Antagonist Rewind Chapter 65: War incarnate.

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AR Chapter 65: War incarnate.

Crule and Ming walked up to Chun Qin’s room. They knocked the door and Chun Qin welcomed them in.

[Chun Qin]: Long time no see.

[Crule]: It’s only been a couple months…

He noticed the large sealed box. The aura emitting from it was very familiar.

[Crule]: Looks like you performed your task well.

[Chun Qin]: Well, it wasn’t easy.

[Maximus]: Let me out of this god damn contraption already!

[Crule]: Ahaha, ok ok, calm down Maxi.

[Maximus]: And don’t call me that!

[Ming]: But Maxi is a cute name.

[Maximus]: You….that aura…I see. So you’re the one.

[Ming]: Yup teacher. Ming here at your service.

[Maximus]: Ohoho, it’s been so long since someone last called me teacher.

[Ming]: That’s because you’re too stubborn to take in anyone.

[Maximus]: That reminds me, the other me didn’t tell me how you became my disciple.

[Ming]: It’s a long story…

[Maximus]: Oh god, not another one. Let me out first!

[Crule]: Fine, fine.

Crule’s overwhelming attribute allows it to consume almost all type of energy as a secondary food source.

[Crule]: This may take a while.

He concentrated almost all his currently usable energy and condensed a large shadow hand. The hand gripped the box and tightened. Upon closer inspection, one could see the various spell barriers and other technological locks and seal slowly dissolving in the shadow hand like an Altoid in hot water.

[Crule]: They really went all out in sealing you.

[Maximus]: Considering they are holding in the embodiment of war and destruction itself, I’m kind of proud they had to use so many, but also annoying as hell. Anyways, from your aura I assume Famina is doing well?

[Crule]: Yes, sadly she is still chained to that thing on Gluttony.

[Maximus]: You still haven’t freed her yet?

[Crule]: We still need to destroy another seal in order to do that.

[Maximus]: Ah…so that energy fluctuation was the first? I’ve been sleeping for quite a while then.

[Crule]: We need to prepare for that coming of “that” in a few days.

[Maximus]: Yea, with the first seal broken I assumed “that” will show up. This is also why I assumed they brought me over here, to let one demon fight another.

[Crule]: I’m sure that since they can’t kill you with any conventional method, they hoped you would perish alongside “that”.

[Chun Qin]: Will you stop being so secretive?! What is “that”?

[Maximus]: The guardian of Wrath. The Gigaton Flare Drake.

[Crule]: We should be glad it’s still only a Drake. If we had to fight it after the second seal breaks, it would have evolved into a full dragon. By then not even the current combined power of Ming, Maxi, and I would be able to kill it. At best we could seal it, but at a great cost.

[Chun Qin]: That’s…why is something so powerful here on wrath?

[Maximus]: Because it was born here. It was the first creature to be formed from the masses of energy on the moon and over the years it gained incredible powers and intelligence. The other riders and I sealed the beast centuries ago but recently, with all of us busy, no one was able to repair the seal and now with the suddenly burst of energy….

[Ming]: The drake would be free?

[Maximus]: Yes…

Suddenly a click was heard and the front lid of the box smashed down onto the inn floor.

From inside the box a tall man stepped out. His hair was a blazing red color and his thick eyebrows and mustache also radiates a powerful crimson. His eyes shined with the flames of war and his aura was that of a powerful war god.

[Maximus]: Finally! I can stretch these old bones.

[Ming]: But master is unaging.

[Maximus]: You get the idea….

[Crule]: Now, we have to really prepare for the Gigaton Flare Drake.

[Maximus]: Don’t worry. I know what to do.

He started chanting quietly under his breath. Then he placed his hands on top of Ming’s head. A sudden surge power filled her and she seemed even more radiant than ever. The aura she emits now was becoming close to that of the war god.

[Maximus]: There, I gave you my blessing in this world.

[Ming]: Yeay, I caught up to Master Crule now!

[Crule]: Why did you go back to calling me master…?

[Ming]: Opps, I got too excited, force of habit. Sorry Crule.

[Crule]: It’s ok…as long as we aren’t in public.

[Maximus]: Ohoho, the kid is shy isn’t he?

[Chun Qin]: You have no idea…

[Crule]: Anyways, Ming and I now have the power to hold back the dragon, but we would still need to kill it.

[Maximus]: Wait, you haven’t let me finish explaining.

They all turned and stared at him intently.

[Maximus]: Ahem, anyways ways. On the way here I sensed “her” power. I assume Brigid is here.

[Crule]: Indeed.

[Chun Qin]: Oh yea, we found here almost as soon as we got here.

[Maximus]: Where is she right now?

[Chun Qin]: Currently she is hanging around her forge.

[Maximus]: Good good, we will have her make us a weapon.

[Chun Qin]: Wait, how did you know about the little girl?

[Maximus]: Little girl? HAHAHHAHAHAHAA, that annoying asshole is still acting as a little girl?

[Crule]: *cough* I don’t really think we should talk about her age if we want to keep our heads.

[Maximus]: Right, right, don’t want to piss her off now.

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[Chun Qin]: I feel like I’m missing something important…

[Maximus]: Let’s just say I’ve been friends with her since I was just a wee lad.

[Chun Qin]: But wait…aren’t you unaging?

[Crule]: Now you understand why we shouldn’t talk about her age…

[Chun Qin]: I’m surrounded by eccentric monsters….

[Ming]: Cheer up, at least you’re a monster along with us.

She smiled brightly at Chun Qin, but her eyes were laughing as well.

[Chun Qin]: *sigh* I guess I am.

[Crule]: Anyways, we should head out immediately. Chun Qin, show us the way.

[Chun Qin]: Ok, ok.

The group left the inn and headed toward the forge. Everyone around them kept staring at the rag tag group. The sheer size and dominating atmosphere emitting from Maximus and Ming made everyone thought they were powerful nobles. Then the evil grin on Crule’s face and the dejected frown on Chun Qin’s face made the group look very eye catching.

[Chun Qin]: You people just gather too much attention…On right, what happened to you hand Crule?

[Crule]: Let’s just say an occupational hazard.

[Maximus]: Tis but a flesh wound!

[Crule]: Either way, I’m going to have Brigid make me a replacement.

[Chun Qin]: A what now?

[Crule]: Don’t think for a moment she is only a blacksmith for metals. Why did you think I gave you guys the beetle shell and slime core to her? She also specializes in biological smiting, or what some people call alchemy.

[Chun Qin]: That little girl is as weird as you two…

It seemed the world was cursed with eccentric powerful little kids…

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