Antagonist Rewind Chapter 52: Maniacal Ming.

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AR Chapter 52: Maniacal Ming.

The group of 30 or so students stood in their physical training class uniforms. The ‘A’ class waits under the blistering sun as Grisly walks up to them again. The students who woke up from losing consciousness during the morning had their meal and joined the ones who ravenously ate theirs.

Grisly stood in front of the group and waves his hands.

[Grisly]: Sit down everyone.

They group sat down on the rubbery pavement.

[Grisly]: I would like to introduce you to another new teacher.

From the shadows behind Grisly, Ming walked out. The students were shocked they couldn’t sense her presence or see her behind Grisly the entire time.

[Grisly]: Well, that was one interesting entrance. Anyways, this here is Professor Ming. She will be your physical fitness and martial arts instructor.

The students were less shocked about her age after their class with Crule. But they still couldn’t help but feel a little fear about what’s to come.

[Ming]: Hello class.

She said with a smile. But the smile made the class sweat in fear. It was the same evil looking smile as Crule.

[Lawks]: P-professor Ming, do you have some relationship with professor Crule?

[Ming]: He’s my fiancé.

The students were not surprised. Birds of a feather attracts each other…but this only consolidate their fear even more.

[Grisly]: Now, I shall be going. Got things to do, papers to sign, you get the idea. Good luck students.

The students wanted Grisly to stay, just so they could have someone who’s normal around.

[Ming]: Now then class. My training is very simple. I assume most of you understand theory and have extensively researched your own personal martial arts. Those who do not probably have already selected a special martial arts from the library when they joined. Am I right?

The class nods.

[Ming]: Then my job is made easier. What you all lack now is actual fighting experience and how to properly apply the things you have learned…so let’s play a game.

The way she said it made the students want to run away.

Ming pushes a button and the formally flat running track and field turned into a bowl. The sides rose up and made an oval wall surrounding the field. The middle had a line drawn and several two meter tall metal slabs rose out of the ground. Apparently even several trees too rose out of the ground.

[Ming]: The game we shall be playing, and will be playing every day for a month, is the game of “War”.

The students gulped at the menacing way she said War.

[Ming]: Now then, split into four teams.

The group split into four teams of eight. Ming took out a dozen colorful marbles and threw three to each group.

[Ming]: The goal of the game, is to steal at least five marbles. Teams who have lost their marbles will be disqualified. You are allowed to use any martial skill that is not lethal.

The class wiped their sweat as they assumed this game wasn’t so hard. It was just a classical game of capture the flag.

[Ming]: Now here’s the twist.

The class once again gulped.

[Ming]: I will be covering the field in a sort of miasma. Good luck out there.

The groups went to set up a base camp on the field. It didn’t matter where they start, they just need to take two marbles.

[Ming]: Now then.

Ming released a crimson mist into the field. It not only hinders vision but those who were in it felt a sort of fear and paranoia. It was the fog of war.

Panic and fear spread throughout the group. All sort of leadership collapsed. Those students who manage to not succumb to the fear and chaos that is war, tried to take charge and calm the others, but it was to of no avail.

Thirty minutes later, none of their groups had organized enough to start assaulting the other groups.

Meanwhile, Ming just sat on top of the walls laughing at the panic of the students.

The students who heard it slowly went madder as the maniacal laugh filled the air as they look around trying to spot the source.

They started to claw at the walls and trees, trying to get to a safe spot. Most went into fetal position on the ground and just clutch their head in fear.

[Ming]: Looks like they are not ready at all…

In the panic of a large scale battle, this sort of miasma was considered weak. If they could not get use to the blood lust and killing intent, they are not ready to be warriors or mages since battles against strong beasts are like war.

[Ming]: Hmm, let’s tone it down a bit.

The miasma turned from crimson to a hot pink color. More students started to regain their composure and grouped up. Some started to form small task forces to take the marbles of the other still panicking groups.

Soon, certain elite groups manage to take five marbles and already got her permission to leave the field. Those who left, looked like a soldiers who just got out of a heavy crossfire. Fatigued, both physically and mentally, the students just sat on the walls looking down at the horror they just participated in.

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[Ming]: What you see before you, is the chaos that is war. One must understand to keep composure in such atmospheres if you want to be able to take on beasts of higher rank. Considering that I had to ease it up a little, you guys are not ready at all. If you were to join a wild hunt, you would only hinder your team.

The students who have already won looked down dejected.

[Ming]: Don’t worry, in a month’s time, you would easily be able to take on this. Then I can maybe increase the difficulty.

The students looked in fear as Ming laughed maniacally as she thought about increasing the difficulty.

[Students]: What have we gotten ourselves into…?

On that afternoon, ‘A’ class lost their marbles over marbles.

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