Antagonist Rewind Chapter 47: Tests.

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AR Chapter 47: Tests.

The man sitting behind the desk looked extremely familiar.

[Crule]: Grimly…

[Grisly]: Ah, no, that’s my younger brother.

[Crule]: That’s….

[Grisly]: Yea, people tend to confuse us. Apparently he looks like me but I just don’t see the resemblance…

[Ghestle]: Kid, you’re being rude to the headmaster!

[Grisly]: No matter, representatives of the Beauxi Auction are rare enough. Ever since the beginning of this academy, Beauxi Auction has never sent a recommendee…until now that is. How did you convince that miserly witch Ylvun?

[Crule]: I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Anyways, about our acceptance…

[Grisly]: Oh right, tomorrow.

[Crule]: What?

[Grisly]: Just because you were recommended doesn’t mean you get in scot free. Tomorrow we have an entrance exam for all possible candidates. If you pass two of the three tests, we will take you.

[Crule]: This…Fine. But I have a deal I want to make with you.

[Ghestle]: This kid…

[Grisly]: Leave it Ghestle.

Ghestle looks down in regret.

[Grisly]: Go on, what’s your terms.

[Crule]: After we pass the tests, if I can defeat a teacher, I wish for you to allow us to advance to professor status.

[Grisly]: This…you? Beat a teacher? Ahahaha, interesting…Fine, if you manage to beat professor Ghestle here, you will allowed to teach here.

Ghestle looked at Crule with superiority.

[Grisly]: Let me warn you, Professor Ghestle here is a Third gate Virtuoso.

To any normal martial practitioner, a virtuoso at Ghestle’s age of mid-twenties was already considered a genius.

[Crule]: *smiles* Sure thing. Now if you excuse us, we will be leaving now. See you tomorrow.

Crule and Ming walked out of the office.

[Grisly]: Looks like the Beauxi Auction brought along someone interesting…

[Ghestle]: I will teach that kid a lesson tomorrow about disrespecting his elders.

[Grisly]: Don’t end up killing him now.

[Ghestle]: Don’t worry, but you can’t expect when I might accidentally hit with a heavy hand. Hehehe.


Crule and Ming returned the following day. There was now a small group of people gathered at the gate, give or take around thirty people. All of them are the younger generations of current martial arts clans and magic guilds.

Ghestle walked up to the group.

[Ghestle]: Participants, welcome to the Shining Radiance Academy. I will now take you to the test room.

He brought the group to the train and they stopped at a large sports field. There was an incredibly strong barrier surrounding the field. Multiple magic symbols were lining the place placing multiple layers upon layers to the barrier. Some may even call it a formation.

[Ghestle]: Now then, let me introduce you to the examiner…Me.

[Woman]: And me.

A woman wearing a silver armor with a sheathed sword to her side, walked out from behind a tree. Many of the students were surprised that they couldn’t sense her presence. Many concluded she must be a powerful warrior.

[Ghestle]: My name is Ghestle, and I will manage the Mage exam.

[Woman]: My name is Yukino, and I manage the warrior exam.

[Ghestle]: Now for this test, you must pass one of our exam in order to move on to the second part. Now please line up in front of the exam you wish to take.

The participants all lined up in their preferred line.

Ghestle pressed a button on the remote in his pocket and a large slab of metal rose out of the ground. Yukino did the same and a large slab of metal rose out of her area too.

[Ghestle]: Your exam, is to damage the slab in any way possible, using magic in my exam, or using martial skills in Yukino’s.

[Yukino]: I will allow you to use your weapon of choice from this rack over here.

She pressed another button and a large weapons rack rose from the ground too. On it were varying sizes of swords and spears, staffs and axes, even bows and scythes.

The first participant in Yukino’s lane walked up to the slab. He used a sort of martial skill similar to Chun Qin’s Iron Fist and punched the slab. Everyone could feel the force behind the blow, but it didn’t leave a single indent. There was only a layer of dust in the same of a fist on the slab.

[Yukino]: Failed, next.

The next person to walk up was from Ghestle’s lane. He placed his hands together and mumbled some words. A ball of fire appeared between his hands and he shot it toward the slab. It made a deafening boom and a small layer of the slab was melted off. It was extremely miniscule compare to the entire slab but damage was damage.

[Ghestle]: Pass, barely…Next.

The candidate smiled and went to line up in a separate area for winners.

One by one the candidates attempt to damage the slab of metal. From twenty out of the thirty, only two have passed so far. One mage, one warrior. Soon it was Ming’s turn, and behind her was Crule.

[Ming]: *Yawns* I hate waiting in line.

She walked to Ghestle’s lane and smirked at him.

[Ming]: Watch this.

She put her hand out and infused her aura in it. From the tip of her fingers, a steady stream of blood came out of her reservoir. It slowly formed a ball. She shot it forward and the ball consumed the slab leaving a layer of blood all over it.

[Ming]: Melt!

She snapped her hand and the metal slab started to slowly dissolve then rapid decay. In a matter of two seconds, the entire slab which barely took any damage from the twenty some participant before her, dissolved like a sugar cube in hot tea.

[Ghestle]: This…Pass with flying colors. Holy…that is some destructive power. It seems Beauxi has some reason to recommend you two…

Yukino was also staring wide eyed at the puddle of metal and blood that remained on the floor. Every single participant was shocked. They know just how tough the metal slab was since most of them couldn’t even leave a dent. But this girl just immediately destroyed it.

[Ming]: That was fun.

Ming smiled at Ghestle and skipped to the back of the line for Yukino.

[Ghestle]: You…you want to take the warrior exam too?

[Ming]: Why not?

[Ghestle]: This…fine I will allow it.

They all want to see the physical prowess from the girl who just performed such a powerful act of magic.

[Crule]: Good job Ming.

Crule gave her a thumbs up.

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Ghestle pressed another button and a second slab of metal appeared exactly similar to the first one.

[Ghestle]: I didn’t think I would have to use the spare one…

Crule walked up to the slab.

[Crule]: My turn.

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