Antagonist Rewind Chapter 46: Tasks and Parting.

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AR Chapter 46: Tasks and Parting.

[Crule]: First task, I want you guys to take the ship to the moon Wrath. There is someone there I want you guys to persuade and pick up.

[Shin]: Who?

[Crule]: Let’s just say she’s a blacksmith of the gods…

[Shin]: How will we persuade such a person…?

[Crule]: *sigh* Just show her your spear…and take this.

Crule took the shell fragments of the beetle and the broken king slime core out.

[Crule]: Use these as bribes. They are both B ranked beast materials. She won’t be able to resist.

[Kate]: Who is this person?

[Crule]: You will know soon enough. Her name is Brigit Smith. Quite ironic of a name but she loves it.

[Chun Qin]: What’s the second task?

[Crule]: Find the red rider.

[Chun Qin]: That’s…quite impossible. The red rider has been sealed by Metallurgy for years.

[Crule]: He will show up in public soon. Three months from now, he will show up at Wrath as well.

[Chun Qin]: How? I though he was secured at an unknown location to anyone but Grimly.

[Crule]: Let’s just say, something will happen in which his power is required. Anyways, once you see him, give him this.

From his pocket, Crule took out a small box.

[Chun Qin]: What is it?

He opens up the box and inside was a small wooden puppet.

[Crule]: Let’s just call it a temporary vassal for the guy. It’s made out of some incredibly strong magical wood so it could withstand his power.

[Chun Qin]: I see…I will do this then. Shin and Kate can go persuade the blacksmith.

[Crule]: Anyways, the third task is for you all.

[Shin]: What is it?

[Crule]: Get stronger.

They all stared at him.

[Shin]: *sigh* We got a year, of course we will get stronger by then!

[Crule]: I want you guys to at the very least reach third gate.

[Shin]: That’s…I’ve heard about gates from my father once…he said they were only for the strongest of martial arts practitioners. How do we make them?

[Crule]: Find out how yourself. If you need hints, go talk to you teachers.

[Chun Qin]: I see…so far I have only established one gate…

[Shin]: What? You have established a gate already?! Why didn’t we know about this?

[Chun Qin]: This gate was the one that gave me enough power to heal your wife…I shouldn’t have to tell you, another successor of a rider, about it.

[Shin]: Oh…

[Crule]: Now now, you guys…Anyways these are my three task for you guys while Ming and I are at school. Got it?

[Kate]: Mhm, we will try our best!

[Shin]: Got it boss.

[Chun Qin]: This is going to be interesting. Not every day you get to see the red rider.


The following day, they were getting ready to depart. Crule went and rented a temporary ship to take to the Shining Radiance Academy. Shin, Kate, and Chun Qin took Crule’s ship to head to Wrath. It was going to take a week to arrive there.

They said their goodbyes and wished each other luck. Then they set off.

[Crule]: If I remember, the academy should be on the continent of Luxia, the center of the entire planet of Noxia.

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[Ming]: This is going to be interesting.

[Crule]: Let’s see if we can recognize any of those brats from the last generation.

[Ming]: Yea, there’s a friend I want to see.

[Crule]: Right…

Crule set the ship on full speed toward Luxia. They passed the borders of Beauxi easily since leaving was far easier than entering.

The journey took three and a half days. They arrived in the afternoon.

[Crule]: Lets land over there.

Crule landed the ship back at the Luxia branch of the rental shop. He paid the second half and got his deposit back.

[Ming]: Where was the Shining Radiance Academy again?

[Crule]: It’s that huge white building near the center.

[Ming]: Wait, that isn’t the capital hall?

[Crule]: No, the capital hall is actually along the coast since it’s safer there. The entire center of the island was left to the academy.

[Ming]: Oh…Honestly I have never been to it before.

[Crule]: I know, I haven’t either. I only heard about it from people during our travels back in the old world.

[Ming]: Yea…I wonder how she’s doing.

[Crule]: I’m sure your friend is fine. Let’s go.

They walked toward the shining white building.

They soon arrived at a huge gate. It was made of pure white marble and resembled the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. A large white metal gate was closed and two armored men were standing guard.

[Guard]: State your business.

[Crule]: I’m here to enter the academy.

He took out the sealed envelope.

[Guard]: This…Please wait a moment.

One of the guard went to the small booth beside the gates. He picked up the phone and called the office.

He quickly returned later.

[Guard]: Please wait, a person will come to escort you in soon.

Soon a man in a wizard like robe came running toward the gate from the inside.

[Wizard Man]: I’m h-here, I’m here.

[Guard]: Ah, professor Ghestle, please catch your breath.

[Ghestle]: Where is the guy?

[Guard]: Other there.

Crule and Ming were just standing there admiring the marble white arc.

Ghestle walked toward them.

[Ghestle]: May I see the envelope?

Crule hands the envelope to the man.

[Ghestle]: This…this is indeed the real thing. Come you two, follow me.

They entered the gate as the guards just stared at them.

[Guard]: So the auction finally sent us a representative huh?

[Guard2]: Looks like it…Poor kid is in for a shock.


The long gravel pathway after the gate leads up to a sort of speed train.

[Ghestle]: To get to the main office by foot would take until night so the train system was installed to help with transportation. Of course this doesn’t stop some warrior students from walking to class as training though…

The entered the train and took a seat. The interior was quite clean and it was painted with a white glossy aluminum like paint. There was a monitor in front of the train showing the lines and stops. Currently, they were at the Front Gate. Six stops later, was the main office.

Exiting the train, they headed toward a white building that resembles a mausoleum.

[Crule]: Quite the bleak atmosphere.

[Ghestle]: Normally it’s to scare the students. I mean most of them are warriors and mages in training and have far more power than normal humans. We have to instill our authority over them as a school in order to maintain order.

[Ming]: Sounds like a lot of work…

[Ghestle]: You don’t know the half of it…

They entered the building and reached a large double door made of mahogany wood. Ghestle knocked the door twice and a voice came from the other side.

[Voice]: Come in.

As they entered the office, a man in a stylish purple suit was sitting on a large chair behind a large black wood desk.

[Man]: Welcome, to my Shining Radiance Academy.

The man smiled broadly at Crule and Ming. His smile was incredibly creepy.

[Man]: My name, is Grisly.

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