Antagonist Rewind Chapter 48: Demonstration of Power.

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AR Chapter 48: Demonstration of Power.

Crule decided to be a little flashy with demonstrating his power.

He gathered his aura on both his palms and slammed the ground. On both side of the newly brought out metal slab, jaws made of gelatinous shadows rose out of the ground. The jaws closed upon the metal slab with a deafening boom.

As the jaws made of shadow slowly fade away into the air as small black particles of paper, the metal slab was gone. The only thing that remained was the base of it still inside the ground.

[Ghestle]: This…

He was starting to regret wanting to teach Crule a lesson. That move just now was not only sinister but also incredibly powerful. The shockwave from the jaws closing far exceed what a second gate Expert could perform. Ghestle was fearing that this kid could be as powerful as he was. This would make the upcoming fight difficult.

[Yukino]: My, my, it seems we have some extremely outstanding Mage candidate this year.

[Crule]: Of course.

He gave a Ming a thumbs up and walked to the back of the line of the warriors group.

[Yukino]: What? You too?

[Crule]: No one said I couldn’t.

[Yukino]: Hmm…Ghestle we got anymore spare metal slabs?

[Ghestle]: We ran out of slabs of that tier 1 material…we only have the tier 2 ones and up.

[Yukino]: Interesting, bring it out. Let’s see what these kids could do to a tier 2 metal slab.

Ghestle pressed another button and another metal slab pops out. This one was a different color and one could feel the tenacity emitting from it. Everyone else already gave up as the tier 2 came out. No one could damage the tier 1 yet now a tougher slab came out?

Only Ming and Crule remained in the line.

[Yukino]: Go ahead, wow us.

Ming went to the weapon rack and took out a poleaxe. She measured the weight and made a few slashes to feel the center of gravity.

[Ming]: This is good quality.

She walked up to the slab with the poleaxe. She empowered her body with her aura and excited her blood and also activated her vein tattoos. What she will show will be the peak of her current physical power. From her body emitted a red mist and her red eyes glare at the slab.

[Ming]: Crimson Severe!

She yelled out the name of a martial skill as she seemingly teleported above the slab. She slammed down with the poleaxe with all of her strength. As the weapon hit the slab, a deafening metal ringing sounded. A red wave of energy shot out from the weapon and the slab. Then silence as Ming lands back on the ground.

It seemed like nothing happened.

[Ghestle]: Too bad, at least you can be a powerful Mage.

[Yukino]: No wait. This…How is this possible.

Ming snapped her finger and both her weapon and the slab disintegrated into dust.

[Ming]: Looks like the slab and the weapon are about the same quality.

[Yukino]: Such power, GREAT! I wish to take you as my personal disciple.

[Ming]: Eh don’t wanna.

Yukino just stared at Ming with disbelief.

Ghestle went over and whispered something into Yukino’s ears.

{Yukino]: Ah I see…I understand the terms now. How about this. You fight me and your friend there fight Ghestle.

Ghestle sighed with relief. Having to fight both of them by himself was starting to seem like a death wish. Now he only have to deal with one.

[Crule]: Hey, I haven’t had my chance yet.

[Ghestle]: Oh right…

[Crule]: How about this, bring out your highest tier slab and I will see if I can break it.

[Ghestle]: Fine, let’s see if you can break this.

He pressed another button and a large clear metal slab came up from the ground.

[Yukino]: That’s…tier 6 slabs are meant for graduates to test their strength.

[Crule]: No problem.

Crule took out his dagger.

[Crule]: I brought my own weapon.

He knew that none of the weapons on the rack could withstand the power needed to damage the slab after watching Ming use her poleaxe.

Crule decided to try something new. He infused his dagger with his famine blades. It started to glow radiantly. Crule also seemed like he teleported as he appeared in front of the clear slab. He casually stab his dagger into the metal, and it sinks in like water through paper. He leaves his dagger in and turns around to look at Ghestle.

[Ghestle]: H-how? Even I could only leave a small scratch, yet you manage to stab your entire dagger into it like it was nothing.

[Yukino]: I don’t know what to say.

They were both shocked.

Crule looked toward Ming and nodded. She nods back.

[Crule]: Break.

Crule snapped his fingers, and the dagger seemingly teleported from the slab back into his hands. The metal slab had an inch hole in the center where the dagger penetrated. Upon closer inspection, the glow that the dagger use to have was now transferred to the hole in the slab.

Suddenly, the sound of shattering glass could be heard. Cracks started to form around the hole as the tier 6 metal slab cracked and fell into the floor like a shattered window.

The two professor stared at the anomaly in disbelief. It was something they could never fathom.

Ghestle was deeply regretting his upcoming fight now.

[Ghestle]: A-anyways, now for the next test. Everyone else who have failed will be escorted from the premise, please try again another time.

Yukino and Ghestle brought the four who have passed to the next part. They got back onto the train and traveled to a large arena like building. In the center was a large glass ball being suspended by metal chains. At the bottom was a podium with a smaller glass ball connecting to the large one.

[Ghestle]: This is the energy gauging sphere. It will gauge your maximum energy capacity. Since you have passed the first test, you have officially been registered as a student. This test will tell which class you will attend. From S to D class you will not get to choose but rather this sphere will tell us which.

They walked up to the podium. The first one to try was the fire mage who succeeded first. He placed both his hands on the glass sphere and could feel it probe its energy capacity. The ball glowed faintly a in the center a small red liquid sphere slowly filed the glass. It stopped at around a meter in diameter and the liquid drops to the bottom of the glass. It flowed into the smaller glass and condenses. A letter then displayed on the screen on the podium.

[Ghestle]: B ranked not bad. You will be attending B class.

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The next one to attempt was the other warrior who passed. He placed his hand on the sphere and the large glass sphere started to glow again. This time a turquoise liquid started swirling in the sphere. It expanded slightly bigger than the previous person and then it dropped too. On the monitor, a letter displayed.

[Yukino]: A ranked, barely. But A class is A class. Congrats.

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Next up was Ming.

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