Antagonist Rewind Chapter 63: What’s in the box?!

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AR Chapter 63: What’s in the box?!

Shin and Kate was enjoying their time on Wrath. The moon’s temperature was scorching but, but as winter approached, even the hellish surface of the moon cooled down.

This was good for merchants, travelers, and tourists, but for blacksmith this was a bummer. The cooling of the temperature means they have less heat to work out impurities in richer minerals. During this down period, they only work with lesser quality metals like the ones found on earth. They do a lot of steel and iron works during this time.

They enjoyed a quiet two months before an incident occurred. A giant fluctuation in energy density from Noxia that could even be felt on all the moons.

Shin and Kate could only guess it was Crule’s doing.

[Shin]: That crazy kid is messing with the world’s balance…and yet for some reason I aint surprised.

[Kate]: Yes…it’s kind of…expected?

[Shin]: Whatever, lets enjoy our break while we can.

The couple went back and enjoyed their leisure.

Chun Qin on the other hand, was working his ass off. Every day he wakes up, patrols the moon trying to find traces of the red rider, only to come back every night empty handed. However, a week after the energy boom, he finally got lucky.

A large reinforced shipping container from Metallurgy INC. landed on Wrath one day. Chun Qin was naturally suspicious of Metallurgy. From the container, they wheeled out a large three meter by three meter box made of incredibly dense looking metal. There were all sorts of restrictions on it ranging from biometric hand scanner, eye scanner, and even energy signature scan. They also had all sorts of magical restrictions. Kekkai made with various charms and magic formations, even a barrier shikigami. Whatever was in the box must either be incredibly valuable, or very dangerous.

Chun Qin can only assume whatever inside must be the thing he was looking for and if it’s not, it’s better to hinder Metallurgy in any way possible.

The box was brought to a warehouse facility that Metallurgy had control over. The people with a clipboard who received it was mumbling something. Chun Qin enhanced his hearing with his aura and could pick up what the man was saying.

[Storage Worker]: I wonder what the president was thinking, bringing a prisoner here to have it do work…

Chun Qin assumed this was his chance. There were only two people around the container at this moment. If he attacked now, he would still have a chance, but if it got into the storage warehouse, with its anti-soldier defense system, it was nigh impossible for him to get in by himself.

He reinforced his arms and rushed in.

[Deliverer]: Who are y-?

His sentence was cut short as Chun Qin dashed forth with blinding speed using the agility martial skill and slammed his fast down on the person’s head. It caved in like an old watermelon and he died instantly.

[Storage Worker]: Shit. I didn’t expect this.

Chun Qin was about to attack the storage working but noticed something was wrong. After he killed the deliverer, the worker didn’t even blink, he wasn’t even shocked.

[Storage Worker]: No wonder they made me come receive this package…I didn’t know it was going to attract flies.

The worker threw his clipboard aside and a powerful aura exploded forth from his body.

[Chun Qin]: You…

[Storage Worker]: Feel the wrath of Gemus, the “self-proclaimed” right hand man of Hanuman!

The storage worker’s body suddenly exploded with strength and all the muscles on his body swelled. He rushed forward and punched Chun Qin.

[Chun Qin]: So it’s a fight you want huh?

Chun Qin dashed forth and punched as well with his fist that could split mountains.

As the two fist collided, all the dust on the ground immediately was picked up by the sheer force of the impact. At the same time, the sound of two incredibly strong objects smashing into each other was hear, then immediately in the dust clouds, two shadows were dashing back and forth constantly colliding into each other. Each time they pass, the loud sound vibrated in the air.

*boom, boom, BOOM, boom*

The two shadows have reached a stalemate in the middle and just started to throw out a huge barrage of punches. The sheer speed caused the shadow to look like octopuses with an incredible amount of arms.

With the speed of their punches, the wind created by it blew away the dust cloud.

From it emerged the uninjured Chun Qin, and Gemus who was now bleeding a little at the side of his mouth.

[Gemus]: *cough* Lucky punch.

[Chun Qin]: Purely skill.

[Gemus]: Then let see if you’re skilled enough to take this.

Gemus suddenly changed his stance. Before he was moving like a boxer, jumping up and down lightly, having a slight spring in his step. Now he stood still and lowered his center of gravity. It looked like he was a skilled martial artist who had a little control over his energy to strengthen his body’s strength, speed, and endurance.

[Chun Qin]: Hmph, you seem to be the same kind of warrior I use to be.

[Gemus]: Taste my fist!

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Gemus had one fist at the side of his waist close to his body, his other fist was raised up next to his head. Instead of just punching randomly, he was resorting now to technique.

[Chun Qin]: I will how you how a warrior acts.

His aura covered his whole body now instead of just his arm. With the boost in his legs, his agility skyrocketed and it seemed like he vanished, leaving only a blur and a trail of dust behind him.

[Gemus]: Shit.

Gemus could see where Chun Qin went but his body can’t react fast enough to dodge so he could only block.

[Chun Qin]: Die.

A pale white aura covers his fist and made them look like balls of white fire. As the fist smashes into Gemus’s side, even with his arm blocking some of the blow, his body contorted due to the sheer pin point pressure of the punch.

As if suddenly exiting slow-mo, Gemus’s body rag dolled and flew across the ground bouncing a few times before slamming into a shipping container off in the distance. Every time he bounced on the ground, he left a small puddle of blood.

[Chun Qin]: *pant pant pant* L-looks like he’s dead.

Knowing his opponent was just as powerful and maybe even stronger than he was, Chun Qin couldn’t spare any effort. Using his remaining strength, he wheeled the box back to his room at a remote inn and fell asleep.

Inside of the box, a mumbling could be heard, but Chun Qin was fast asleep.

[Person in the box]: That aura…so that kid is that bitch’s disciple huh? Looks like I might owe her one.

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The person waited patiently for Chun Qin to wake up.

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