Antagonist Rewind Chapter 56: Excursion.

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AR Chapter 56: Excursion.

The students woke up a day later and started to gather at the cafeteria, describing each one of their hallucination training results and what their dream world looked like.

Crule walked up to them and quickly accessed all their progress.

[Crule]: Lawks, Thunes, and Shepard come up.

The three students left their respective group of friends and walked up to the front.

[Crule]: You three are the elite of your class. Out of thirty two students, you three are the only ones who achieved second gate and can be called Experts.

The three looked proudly at Crule.

[Crule]: Now then, I want you three to divide up the class into three groups.

[Lawks]: What for sir?

[Crule]: We are going on a field trip.

[Thunes]: A field trip? We aren’t the kind of kids who would enjoy seeing a farm or a milking factory…

[Crule]: Don’t worry, our fieldtrip will be to the Wild.

[Shepard]: W-wait, isn’t that highly dangerous?

[Crule]: It’s OK, I got headmaster Grisly’s confirmation. We will leave tomorrow. So I want you guys to split the class into three groups.

The three reluctantly gathered their friends and students and split the class into three groups. Lawks had eleven, Thunes had eleven, and Shepard had ten.

[Crule]: Now I want you guys to pack a survival pack for camping out in the Wild. Remember we would be facing ranked beasts so try not to bring things that are too heavy and cumbersome.

Having completed their hallucination training, the entire class was at the minimal of one gate. This allowed them to face beasts up to D rank if they fight in groups of five or so. They can even contest with C ranked if the group of ten work together.

The students went back to their dorm and started to pack.

[Crule]: I should prepare as well.

This trip wasn’t only for the students as it was an excuse for Crule to leave the campus and set up an alibi as well as reaching the sixth gate.

He walked to Ming’s room.

[Crule]: Got your things ready?

[Ming]: Yep, packed everything we need for a nice barbeque.

[Crule]: We aren’t only going for food…

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[Ming]: I know, I know, but I haven’t had any delicious ranked beast blood and meat in a while.

[Crule]: *sigh* You’re right. I can feel my aura getting a strong craving for it.

[Ming]: We have lived on monster meat for far too long. Domesticated animal meat no longer satisfy our cravings.

[Crule]: The way you say it make us sound like monsters.

[Ming]: But aren’t we monster anyways?

[Crule]: True…I highly doubt we can still be classified as human.

There was then an awkward silence.

[Ming]: S-so how’s the eroding going?

[Crule]: It’s half-finished. It should finish the day we return from the field trip.

[Ming]: Then we can just cultivate the students normally until the end of the year right?

[Crule]: I see you have taken an interest in the kids.

[Ming]: Of course, it’s not every day you get to torture people legally.

[Crule]: *sigh* I’m not going to bother asking what you do to them.

The two went on and finish packing all they need. Crule went to the statue one more time to reinsure the integrity of his erosion formation.


The next morning, a ship arrived in the court yard where the entire A class was waiting with their bags. One by one, the students threw their travel backpacks and sleeping bags into the ship’s storage room and walked through the wall toward the cockpit. In the cockpit was half a hundred chairs facing the giant reinforced glass window in front. Everyone had a nice view and a comfortable chair. One can tell the amount of resource the school can afford to spend on a simple field trip. The ship was a high class passenger ship. Every student got comfortable in their seats and started chatting among their friends. Crule and Ming were the last to enter the ship.

Crule was wearing a black leather jacket with dark grey cargo pants and a white t-shirt. He didn’t look the part of a teacher at all. Ming was wearing almost the same thing except with a beige leather jacket and khakis pants. They went up to the front of the ship.

[Crule]: Settle down class.

[Ming]: Professor Crule and I will now set the ground rules for this field trip.

[Crule]: Rule #1, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, wander away from our group by yourself. Always have at minimal two other people with you at all times.

[Ming]: Rules #2, if you see any ranked beast, DO NOT engage until you have permission from us. If we are not present, then just condense your aura, we will sense your and find you ASAP.

[Crule]: Rule #3, try not to eat everything you find without our conformation.

[Ming]: Rules #4; do not steal anything found by your fellow students. Rare artifacts and cultivation treasures are abundant in the wild, don’t fight among yourselves for it.

[Crule]: That’s it for the rules, follow them, and we will have a fun field trip.

The students nod their head obediently. Having seen the horror of what the two professors could do, none of them would dare break the rules, fearing their own sanity.

[Crule]: Good, let’s go.

The pilot of the ship started the ship and they blasted off toward the border country of Juilas. The area bordering Juilas was considered the safest area of the Wild. Instead of a dense jungle or hellish terrain, most of the borders of Juilas were prairies and fields. They would be able see any enemies coming from miles away. The forests after the fields aren’t as dense and mainly low ranked beast habit it.

The trip there would take three days but thankfully the ship was equipped with a shower and kitchen. The only problem was that the students had to sleep at their chairs. Good thing was the chair can lean back to get into a comfortable position. It was like the first place seat of an air plane.

Few days later, they landed at the border of Juilas and the Wild.

[Crule]: Time for some Wilderness fun.

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