]: You’ve got some nerve…Fine, go do what you have to. But if you break the entire seal, I am going to have to stop you.

[Crule]: I know you got the power to stop me, but not kill me, don’t worry I won’t make stupid mistakes like I did before.

[Sage of Time]: So which seal are you going to break first?

[Crule]: The one at the Academy.

[Sage of Time]: Ah, I see. It is the least guarded of the seals… and I even know the headmaster quite well. His ancestors use to play poker with me on weekends. I’m sure he won’t mind you tinkering with the seal. Heck he doesn’t even know about it…His parents kept the secret with them and took it to the grave.

[Crule]: I know, this is why I chose it as the first one.

[Sage of Time]: You do realize what breaking the first seal means right?

[Crule]: The monsters of the Wild will get stronger, I know. Lives will be in danger closer to the borders.

[Sage of Time]: By breaking that seal, you will release a large portion of primordial energy that was sealed by us back when we first found this planet. Honestly if the energy wasn’t sealed, the monsters would have been far too powerful for humans to combat and thus it would be impossible to inhabit Noxia…

[Crule]: I know, but we need that energy. The seal has already been altered by Grimly and now serves a far more sinister purpose.

[Sage of Time]: I see…Maybe I’ll go check on another seal while you guys are breaking the first one.

[Crule]: That would be much appreciated.

[Sage of Time]: *sigh* Kids these days just giving more work for these old bones…

[Crule]: That’s the way of progress. Anyways we are leaving now.

[Sage of Time]: Don’t want to stay for some tea?

[Crule]: No thanks, we got plans.

[Sage of Time]: Fine, more for me then. See you freaks later then.

[Crule]: Bye old man.

[Ming]: See ya, old pervert.

[Sage of Time]: *spits out tea again* I AM NOT A PERVERT!


Inside of the ship, Shin, Chun Qin, and Kate were waiting. They enjoyed their day off with shopping and things. Now it was the morning after and Crule should be returning soon.

[Shin]: What is taking them so long…?

[Kate]: You sound like a worried father.

[Shin]: Well, technically I am now.

[Kate]: Oh right, I forget sometimes, since Crule acts so mature at times.

[Chun Qin]: They arrived.

Looking at the monitor, two people arrived.

[Shin]: Hmm, they look older, but you can’t forget an evil looking face like that kid’s.

[Crule]: So, did you guys enjoy your day off?

[Kate]: It was fun. We did some shopping and stuff.

[Crule]: Sounds nice.

[Shin]: So Crule, what’s the plan now?

[Crule]: Ming and I are going to school.

[Shin & Kate]: What?

[Crule]: Yes, we are going to school. Don’t worry about it. We will be done in about a year.

[Shin]: So the kid finally wants to learn…

[Kate]: Going to school this late…I hope you don’t get bullied.

[Crule]: Don’t worry, it isn’t a normal school.

[Chun Qin]: I see, what I want to know is, what we should do during the year.

[Crule]: I have three tasks I want you guys to complete in three years. It’s ok if you don’t finish them all but it would help greatly if they were done.

[Shin]: Oh ho ho, the kid wants to give us jobs now eh?

[Kate]: Sounds interesting!

[Shin]: What a minute, don’t agree so fast!

[Chun Qin]: I’m in. Tasks that you assign usually are quite fun.

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[Crule]: Right…Here are your tasks…

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