Antagonist Rewind Chapter 51: Cruel Crule.

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AR Chapter 51: Cruel Crule.

[Grisly]: Now then, I will be taking my leave. I got other things to attend to.

Everyone waits in anticipation. As soon as Grisly leaves, Crule was bombarded with even more question from everyone at once.

[Crule]: Calm down.

He left off a small fan of his aura to quiet the students…And they got hungry again.

[Crule]: Now then. I assume everyone is around the time they are making their first gate. I assume you know you attributes?

[Class]: Yes sir.

They were obedient, since they were already hungry and fear what would happen if another wave of starvation overtakes them.

[Crule]: Who here feels like they are close to making one?

Only three students raised their hand.

[Crule]: Hmm, less than I thought. Let’s see…let’s do hallucination training.

The students froze in their seats. They all have heard rumors about hallucination training. It was the most effective way to get from none to three gates. The only problem is…most lose their mind along the way and become insane.

[Student 1]: B-but professor, isn’t hallucination training highly dangerous?

[Crule]: Only if you have a weak mind. Therefore we shall forge it before the training. In one month’s time, we will perform it. So in one month, I hope you will forge your mental stability to the best you can.

The students once again stare fearfully at Crule. The way he said it with his evil glare sent shivers down their spine as their face lost some blood.

[Lawks]: But teacher, how will we strengthen our mental stability?

[Crule]: Easy. I am sure most of you understand the logic behind energy as most of you were probably taught by your parents from a very young age. This is why I will not teach your theory. Instead, when you come to my class. You must be ready to endure mental torture of half an hour a day. Long if you wish to stay longer.

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Some students were glad class was shorten to only half an hour at minimum but some dread the tone of which Crule said, “Mental torture.”

From the group, only three students seemed confident. Coincidentally they were from the three strongest clans currently on the planet. They were the Lawks clan, the Thune clan, and the Draleric clan.

Every other student was sent in a panic.

[Crule]: Anyways, let’s start immediately.

[Class]: W-what?!

Crule left off his aura again. This time it was diluted to the point of being non-lethal. Then he did the unthinkable. He set up a barrier with his aura, took out a charcoal grill…and just started cooking…In the middle of class.

The smell of delicious grilled meat filled the room. Since all the students were heavily under the influence of the starvation aura, most of them were watering from their mouth. One student couldn’t take it anymore and attacked the barrier…only to be instead knocked unconscious from the rebound.

[Crule]: Now then, let’s see how long you can resist the temptation.

Cooking delicious food in front of starving students…how cruel can one person get…?


Soon it was time for lunch. The students who were not unconscious all used the maximum amount of aura they could on their legs and sprinted to the cafeteria. It looked like half the class suddenly just vanished as soon as the bell rang.

A ravenous pack almost immediately appeared in the cafeteria. They were all fighting to get to the counter to grab a tray. Under such hunger, even the most elegant of children become beasts and just grab whatever they could get their hands on and eat. Even the three top clans were not excluded from this savage feast. But it seemed the cafeteria prepared for it. Apparently they had a separate line just for the A class. The other classes stared in both astonishment and fear at the starving pack of students.

[Student 1]: Oh god, finally the hunger is over.

[Thune]: That was far more difficult than the mental training we do in my clan…

[Lawks]: Same here. Half of the students didn’t even make it and are probably still unconscious back at the classroom…poor guys didn’t even get to sate their hunger.

[Student 2]: Just thinking how we have to do that every day for a month…thank god Professor Crule only made the minimum half an hour…I wonder think I could last a moment longer.

The students chatted among themselves for lunch break. Most were relieved Crule was only their morning teacher and the afternoon was physical training.

Grisly and Crule were outside the cafeteria looked in. Grisly was nibbling on a slice of sandwich while Crule was drinking a cup of tea.

[Grisly]: Wow…this training technique is brutal but it seems extremely effective.

[Crule]: Indeed. My aura doesn’t only make their physical hunger explode but also the hunger of their body toward the energy flowing in the atmosphere. I set the half an hour limit because the energy in the oxygen and surrounding in the classroom probably won’t last longer than that. It would require the rest of the day to replenish to a normal amount.

[Grisly]: This…that explain why a majority of the students seem to be quite a bit stronger after a good meal.

[Crule]: Yea, their body more readily accept energy from their food after this.

This training was how Crule and Ming trained for years and years back in the old world to improve their energy capacity.

[Crule]: Anyways, my training isn’t as hard as Ming’s anyways.

[Grisly]: W-what? They won’t be excessively injured right?

[Ming]: Eh don’t worry Headmaster.

Ming walked out of nowhere also with a cup of tea in her hand.

[Grisly]: *inwardly thought to himself* Shit, I didn’t even sense her coming here. Have I gotten rusty or are these two just far too abnormal.

The poor students of ‘A’ class. In the morning they get the Onyx Demon Devourer and in the afternoon, they get the Crimson Blood Valkyrie.

What cruel fate awaits them for physical training…?

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