Antagonist Rewind Chapter 50: Professor Crule.

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AR Chapter 50: Professor Crule.

In a large lecture hall that could hold at least two hundred people, was a small group of students chatting among themselves. This was class A. The elite class of the Shining Radiance Academy. Their numbers only reach up to thirty, but to find geniuses of their caliber was a lot harder than one thinks. Each one of them had an air of arrogance around them. Their age range from twelve to sixteen since there is so few of them to split into different age groups.

They wore the school uniform, which was the same for every student except for the cress on their chest pocket. It was labeled with a golden “A” symbol. The B class has a silver “B” on theirs and C have a bronze “C”.

Most people from the A class are from famous clans of warriors and mages. Some give themselves special classes like Dragoon or Onmyouji, or even Death Knights. The sheer variety of skills makes this class the most diverse of them all. Each person was completely different from one another in terms of skill.

Suddenly the door opened and the students quiet down. They look toward the two people that walked in. One of them they recognize, the other they didn’t.

The first who walked in was headmaster Grisly. Every student in the room admire him for his elegance and power. The second person who walked in was a boy around fifteen years old. They students wondered if they were getting a new addition to their class this late in the semester. Normally those who passed the entrance exams would have to wait till the start of the next semester to start.

What caught everyone’s attention, was the boy was not wearing a school uniform. He was wearing a blue polo-shirt and a white lab coat. He was wearing some fake glasses and it somehow makes his glare look even more evil.

[Grisly]: Hello ‘A’ Class.

[Class]: Morning Headmaster Grisly.

[Grisly]: I would like to introduce a new addition to your class. This here is Professor Crule. He will be your energy control teacher.

The students was shocked. This kid that was just as young as a majority of them, was a professor.

One girl raised her hand.

[Grisly]: Yes, Ms. Lawks, what is your question?

[Lawks]: How old is he?

[Grisly]: Why don’t you ask him yourself?

Grisly walked back and Crule took the podium.

[Crule]: Now, I will be taking questions.

[Lawks]: How old are you sir?

[Crule]: Fifteen.

The students whispered among themselves. The girl sat down in shock. Another student raised his hand.

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[Student 1]: Where did you come from?

[Crule]: The moon Greed.

The students was shocked. They knew most people from Greed where either criminals or hardened prison guards.

[Crule]: Next.

[Student 2]: Were you a prison guard or criminal?

[Crule]: Wouldn’t you like to know.

Crule smirked and glared at the kid. The kid sank down in fear as the evil face stared at him. He would constantly wake up at night fearing the sight of the evil within. The kid next to him pat his back to cheer him up. He then raised his hand as well.

[Crule]: You there, with the blue hair. What’s your name?

[Blue Haired boy]: Donovan Thune Sir.

[Crule]: What is your question?

[Thune]: What is your current rank?

[Crule]: Ancients.

The students once again whispers among themselves in surprised.

The girl from earlier slammed the table.

[Lawks]: This can’t be possible! The ancient rank is but a myth, no one has reached it yet!

[Grisly]: *ahem* I actually reached it recently Ms. Lawks. So it’s no longer a myth.

[Lawks]: Ah…But headmaster Grisly reaching it was expected. But this…kid…reaching ancient rank, the same as headmaster? I don’t believe it.

[Grisly]: *rubs his beard* Ahahaha, looks like they won’t believe you Professor Wu. May haps a demonstration is in order. Oh, and please hold back. I don’t want to be sued over unnecessary injuries now.

[Crule]: Gladly.

Crule left off a diluted version of his aura. It engulfed the whole room in a smoke of ethereal mist. All the students was instantly stunned. Those who were standing up fell on their knees immediately. Ms. Lawks who was standing up was now clutching her stomach while lying on the table.

[Lawks]: This…too….strong…stomach…hurts.

All of the students was immediately feeling such hunger like they haven’t eaten in weeks. Most are trained to survive a while without food but it still means hunger pains. Being suddenly assaulted with such pains brought even the most prepared students to their knees dry heaving.

[Grisly]: *sweating* Now, now, let’s stop this now, I think they got it.

[Crule]: Fine.

Crule retracted his aura and the room once again regained its former calm. The students got up after the pain subsided but most of them are now hungry…and it wasn’t even lunch time yet.

[Grisly]: I think after that demonstration everyone is kind of peckish. Professor Crule, I was told you prepared something in case of this.

[Crule]: *smirks* I Did.

Apparently the best way to gain the trust of kids was with food, and Crule knew that very well. He took out a couple bags of cookies and threw them at the class. The class opened up the bag and was shocked once again.

[Student 1]: Hey, isn’t this Beauxi Bakery Brand cookies? I heard they only serve the richest people.

[Student 2]: Wahh, I never thought I would one day get to try such cookies.

Most of the students were deeply moved.

[Grisly]: Ah, cookies.

[Crule]: I got some for you too.

Crule handed Grisly a bag.

[Grisly]: Thanks. Even I was affected by your aura there and got a bit hungry.

[Crule]: Doubt it. You kept up a strong defense, you didn’t even get the hunger pains.

[Grisly]: Ah, but it doesn’t mean I am not a bit…peckish.

[Crule]: I’m sure you just want the cookies…Cheapskate…

[Grisly]: Hey, I got an academy to run and my brother won’t give me any funds.

[Crule]: Yea, yea I got it.

The students’ trust was thus bought with cookies.

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