Antagonist Rewind Chapter 53: Rumors.

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AR Chapter 53: Rumors.

The C and B class were currently having lunch. The atmosphere was cheerful and chatter was all about.

[B class Student1]: Did you see the A class recently?

[B class Student2]: Apparently they got two new professors and they are extremely harsh.

[B class Student1]: Yikes, lucky it wasn’t us huh…

[B class Student2]: Honestly I haven’t even seen the two new professors.

Another student got his food and sat at the table.

[B class Student3]: I heard one of them was the devil incarnate. Tall, dark, and evil looking.

[B class Student2]: Really? I think I would have noticed if such a character walked pass us.

[B class Student3]: That’s not all, they say the other professor was as cold as an ice witch and if you stare directly into her eyes, your soul would freeze over.

[B class Student1]: T-that’s not true…is it?

[B class Student2]: Call me a skeptic but I’m pretty sure those are just baseless rumors.

[B class Student3]: Hey, you never know until you see them! But by then it might be already too late. Ahahaha.

[B class Student 1]: Dammit stop scaring me!

The students happily gossip among themselves. Little did they know, the two demons they were gossiping about was sitting right behind them, enjoying a nice cup of tea and some pastries.

[Crule]: Those are some pretty wild rumors.

[Ming]: Eh, what can you do? Kids have the wildest imagination.

[Crule]: Coming from you, it’s kind of ironic.

[Ming]: Please, we both look like children.

[Crule]: Can’t argue with that.

They went on enjoying their break. Suddenly the door slammed open.

[Crule]: Looks like the class is done. Took them longer than I thought.

The decrepit and mentally fatigued A class slouched in slowly through the door. It looked like a horde of zombies shuffling closer and closer to the cafeteria food bar.

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[Ming]: Looks like you went easy on them today.

[Crule]: Eh, nonsense.

The rest of the students stared in terror at the state of A class. No one spoke a word as the entire cafeteria was silence. The A class got their food and sat down on the table. Then out of nowhere, they started eating even more ravenously than on the first day. The fatigue that they showed earlier was all gone as they tackle the mountain of food like a snowplow into frosty the snowman.

The other students kept staring at them, but they didn’t mind. The entire A class was far too hungry to care about appearances anymore.

Soon the second group of A class came straggling in. They were slightly better and less fatigued but they seemed more depressed. This group were the ones who lost consciousness and had be to woken up after.

They awkwardly went and got their food and sat down. They didn’t eat quite as ravenously as the previous group but they still ate as if they haven’t eaten anything for days.

[Ming]: It seems you have some prodigies in your class.

Ming pointed at the last group of people, the four students who walked in slowly clearly showed signs of fatigue and hunger, but they were able to keep their composure. These four people could be considered the elite of the class as they were able to withstand the whole process and still be able to control themselves and wake up the ones who were unconscious. They must have great will power to control their hunger.

But as soon as they get their hands on food…it was like watching a teddy bear thrown into a wood chipper. Food scraps flying everywhere, barely 60% of it manage to go down their throat, but they were just too hungry to care. Apparently, they could only hold on for so long.

[Crule]: This is always funny to watch.

[Ming]: Well, they better be ready for my lesson afterwards.

The rest of the classes stared at the three groups of A class in awe. Then looked at the two seemingly unnoticeable couple on the other table. They were not wearing school uniform yet looked the same age as them. They only assumed they were part of A class as well.

[Crule]: Well, time for me to get going.

[Ming]: Working on the seal?

[Crule]: Yea, this is going to take longer than I anticipated.

[Ming]: So how are you approaching this one?

[Crule]: I’m creating an erosion formation to slowly consume the seal. This may take a long time though. But once the seal breaks, the entire world will know, and I need my alibi by then.

[Ming]: Hm… the erosion formation works automatically right?

[Crule]: Right, all I need to do is to set it up. It is also untraceable back to us.

[Ming]: Then we just have to be somewhere else when it happens.

[Crule]: Don’t worry I got a plan for that too.

Crule waved a sealed envelope and placed it back in his pocket.

[Ming]: I see, that will work, and we will also get some training done ourselves.

[Crule]: Yea, we need to form our seventh gate within the year.

[Ming]: Better work hard then.

Crule walked away to the train system and rode it to the central forest area of the academy. Normally it’s sealed off only until special occasions, but teachers have access whenever.

Crule walked into the forest and felt the energy around him growing denser as he approached the center.

In the middle, was a statue made out of some strange metal that Crule had never seen before. Beneath it was a magic array cut from limestone and grass.

Crule put his hand on the statue and felt its awe inspiring power. This statue was something that all graduates of the academy gets to touch. Most receives great insights in their studies upon doing so and thus concluding their academic path.

But to Crule, who had achieve far more than everyone else, it taught him nothing.

[Crule]: This seal should be only the magic array on the ground…This statue must be the secondary layer that Metallurgy INC. added.

Seals don’t normally give people insight into their powers. The statue must serve another purpose. The only one Crule could think of, was a siphon. The statue must be siphoning the incredibly great power the seal was holding back.

[Crule]: If left alone, this statue would eventually break a large enough hole in the seal for the energy to burst open. This is far too dangerous to keep here.

Crule tried various ways to remove it, but it was well protected. This is why he had to set up an erosion formation on the statue.

Placing sixty six clear plastic formation patches, that Crule made himself, on the statue, he linking them all together with a fine line of energy. This energy that he linked was using the strongest famine attribute he could muster. Just getting close to it would make any normal person lose control and eaten all around them, or themselves even.

The patches glowed a green hue as Crule chanted the spell.

[Crule]: The ties of mortal hunger, link together and dissolve thy enemy. Erode those standing between thy paths and consume all that’s held within.

The patches flashed red and the fine lines of energy grew thicker and darker. Soon the entire statue was a black ball of intense famine energy and red glowing patches.

[Crule]: I should cast an illusion spell.

Having finished making the erosion formation, Crule had to make sure no one discovers it before it finishes its job.

He spread a thin dome of energy and created an illusion of the statue on the surface. Most people would not notice it until they touch the statue themselves.

[Crule]: This should do it.

Fatigued and once again hungry, Crule walked back to the cafeteria.

On the way back, he placed the envelope in the headmaster’s mailbox.

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