Antagonist Rewind Chapter 64: War of the past.

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AR Chapter 64: War of the past.

Chun Qin work up a few hours later feeling refreshed. The fight yesterday was still fresh in his head and he had insights into new and interesting ways to use his aura. Without him realizing, his subconscious was forming gates each time he gained such insights. If one were to inspect Chun Qin now, they would realize he had already established four gates. He himself still thought he only had one still.

He heard a voice come from the box.

[Person in the box]: So you’re finally awake disciple of the white rider.

[Chun Qin]: So you know who I am…this could only mean you must be the person I am looking for. The red rider.

[Red Rider]: At your service, my name is Maximus. May I ask why are you looking for me?

[Chun Qin]: A friend of mine asked me to find you.

[Maximus]: Wait a moment.

Memories from the previous world flooded into him. He let out a small chuckle.

[Maximus]: Hehehe, I see. Looks like things are going to get fun from now on. Now where is this person Crule?

[Chun Qin]: This…I do not know, but he said he will be here soon.

[Maximus]: Hmm, so how’s the white rider doing?

[Chun Qin]: She’s fine.

[Maximus]: I guess she doesn’t want people to know more.

[Chun Qin]: She’s quiet as usual.

[Maximus]: I’m surprised you somehow became her disciple.

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[Chun Qin]: It’s a long story.

[Maximus]: Eh we got time, tell me about it.

[Chun Qin]: Fine, it started a few years ago…


The second galactic battalion arrived swiftly to the combat site. A new aggressive species of aliens decided to invade the earth’s solar system. Our job was to intercept them around Jupiter.

Our armada set up a large blockade of ships and Larks Super Androids. Upon the horizon of darkness, a thick line of purple slowly approached us. The enemy, full of arrogance, sent their entire army to combat us. Even with their full army, we only required ten galactic battalion to equal them.

Human population exploded after the Rift era when the new habitable galaxy was discovered. But with relativity, going back and forth between the two galaxy results in time leaps. It was big enough of a time leap to deter some people from traveling, but the Larks Super Androids can withstand it.

With these androids, and our anti-personnel space weaponry, we were not afraid. The enemy approached close and everyone was excited.

I was just a lieutenant at the time. Following the orders of my superior, my hundred men team disembark on the Lawks Super Androids. These androids were the dream of many young boys as they resemble the super robots of anime and manga.

But I knew they were weapons of destruction. I wasn’t as delusional as the young boys in my team. Since the age one could join the galactic army starts at eighteen, there were quite a few eager boys wanting to pilot a Super Android of their own.

The enemy sent forth their first wave of attack. These seashell shaped ships fired out drill like smaller ships about the size of a commercial airliner. They numbered in the millions.

As we were deployed from the main ship, our super androids rocketed toward them.

The clash was inevitable. Our power was overwhelming. Each super android could destroy hundreds of those drill ships. With the sheer number of weaponry under our disposable, and our large size. The ships were no match.

Every Lawks Super android had three method of combat. The first was the standard issue super android sized laser rifle. It had limited number of shots as it requires a large amount of the android’s internal battery to be devoted to it.

After the rifle ammo ran out, form the side of the android’s legs can deploy two different type of melee weaponry. The first was a standard issue super android size military rapier. It was made from imported metal from the new galaxy and boasted the strongest durability mankind has ever seen.

The last and final weapon, was when the android was either damaged beyond repair, or was required to do the most amount of damage, is the nuclear core detonation. This move ejects the pilot in a small capsule and the androids automatically detonates its nuclear power core after sensing the pilot was a certain distance away.

But against these drill ships we only needed our rifles.

The battle lasted long. The endless ships constantly assaulted us but with our firepower we dealt with them with ease. But we realize something was wrong. No matter how much we destroy, the drill ships were not lessening.

Then we heard something shocking from command central.

It seemed the enemy had sent out a galactic armada destroy sized ship and it had an extremely large weapon in front of it. Energy scanners show it was primed and ready to fire.

We had no defense against it. The laser fired from the enemy ship and wiped out nearly my entire battalion. I survived, but was knocked far away from the explosions. Losing consciousness, I drifted in my android. Somehow I ended up landing on Noxia. I asked around but it seemed due to time leaps, the war had ended fifty years ago. We won but at a great cost.

I myself was angry. I haven’t aged a single day, but all my friends and family have gone by fifty years. They probably all presumed I had died. Knowing I couldn’t go back now to disrupt their peace, I decided to live on Noxia under a new name. That’s when I met the white rider.

She the only doctor in a rural village I happen to settle in. She was kind to all and the village loved her.

She has come to understand my emotional pains too. Time was a cruel thing. It takes away all who we loved and erodes all living things. But she said it was also the cure for many things as well.

Helping me get over my post war trauma, she did her best.

But one day a powerful beast escaped from the nearby wild and attacked the village. Many were killed until she finally revealed her power and disintegrated the beast.

The townsfolk now hated her for now doing so earlier. But I understood she couldn’t have. They shunned their savior and drove her out. I followed. Soon, she took me on as a disciple as she viewed me like a lost brother. Seems her own past was brutal as well.

I was in my early twenties during the war, by the time I left with her, I was thirty.

Looking back now, I kept thinking to myself how I could have helped her more. We went back a year later to the village that shunned her only to find it had been destroyed by another rampaging beast. You would have thought she found it good to have her revenge satisfied, but she only kneeled on the ground and wept for those who perished.

I couldn’t let go of my revenge so easily…So I left her, and continued my training. And that’s when I met Shin, Kate, and Crule.


[Chun Qin]: And that’s what happened until now.

[Maximus]: I see, I remember feeling the tension of war from back then. I had no idea you were one of the soldiers.

[Chun Qin]: I can’t get my revenge on the aliens who killed my comrades but I found ways to accept it.

[Maximus]: As the rider of war, I could only say you have my condolences.

[Chun Qin]: It’s a thing of the past…Anyways, time sure have passed.

[Maximus]: Indeed…if only I could find a way to get out of this box.

[Chun Qin]: It’s far beyond my current capabilities to free you. I think only Crule would have such bizarre methods of removing so many seals.

[Maximus]: This Crule, I heard from Famina and my past self. It seems his missions greatly coincide with ours. Although what I’m more interested in, is this disciple my past self decided to take on.

[Chun Qin]: Ah, you mean Ming? I assume she will be here with Crule soon.

[Maximus]: What do you say that?

[Chun Qin]: Because they just sent me a text…although I don’t know how he got my phone number…


[Ming]: How did you know Chun Qin’s phone number?

[Crule]: Lucky guess.

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He smirked and put down the phone of the small ship. It blasted forth toward Wrath at blinding speeds. He will arrive there soon.

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