Antagonist Rewind Chapter 49: Shatter!

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AR Chapter 49: Shatter!

She casually walked up to the glass sphere with her hands behind her back. She looked up at the giant sphere above. It was easily a hundred meter in diameter. The metal chains holding it in place where two meters thick and looked near unbreakable. She stared at it with a certain look in her eyes.

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[Yukino]: Amazing isn’t it?

[Ming]: Hmm? Not really. I think it might be too small.

[Yukino]: What? This sphere can hold powers twice as much as what we teachers can output…its maximum capacity was calibrated by Headmaster Grisly himself! Grisly is a Monarch, nearing the level of Ancients. The sheer capacity of his energy was beyond what is humanly possible. He has the largest energy capacity known to man. Even his younger brother Grimly, who defeated a Chaos Metal Condensing Dragon, has a smaller energy capacity than he does.

[Ming]: Oh wow Grisly is so powerful.

She said with a mocking tone.

[Yukino]: You….

Ming slowly removed one of her black gloves and placed it in her belt. She concentrated her aura as to be released slowly, then she placed her hand on the glass sphere.

Slowly but steadily, a crimson red liquid started to flow and swirl in the middle. When it reached about a meter half in size, it stopped growing.

[Yukino]: Hmph, you aren’t so amazing that you can mock our headmaster like that. Foolish child. Arrogance will be your downfall.

Ming only smiled at her and removed her second glove, and released her control on her aura.

Suddenly the entire room was filled with a crimson radiance. The entire hundred meter glass sphere violently flowed with the crimson liquid, filled completely to the brim.

[Yukino]: What the ****, this is not possible!

Ghestle seemed to have lost all the blood in his face. If these two children are just as strong as the headmaster, he was done for. Let alone his reputation, he would be glad to have kept his life after the match.

The liquid slowly condensed and after a full half an hour, flowed into the smaller glass ball. Letters appeared on the monitor as well.

[Yukino]: SSS….This…triple ‘S’….how, what, I…

[Ghestle]: How is this possible…all graduates have at minimum S rank and teachers have SS rank. These only a few people who have ever registered SSS rank in the world, enough to count on your hands. Just how did you two…What are you?!

[Ming]: Oh well. I thought I could break it, but it looked bigger than I thought.

She casually put her gloves back on while the two professors were ranting none stop at her. She completely ignored them and walked back to where Crule was standing and hugged his arm.

Crule pet her head slowly.

[Crule]: Good job.

He waited for the teachers to regain their composure before he walked up to the sphere. The two watched in anticipation at what this person will show.

Crule put his hand on the glass sphere casually and a black liquid started to create a vortex in the sphere. Suddenly, as if a dam have bursted, the sphere filled with black liquid immediately. The vortex in the middle started to spin faster and faster.

Crule then put his other hand on the glass as well. The liquid started to spin faster and faster. The chains holding the sphere in place started to rattle, the glass ball started to shake and quiver. Soon a crack appeared on the sphere. It spread faster and faster as liquid started to leak from it. The illusional liquid hit the floor and vanish immediately. Then, with an earth shattering crash, the top half of the sphere collapsed into itself. The black liquid vortex swirled downwards like a toilet. It slowly gathered into the smaller sphere. With half of it spilled out, the smaller glass sphere could handle the pressure. An error message appeared on the monitor.

[Crule]: Oh, sorry for your sphere, I will pay for the repair costs.

He said nonchalantly. He walked away and stood next to Ming waiting for the teachers to wake up from their shock.

[Grisly]: Well, this is far out of my expectation.

Grisly walked into the arena clapping.

[Grisly]: Seems like you have the power to be teachers, heck your even strong than I am. I ask you, why would someone as strong as you, come to my school?

[Crule]: Let’s say I want to teach the masses. Arrogant rich kids needs to be taught that the world does not revolve around them.

He made up a believable lie and said it with a serious face.

[Grisly]: Ahaha, so you want to be an educator? Fine. I will cancel the requirement of fighting Ghestle. Poor guy probably wet his robes thinking about the fight. I will spare him the pain.

[Crule]: Good, less trouble for me.

He smiled at Ghestle. Ghestle shivered as the evil looking face looked right at him.

[Ghestle]: G-get away from me, you monster!

[Grisly]: Woah there, calm down professor Ghestle. No need to be calling people monster here. The universe is huge and unfathomable. No matter what, there will always be someone stronger than us out there, hidden, reclusive, always lurking in the shadows until one day they show their radiance. This is what my Shining Radiance Academy does. It brings out these unfathomable experts and nurture them in the environment they require.

[Crule]: Want me to reimburse for the glass sphere?

[Grisly]: No need, that thing is old and out of date. We was going to replace it within the next few years anyways.

[Crule]: Good. The rating system on that thing is far too vague.

[Grisly]: Haha, as your first job as an educator, why not make a new one for us?

[Crule]: Gladly.

Crule smirked and his evil atmosphere also made him look like he was planning to take over the world.

[Grisly]: Ahaha, you have one evil looking face kid.

[Crule]: I get that a lot, can’t help it. Born with it.

[Grisly]: Mhm, like how I was born with such an ambitious brother, can’t help it.

Crule looked at Grisly with a suspicious glare. Why did he mention his brother?

[Grisly]: Anyways, let’s leave for today. The two of you go take the third test. Mr. Wu and Ms. Zhuang here come with me.

They walked out of the arena, leaving two stunned students and two shocked teachers.

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